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PDF Tool

What is the difference between PDF and PDFA file format? Some people may think that PDF is the same as PDFA; in regards to features, though it has several variations. A PDFA is a modified form of a standard PDF file that is ISO-standardized. A data inside a PDFA version will conveniently guarantee the lengthy conservation of its simple and exact copies of PDF Tool.

GogoPDF is among the online resources providing this transformation from PDF to PDFA. It offers an excellent conversion in a simplified way, ensuring you don’t need to access other internet resources. The online resources providing such PDF convert are limited, and many of those offering it deliver it complicatedly. Every file conversion should be a piece of cake and a handy tool with GogoPDF!

Time-Efficient Conversion Process of PDF Tool

It is not going to take a few hours to use this online tool. GogoPDF has been made to make users use PDF conversion tools as easy as possible. It will only take less than two minutes to convert PDF to PDFA! You will get a properly constructed PDFA file with GogoPDF in a short period!

Assume GogoPDF that there will be no unnecessary methods of performing this process. If you combine those aspects and specific features, these characteristics of PDF transformations, GogoPDF stands as among sufficient online resources. Performance GogoPDF’s priority approach of its process. GogoPDF helps ensure the consistency is done correctly.

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If you can’t imagine having any problems transforming PDF to PDFA formats, GogoPDF highly guaranteed you. For a longer duration, you never have to sit tight for a correctly translated PDFA. You will quickly and efficiently get your PDFA paper, or you could just quickly get straight to your job.

How to Use the PDF tool to PDFA Converter

In a short time, GogoPDF’s conversion process will bring you a correctly structured PDFA file. It will only take four steps to do the conversion in less than two minutes and should undoubtedly receive the output you expect. The performance and the clarity of this file conversion should also be taken good care of through these procedures.

Start with uploading your PDF files from your file storage on any device. You can upload it or drag the file and drop it on the webpage. GogoPDF will instantly begin the conversion after you have done the previous steps. Wait until the conversion process is done. Lastly, the newly converted PDFA is available for download.

GogoPDF’s Cloud Conversion

One service that people can love in using the converter of GogoPDF is the Cloud Conversion functionality. Converting those file formats would not use many processors, Graphics card, or RAM thanks to this Cloud service of GogoPDF. Using this tool, you can file conversion of PDF to PDFA without imposing large loads on any computer or tablet.

Upon this GogoPDF Cloud, every data conversion will take place. With any PDF or PDFA files, GogoPDF and its Cloud function will also act as a database tool. This GogoPDF Server and the GogoPDF database will also be used to handle existing PDFA files that have been translated efficiently and reliably.

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Everything around your files, PDFA, or PDF, will be open to you wherever you are. To enter GogoPDF and even its functions and your GogoPDF page, a required is stable internet access and a browser. This good fact of GogoPDF makes it convenient that you can use this anytime and anywhere.

GogoPDF’s Effective Compatibility

GogoPDF online file converter can be accessible from every computer and platform by everyone. Platform compatibility is not a concern, as GogoPDF and also its features are provided by many outlets. To turn PDF to PDFA, those on a Mac, Windows, or Linux device will never have a problem opening GogoPDF. You can also use this form every well-used OS and browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and more.

Privacy and File Protection

GogoPDF guarantees that this process is distributed to a stable network. Privacy is essential for those seeking an online service to transform files. By using 256-bit Encryption keys, GogoPDF does its part in maintaining the confidentiality of its users. Usually, this encoding will be sufficient to assure also every consumer after using these, nobody can reach any documents.


For those PDF to PDFA transformations, GogoPDF becomes the highly recommended online platform you may rely upon. Within less than a minute, along with its easy steps method, any person could save an elevated and precise transformed PDFA file without even a question! For a quick and detailed PDF to the PDFA process, try using GogoPDF now.

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