Pathbreaking SEO Trends: Gobsmacking Tactics you can’t do without in 2019

Pathbreaking SEO Trends: Gobsmacking Tactics you can't do without in 2019

The process of search engine optimization is to this day, one of the best ways to market through the internet.

Some would argue that it’s much better than it ever was before. Mainly due to the influence of the latest technological developments on their algorithms. To which I would absolutely agree and I believe you would too.

2019 is turning out to be quite the pivotal year in deciding where SEO is going to go.

With the insane momentum that this has been going on for it if you’re not riding the trend wave. You’re probably going to be left miles behind your competition.

And SEO being as important as it is, your business will bear the full brunt of it.

That’s why you need to go through this article. So that you can find out what’s latest and best for SEO in 2019.

And with that, get the best out of search engine traffic for your business.

10 Maneuvers to Take your SEO Efforts to the Next Level in 2019

Let’s now dive straight into the 10 tactics, adopting which can make a real difference to all your SEO efforts.

But, it’s not imperative that you use all of these together. As that’ll depend on your business and specifically the goal of the campaign you’re running. And also certain other factors as well.

So, here are your best bets for SEO in 2019.

More Comprehensive SERPs to the Search Queries

Search engines gather tonnes and tonnes of data and have been doing so for quite some time now.

As a result, they’ve got an idea of user behavior like no other.

You’ll see that, no matter what query you might be searching for. Especially the ones with which you’re looking to find something out.

You’re going to get to know exactly what you’re looking for in snippets. This is the present thing with the search engines and for 2019 and beyond. This is what we’re going to get.

Now, because this makes it easy for the searcher to find out what they’re looking for.

It’ll definitely put a slash on the likelihood of the searchers clicking through to your websites. So, what can you do for that?

The answer is rich snippets?

Rich snippets are going to have two parts to them. First is high quality and accurate information and the second one is structure.

You’ll have to put the necessary information in section with proper code structures.

And with these two aspects in tune, will you be able to make the best out of this. So, step up the research and coding game to win in SEO for 2019 and onwards.

Focus to Shift from Specific Search Queries to Topics

Algorithms on which search engines run has been relatively more mechanical than organic no matter how sophisticated.

This is changing rapidly with big data and machine learning. Because of which the algorithms are more in tune with how we think and process information. And in 2019, we’re going to see a significant manifestation of that.

Now, there will be much less emphasis on particular search queries.

Rather, we’ll have the search engines organizing and then presenting all the information based on topics.

Search engines have adopted this with the end user experience in mind. Where there will be more related things that would show up on the SERPs than before. Hence, whatever be on a particular SERP, will relate to a topic.

Of course, queries will still be there, but that would be underneath the umbrella of the greater topic.

What this will do is introduce a new kind of competition. Where you might have to do a bit more work to set the topic and the keyword cluster in the right way.

This will be the thing from now on.

Online Reviews to Gain more Importance

Local search is among the topmost of SEO concerns for businesses.

That is for obvious reasons, especially for brick and mortar businesses with tangible products or services to sell.

With Google My Business at hand, you can serve your potential customers all that they need. From giving the right direction, to answering the burning questions. And ‘word of mouth’ being as important as it is to business.

It’s going to play a key part in the overall Local SEO  Services for your business. As a sizeable bulk of the people searching online for businesses around them are actually looking for reviews.

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So, every step that you take to interact more with local customers in and around the area. And get good reviews in the process.

Is going to pay huge dividends in 2019 for the SEO benefits locally. And in that scenario, social media platforms like Instagram can be a real game changer.

Thus, a complete ‘win win’ scenario if you will. So, get after it this year with Google My Business if you’re a business like that.

More Power to the Video Format

Anyone who’s been paying attention will know about the success of the video format. It’s hands down the best way to get your message across.

And now, this is going to play a really significant role in the domain of the search engines.

Irrespective of the niche or the business, videos are going to play a key part in getting you a better rank.

Only if you can start making videos with proper content and optimization. In 2019 and from here onwards, it’s going to do more for your business than any other means available.

There are many styles of videos that you can make, which will depend on certain factors. Like what your business is and which niche you’re trying to serve.

From that, you can go for reviews to instructionals and everything in between.

Going Beyond Google

Google search or things like that aren’t going to be the only thing that will demand your attention in 2019.

Tech giants like Amazon are getting in strong on this game. And you’ll have to work with all of that to be competitive, and thus win.

Amazon is the main center of attention for this, by the way.

It the ‘Everything Store’ where people go and search for products they want to buy. With that, they’ve built for themselves which run the A9 Algorithm.

This can be a serious area of focus for a lot of businesses, including yours. A cool thing regarding Amazon search is that there won’t be any doubting what the user intent is.

And, syncing this up with your efforts for Google and the like will be necessary as well.

So, to perfect your presentations for this algorithm is going to be of utmost importance in 2019.

Mobile First

This is nothing but stating the absolute obvious.

We all know about how much and often people use their smartphones to perform all searches. And this has been the way for quite some time as of now.

Well in 2019 and also beyond that, this is going to be the case. Even more so, because of all the advancements in smartphone technology and connectivity.

Like the 5G, which is in development as of now.But will be mainstream very soon.

As such, Google and the other search engines are going to focus more on the mobile-friendliness aspect of the website. For 2019, this is going to matter even more, and this is going to take the center stage now.

If you take some time to look into the way Google is setting up the SERPs. You’ll get to see exactly what I’m talking about.

They have paid attention to every little detail that there can possibly be to help you search better form mobile.

And to thrive in the game of SEO in 2019 and onwards. Your best bet will be to put as much focus as you can on mobile friendliness.

Most Marketing is Going to Happen on the SERPs

Google is aggressively going about its mission of getting the searchers their answers in the best possible way.

That has led them to introduce many more verticals which do a great job of providing answers quickly. But that means that the searchers wouldn’t have to click through to any website or so. Thus, creating a serious challenge for all marketers online.

In a previous point in this list, I talked about the deal with the rich snippets.

There are going to be a lot of things like that. Which is going to bring all the marketing competition into the SERPs.

There are two main things to do if you want to stay on top of this. The first is, as usual, going to be providing the best value to your audience that you can.

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Then, you’ll have to stay up to date with all the new things about algorithms. With the sole purpose of using the different verticals of information to your advantage.

Such an approach is going to be the norm from 2019 onwards.

The Dominance of Voice Search

Voice recognition technology has been on the rise for the past few years now. And that has culminated to highly accurate voice recognition features down to the level of the smartphones.

And this is going to absolutely dominate the world on search engines.

But let me tell you that it’s not the only thing that has led to the popularity of voice search. The voice-activated assistants have a lot to do with this.

First is the practical side of things.

These voice-activated assistants like Alexa from Amazon, Google Home and the like. Make the task of finding things out much simpler than they already are.

Want to find out when’s your favorite artist coming to your town? Ask the search engine.

Want to know about the best eating place in town for a particular kind of cuisine? Ask and you shall know.

And this will make the keywords a lot different and varied so to say. Part of the reason why focussing on topics would matter more.

So, from 2019 onwards, it’s high time you start optimizing for voice search as much as you can.

UX will Matter More Now for the Traffic you Get

As I’ve already talked about before about how hard it is to have people click through to your website.

Still, for the ones that do click through, your job is still not over.

After you get the traffic from the search engines on to the various landing pages of your website. Google will look into how good of an experience you are creating for the visitors.

This is going to have a lot more impact in 2019 than ever before.

Starting with the proper arrangement of the various parts of the website, to the best possible navigability. All of that will have to be in place.

But there’s more that will demand your attention as well.

If you’ve been around the web developers community for any span recently. You’ll know how much is possible in terms of the design of a website.

You can incorporate all of that for the purpose of making your website stand out. That is where a Web Design Agencycan make a complete difference.

Giving visitors the ideal user experience, then that can do wonders for SEO success in 2019.

The Effect of AI

Artificial intelligence although isn’t fully functional like we imagine it might be.

But even with what we have at hand, we can enjoy a great degree of advantage for all our SEO endeavors. Or it can also be the case for which we might face some setbacks.

But still, it’s definitely proving to be a net positive with what we have available at hand. All the different trends that you’ll get to see in SEO for 2019 and beyond. Will be a consequence of the information processing capability that AI brings to the table.

How do you think voice search is being so effective? So that about 40% of adults are using it.

It’s all machine learning and Big Data, the building blocks of AI. And now, search engines will deploy AI, full guns blazing.

And as such, we could see a lot of different innovations here.


These 10 trends that I just laid out are the primary ones.

There are a lot of other developments that we’ll get to see. Some of them come up on pre-existing ones and a lot of others can be new and unique.

The progress of technology, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence is going to dictate the upcoming trends. And you’ll have to be well-informed to make the best out of the trends.

That’s why reading articles like this from time to time can help you with just that.

So, learn and apply on the go. That’s going to be the mantra of success in SEO and also Digital Marketing as a whole.

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