Porsha Williams Net Worth

Porsha Williams Net Worth


The reasons for the fame of a person can be various. But people who are linked with the entertainment sector achieve the heights of success at a comparatively faster rate. Porsha Williams net worth will help you understand how the star made a name for herself. Fame is something that you must carry with utmost care because it is a rose with thorns. So, if you are not careful enough, you might hurt yourself. You might be thinking about how being famous can be harmful to you.

With fame, you will also experience criticism in your personal life. So, if you are ready to face anything, it won’t be a problem. But if you are afraid of public response, then fame is not for you. Porsha Williams is one of the most favorite TV actresses known for her starring in reality TV shows. Also, she is known for being the wife of the NFL player Kordell Stewart. She hit the heights of her fame once she became a part of the famous show “The real housewives of Atlanta”.


She was not a part of the initial casting, but she did join the series in the fifth season in 2012. Although we have talked about her acting career, do you know that she is an excellent singer too and has released many songs? Her voice will surely astonish you. So, in short, you will find her to be a complete package of entertainment, just like everyone associated with the entertainment sector and fans.

Porsha Williams Net Worth And Early Life

The net worth of the famous star has been discussed among different public circles. Therefore, according to the available information, we know that the star was born on June 22, 1981. Thus, as of today, she is 40 years of age. Her birthplace is Atlanta, Georgia. One of the most important details about her family is that her grandfather Reverend Hosea Williams was one of the most popular Civil Rights leaders. He was a contemporary of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Porsha Williams Net Worth And Early Life

If we seek the details of her siblings, then we know about her younger sister named Lauren, but there is also a brother named Hosea. If we talk about her early education, the star attended the Southwest Dekalb High school in Decatur, Georgia.  Later on, to pursue higher studies, she chose Business information technology as her major. Thus, she enrolled herself at American InterContinental University Schaumburg. The university was in Illinois.

Porsha always had a thing for modeling; thus, she became a part of the music videos to pursue her dreams, and it was an excellent start. It opened new horizons for her in the entertainment sector. From an early age, the star was highly conscious about the life of other people, and she wanted to make a difference in her life. Thus, in 2005, she chose to open a daycare facility. This was an admirable step. Also, what makes it more worthy is that she did it at the age of only 24 years. However, her career accomplishments are many. But this one stands at the top of all.

The Career Details Of Porsha Williams

As discussed earlier, the star is known for her character in the famous TV series “The real housewives of Atlanta”. She was never a part of the series cast or among the names cast in the first four seasons of the series. She became a part of it in the 5th season. Her first screening regarding this series was conducted on November 18, 2012.

If we go into the details, we will know that the star developed a feud with one of the cast members, Kenya Moore. This unpleasant incident took place at a charity event which was very disappointing. Also, the star was rumored to be in a feud with Cynthia Bailey. The reason that surfaced was that Cynthia thought that the dedication of Porsha with her modeling representative was dwindling.

The Career Details Of Porsha Williams

Apart from all of these unfortunate events, she has made a name for herself on the Fox celebrity News and a pop culture show that goes by the name “Dish nation”. Now, if we take a look at her personal life, then it is not as ideal as we thought because as soon as the sixth season of the series started at that precise moment, the relations of Porsha with her husband deteriorated. The divorce process was so overwhelming that she was stressed out and was hospitalized.

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The Unfortunate Events On The Set

We already know that there was a feud between Kenya Moore and the famous Porsha Williams, but the matter got heated up. It was during the days when she was getting her divorce. At that moment, the whole cast was involved in making the reunion episode. At that moment, Moore announced that the reason for the divorce of Porsha Williams was that she was unfaithful to her husband. These were unacceptable allegations.

To be precise, the words of Kenya Moore were “a slut from the 90s”. She did not stop there yet. She grabbed a megaphone on the set and called Porsha “a dumb ho”. All of this unfortunate event, later on, resulted in an assault by Porsha on Kenya Moore. Thus, the matter got heated. Kenya Moore threatened the production team that if Porsha remains a part of the series, she will not participate in its cast ever again.

Later on, we witnessed Porsha return on the show for the seventh season. Also, you might remember her character in “Sharknado 5: Global Warming” in 2017. The filing of the divorce took place in 2013. Plus, the couple does not have any children.


Porsha Williams net worth will make you understand that your financial strength is a factor that the fans ask for repeatedly. Thus, if you share relevant details, you can answer their concerns timely, and it will help you seek ease of mind. Otherwise, you will be bombarded with questions, and if you do not answer, you must stay ready for criticism. We wish Porsha all the best for her future projects.

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