Pornography and Depression: Does sexual exploitation lead to mental illness?

Pornography and Depression

In the 21st century, the world has advanced at a level where there is no potential to compare it to the previous centuries. Unlike old times, today’s youth have easy access to pornography websites which gives them a quick link on learning how sex works? However, is it a good thing or a bad thing? To begin with, the subject of Pornography has been in the debate for years. The world has been divided into two teams, those who believe that Pornography allows upcoming youth to learn. Whereas those who believe that Pornography and Depression are linked. Meaning, the use of Pornography leads to the exploitation of one’s sexuality in unnatural manners. 

Pornography and Depression
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Today, thanks to our expertise in medical writing, we brought you a brief reading on how Pornography and Depression are linked? Do you have a sudden urge to visit a pornography website whenever you feel down? Here are all the answers you may require to diagnose your issues. Let’s get started: 

Does Pornography cause depression? 

Do you know? In the past decades, the worldwide depression rate has increased from 2.8% of the world population to 5% approximately. According to the big numbers published by WHO, up to 280 Million people all over the world suffer from depression which is a mental illness that triggers low state mood and abhorrence of daily activities which make up one’s life. 

What’s more frightening about Depression is that it does not have an age limit. This mental illness can victimize anyone between the ages of three to age sixty. However, medical experts have also come across people who go through Depression after 60 as well. Not only this, but Depression is a mental disease that triggers in one’s mind for any given cause. From the loss of loved ones to alcohol and drugs abuse, family history, childhood trauma, and whatnot. As a result, the link between Pornography and Depression has not been completely ruled out by the medical institution. 

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Does Pornography cause depression? The answer is “maybe.” It is noteworthy to mention that up until today. There are no official studies released which prove that Pornography and Depression are linked directly. However, depression-like symptoms in people who view too much Pornography have come across. 

What are the mutual symptoms of Depression and Pornography addiction? 

For the most part, many people (parental authorities) confuse pornography addiction as simply the use of Pornography for emotional and physical stimulation. However, that’s not it. Viewing Pornography for emotional and physical release is a way of today’s lifestyle. Every once in a while, a person accesses a porn website in order to get sexual satisfaction through masturbation. To the reader’s surprise, “masturbation” is considered healthy, according to many medical experts. 

But, when does normal use of porn transform into porn addiction? Here’s an answer: Pornography addiction is when a person becomes completely dependent on Pornography in order to handle any form of emotional or physical interpretation to the point that he/she can longer deal with the daily aversion of life. For example, avoid going to work and sit at home to watch porn. 

Here are a few symptoms of pornography addiction that match with symptoms of Depression: 

  • Anxiety in public. 
  • Insomnia.
  • Inability to deliver sexual satisfaction to your partner. 
  • Unwillingness to get out of bed in the morning.
  • Emotional and physical detachment from people you love and care for. 
  • Detachment from life goals. 
  • The guilt arising from detachments and apathy towards anyone. 
  • Hopelessness arises from the inability to handle the daily life chores which make up life. 
  • Excessive crying after masturbation because of inability to share the emotional release with the dear one. 
  • Excessive hunger or complete loss of appetite. 

Because there are no official studies on Pornography and Depression as interlinked, the only thing you can pick from the above symptoms is the direction to rough diagnoses. In the event that you are going through any of the above symptoms, please get help by contacting your dear family member, spouse, current partner, or your doctor. 

Pornography and Depression: What causes what? 

Have you ever wondered – does Depression cause pornography addiction? Or, does pornography cause depression? The vice versa possibility of a link between Pornography and Depression logically does exist. Do you know? Up to 70% of the world population access pornography at least once in a lifetime. However, those who stick to it and view it on a daily basis become addicted. 

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Pornography addiction leads to detachment from family and friends. According to medical experts, Pornography also causes extreme emotional issues to the victim. For example, sadness because of the inability to interact with other people without thinking of a sexual scenario. 

Pornography and Depression
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In comparison, Depression is a mental state where sadness and loneliness are very common. Even when a depressed person is in public with loved ones, they feel detached. As a result, it is rare, but depressed people find an escape from sadness with other methods of emotional and physical release like Pornography and masturbation.

Therefore, the possibility of pornography addiction causing Depression and vice versa both exist. 

How to deal with Pornography and Depression? 

Do you experience extreme sadness and inability to connect with other people? Do you disburse a lot of time on the internet streaming pornographic videos even though you have outrun your sexual arousal capacity for the day? Are you going through relationship strain because of sexual dissatisfaction with your partner due to expectations set up by porn? 

In the event that you are going through any of the above-mentioned porn usage issues or depression or both and need porn addiction help, the following are some daily-life mechanisms that can aid you in dealing with it. Let’s take a glance

Self-applied tactics to deal with Pornography:

To begin with, since there are no direct connections between Pornography and Depression, you have to deal with both problems using different tactics. Because it can be quite challenging and hypersensitive to deal with both issues at the same time, we strongly advise that you connect with a beloved family member, friend, spouse, or current partner for emotional support. It will make the process easy and less troubling in the context of emotional needs. 

#1: Build a strong base of self-control

Pornography addiction is no less than any type of addiction. For example, when people go through drugs or alcohol withdrawal, they find themselves troubled both physically, emotionally, and mentally. Thus, please be ready for withdrawal. The first step to overcoming pornography addiction is by building a strong base of self-care and control. To do so, you have to detach yourself from any kind of source that can trigger your desire to watch porn and masturbate. 

For example, 

  • Avoid using the internet. 
  • Delete all the porn content downloaded on your devices. 
  • To avoid boredom and trigger porn desires, stream comedy tv series or movies to detach from that feeling. 
  • Pick a new hobby like cooking, music, dancing, gymnastic, or anything of your interest which will help you get busy and outrun the clock. 

  • Make certain that you are not alone at any point of time in the day. Otherwise, the desire to masturbate may trigger. 
  • Write about your current situation in a journal. Henceforth, if the trigger to watch porn returns to you anytime in the future, you can read the journal and realize how hard it was to overcome? 
  • Go out in public and interact with new people. 

#2: Talk to a professional therapist

This technique may cause you discomfort in the beginning because you may not feel good about yourself while exposing your sexual problems and porn addiction to a second party. However, remember, a professional therapist always talks under the confidentiality act. Therefore, you have no reason to feel the fear of exposure to any third party. Embarrassment about sexual issues is common. But, talking to a therapist will help you obtain emotional release. Henceforth, decreasing the possibility of arousal to view porn. 

#3: Join a support group 

In the past few years, support groups or anonymous groups have helped many troubled personalities out there. By joining a support group, you will obtain a goal that will push you to keep yourself in line. Not only this, but in support groups, you get to listen to other people’s stories of porn addiction and recovery. Their journey will keep your inspiration alive. 

Staging An Intervention

In the event that you are not comfortable going outside and facing a number of complete strangers, you can join a support group over the internet. 

#4: Do not build new sexual relationships

This is one of the most crucial mechanisms. When you go through porn addiction, you may have this strong need to go out, meet someone, and have fantasy-loaded intercourse. To the reader’s surprise, Pornography builds strange and unachievable sexual expectations. For example, BDSM, multiple partners, intercourse without protection, orgies, and so on. 

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Because of such expectations, it can be challenging for the victim of porn addiction to maintain a sexual relationship without any abnormal sexual behavior. Thus, while you are dealing with addiction, make certain that you do not enter a new relationship. It can be overwhelming and trigger you to fulfill your abnormal sexual expectations with a new partner. 

Pornography and Depression
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On the other hand, if you are already in a relationship – sit down with your partner and explain your mental state to him/her. Your partner will be a great help for you to control abnormal sexual expectations and cravings to fulfill them. 

Self-applied tactics to deal with Depression:

According to a few studies, there’s no accurate cure for Depression. Some medical experts believe that Depression is a mental state which arises from childhood traumas, genetic history, personality issues, or others. As a result, Depression can only be maintained to the point that its symptoms impel down to a level that they do not affect one’s daily life. Here are some mechanisms you can apply to deal with daily symptoms of Depression: 

#1: Don’t keep your feelings unattended

Among people who go through Depression on a daily basis, create an imaginary boundary that protects them from exposing their actual feelings to anyone. However, when a person keeps pushing down feelings for a long time, they build up emotional stress. Henceforth, making it difficult to focus on daily chores at the workplace or home. Therefore, medical experts strongly recommend for people with Depression talk about their feelings. 

Pornography and Depression

You can share what’s on your mind with a dear one without pre-assuming theirs after the reaction. In the event that you do not have a close person to share it with, you can talk to a therapist or join a support group. 

#2: Focus on short-term goals using the one-day-at-a-time scheme

Depression is an illness that build-up strong feelings in one’s mind. Therefore, it would be foolish to expect that you will wake up one day, and it will go away. We suggest that you consider the “one day at a time” scheme and apply it. For example, make a schedule for yourself. Like, 

Wake up after eight hours of calming sleep and make your bed. 

Take a warm shower. 

Have a healthy breakfast.

Go to work. 

Do your job the best you can. 

Have a nice meal.

Grab opportunities to talk to new people. 

By doing so, you will no longer feel less than anyone. Thus, you will be less embarrassed or overwhelmed by your daily activities, and you will begin to feel productive. 

#3: Focus on your physical health

Symptoms of Depression include insomnia, sadness, embarrassment, personality issues, and so on. According to studies, all these symptoms can be compelled by maintaining daily exercise goals. By exercising on a daily basis, you will obtain a mind-state that you have complete control over. Not only this, but after hours of exercising, you will feel tired and find it easy to fall asleep at night. And last but not least, daily exercise also helps one to overcome insecurities that one has about their body. 

Gaining Muscle Mass

#4: Do not let negative thoughts get you

More often than not, patients diagnosed with Depression have a very negative view of life. In everything they do, they believe for the worst possible situation to arise from it. It is also one of the reasons why depressed people often have suicidal thoughts, as they lose all the hopes for a bright future. 

Deal with negativity by: 

  • Believe in the best outcome in any situation. 
  • Eat well whether you are having a hard time counting your appetite. 
  • Go to bed after you count your blessings for the day. 
  • Meditate and exercise to keep your mind and body in sync. 
  • Do not let others’ happiness bother you or make you insecure. 
  • Always believe that tomorrow will be better. 

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Going through a hard time in life? Get in touch with a therapist in your area and give yourself a chance to overcome all the problems that trouble you when you are alone. Thank you for having this journey with us. For more updates on pornography and depression linkage, keep us in your bookmarks. Good luck!

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