Postpartum Infections And Symptoms You Need To Be Aware During Pregnancy

Epilepsy medicine during pregnancy

A slight degree of discomfort is common once a baby is born? Once a baby is born it takes some time for a body to heal and return back to its normal state. Though best possible care can be advocated at this juncture possibility of infections cannot be ruled out. Just like epilepsy medicine pregnancy provides you with care, being aware of the symptoms would help you to deal with them effectively.

Postpartum infection means a host of infections that emerge in your body after a normal or C section delivery. Even during the stages of breastfeeding it can occur. It is expected that some form of bleeding or fatigue can creep in after pregnancy, but certain conditions are there which call for a detailed medical examination or even cure.

Once a baby is born they are prone to infections. The chances of wounds in the uterus are bound to arise. Once it is a C section the wound would remain for a certain point of time. The postpartum depression is common for a woman who has had a C section delivery or a premature rupture of your membrane.

The types of postpartum infections

Excessive bleeding can continue after delivery and even extend for a few weeks. Once you have a stressful and difficult labor this occurs. (Fabulouseyebrowthreading) Possibility of multiple births or some form of infection in the uterus could be reasons behind this.

  • At the very time of birth once heavy bleeding is witnessed the doctor may massage your uterus

Uterine infection

Once delivery takes place the placenta separates from the uterine wall and after 20 minutes of birth it is pushed out of the vagina. If traces of placenta remain in the uterus it can lead to infection.

  • During the time of labor if infection occurs in an amniotic sac this can also lead to uterine infection. Epilepsy medicine during pregnancy could also provide relief.
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Wound infection from a C section delivery

Once after birth a few days’ later infections can emerge. Do follow the below tips to keep the infections at bay

  • During the time of discharge you need to follow the instructions as specified by the doctor
  • No point in scratching on any wound
  • Do watch out for any signs of infection like discharge
  • Get in touch with your doctor if any sign of discomfort occurs

Perineal pain

The region between the rectum and the vagina goes by the name of perineum. In case if you had a vaginal birth such type of pain is pretty much common.

  • Tissues that remain in the vagina could be torn or stressed at this juncture
  • A feeling of soreness or nausea would be felt in this area
  • Just clean yourself from the front to the back to reduce possibility of infection

Last but one of the common symptoms would be experiencing heavy degree of vaginal discharge. This means that remains of placenta along with the blood is coming out. If any colour changes are visible in your vaginal sample it is high time you consult your doctor.

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