Pastor Keion Henderson Net Worth

Pastor Keion Henderson Net Worth

Pastor Keion Henderson, leader of the Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas, is a prominent figure in the Christian community there and throughout the state. He has now expanded his career to include that of businessman, novelist, and inspirational speaker. Many of his fans want to know Pastor Keion Henderson net worth; therefore, let’s investigate this further.

Pastor Keion Henderson net worth

Estimates placed Pastor Keion Henderson net worth at $7 million in 2022. He must have amassed a considerable fortune as CEO of Tax Solution Corporation and senior pastor at The Lighthouse Church & Ministries. Henderson’s senior pastor compensation might be approximately $48,877 each year.

Pastor Keion Henderson’s enterprises have done well, and he has amassed a sizeable fortune outside of his ministry.

Early Life

On July 6, 1981, Keion Henderson was born in Gary, Indiana. He is an American citizen. He spent his childhood in Gary, East Chicago, and Fort Wayne, all in Indiana.
Pastor Keion Henderson’s mother’s name was Gwen Scott. He grew raised in a large family with five additional brothers and sisters. His family often abandoned Keion when they relocated. Despite such challenges, he became a competent, confident young man. He comforted himself with music, walked in the woods, and devoted his days to studying the Bible and God’s purpose for humanity.


In January 2008, after finishing his Master’s degree, he started working for a company that provides tax solutions. He is still the company’s chief executive officer.
In addition to his day job at Tax Solution Corporation, he began preaching at local churches. He became the man he is now because of Dr. Cato Brooks, Jr.’s sermons. The Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church often features Keion’s sermons.

Pastor Keion Henderson Net Worth

In 1995, he delivered a speech titled “Faith: Where is Yours?” Sometime later, he became the pastor of New Horizon Baptist Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Henderson has almost 600 members at New Horizon Baptist Church after five years. His charismatic leadership and motivational speeches attracted a large following.

The Lighthouse Church & Ministries was founded by him in Houston, Texas, when he relocated there in October 2009. He continues to serve as senior pastor at the church, guiding thousands of members from all walks of life.

Keion’s dedication to disaster relief efforts at home and abroad earned him a nomination for a CNN Heroes Award. Others also spoke highly of his characteristics as a servant leader.
The John Maxwell Institute also named Keion one of the country’s Top 250 Leaders. In 2019, he also released his critically acclaimed album The River. Stellar Awards voters considered the album a top contender for Traditional CD of the Year.

Pastor Keion Henderson preaches at Houston’s Lighthouse Church.

Keion Henderson started the Lighthouse Church in 2009, and it has grown to be one of the largest congregations in the world. There are several ways for members to serve their community via the church’s different ministries, which include American Sign Language and a Prison Team. In addition, the church has a solid online community besides its 15,000 onsite members in Houston, and anybody may join online.

Pastor Keion Henderson Net Worth

Pastor Keion’s passionate sermons, in which he espouses ideas like “How you do anything is how you do everything,” may be seen on his website. More than that, it aims to “equip individuals across the globe by helping them fulfill their full potential despite the exhaustion that life provides.” We can all get behind that philosophy; life’s difficulties seem impossible, but we can work together to improve the world. Pastor Keion teaches his congregation this.

Destination “I Do,” starring Shaunie and Keion (nizagara), premieres on VH1 on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. On November 28, the premiere of the three-part special aired.


Because of his tireless advocacy for equality and inclusion, he was named “Great Man of the Year” by Indiana University and Purdue University in 2008.
He was named one of Fort Wayne’s “Top Fifty Educators” by municipal officials. In addition, he has put him up for the Humanitarian OD Award and the CNN Heroes award.
His religious manual, “The Compass,” is also his work. Changing Seasons is the title of Pastor Henderson’s book.

Personal History

African-American heritage is a family tradition for Keion Henderson. He comes from a stable home with both parents and five siblings. He often posts photos of himself and his family from his youth on his Instagram account.


Keion Henderson has been married once before to Felecia Henderson, with whom he has a kid. But, the pair ultimately decided to split up in 2019 for their reasons. He recently announced his engagement to American TV star Shaunie O’Neal, which took place in November 2021.


For what reason did Keion Henderson divorce his first wife?

There is no clear explanation for the breakup of the couple. When Henderson founded The Lighthouse Church, he and his wife often posted photos of themselves during their time there. Regarding his separation from Felicia, Keion has been mysterious. But in his book Shift, he addressed the split.

Does Keion Henderson have any biological children?

Tuko reports that all three of Keion’s children are female. On July 18, 2012, he and his wife, Felecia Henderson, welcomed their daughter Katelyn into the world.

When did Keion Henderson start giving sermons?

Keion Henderson is a well-known black TV preacher with 20 years of experience in the ministry. His talks as a black preacher are well-liked not just by his congregation but also by online followers all over the globe.

Does Pastor Keion participate in basketball?

Pastor Keion Henderson selected the latter. After a career-ending injury in a collegiate basketball game, his NBA hopes ended in seconds. Then, at 11, he discovered his father was a recognized church pastor.


Pastor Keion Henderson’s wealth reflects his commitment to sharing the Gospel and empowering others to reach their most significant potential. He established a thriving church, launched many companies, published widely read books, and motivated countless listeners with motivational speeches. Pastor Keion Henderson has accomplished much in his life, yet he has never lost his humility or commitment to his calling to share God’s message and improve the world.


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