Power of Sport on the Development of Children

Power of sport on the development of children

Impact of Sports on Youth

Physical activities have become a rare and occasional event in our lives. Importance of sports becomes noteworthy as we age. Most of us pick up a physical routine only after doctors start threatening. Isn’t it?

For kids, sports are the best form of physical activity every parent can afford. And to get the attention of your kids to real sports instead of mobile games why not take help of parental control software?

Sports activities enhance our cognitive development along with physical fitness. There are several other benefits to sports activities that can boost your kid’s future.

Why should kids pursue Sports?

Sport is a brilliant form of exercise that is easy and fun for kids. Ask your kids to invest time in yoga or meditation and don’t be surprised to hear the response!

No doubt, sports induces adrenaline rush, but it also guarantees lots of new challenges and fun elements. Every game is unique and comes with its own set of rules and benefits.

We believe however distinguished, and different sports activities are, every game can convey a powerful lesson and health benefit to kids. Here are a couple of reasons why we encourage parents to push their young ones into sports:

  1. Learn valuable life skills

Recall the time your kid cribbed about making their beds, washing their shoes or cleaning their room. You might observe a constant NO NO, and I will do it later attitude.

Well, sports activities teach crucial life skills to kids. Being disciplined is just the primary goal of sports activities. Athletes need to maintain a sober and controlled lifestyle while learning to adapt to unprecedented situations. Sports guys cannot be seen crying about cleaning and washing, as they have a far vital goal to achieve.

Every match will bring win or lose situations; having an optimistic attitude is another vital lesson one can learn during sports training.

  1. Stay active Stay fit
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Children are in dire need to exit their digital world and enter a healthy routine. A strong body can be shaped only by good food, enough rest and an hour of exercise or sports. More the kids indulge in these activities; becoming an adult will not be so difficult.

Encourage your kids’ sports regime to build a healthy and fit body. Let the muscles flex, improve bones, control fat and see the outcome in the long run.

Some activities like cycling aid the growth of the body vertically. So, if your kid needs to get taller, buy them a cycle today! or if you kid is into soccer, then get him or her a soccer rebounder so that he can practice in the backyard

  1. Social skills

Believe it or not, we all are convinced about body fitness offered by sports activities, but what most parents and adults are ignorant about are- sports induced social skills.

A game of football can teach kids teamwork, a set of badminton can educate your kids on being fair, the losing goal of basketball teaches us patience, as an athlete you can learn perseverance, and likewise, every sport will impart a valuable social skill.

Sports and tournaments are a matter of hard work and luck. Many teams and players are involved, each trying their best to make name and fame for themselves, yet in such chaos what we cannot forget is our social teachings.

Play smart but be fair, be a team player, not a solo winner, respect people and their opinion, trust each other in any condition, and most importantly NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

  1. Mental well being

The mental status of every individual is different and unique. Some cope up well with setbacks, while others take their own sweet time. Life will keep throwing googlies at you, but how you deal with setbacks depends on you.

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Sport is an excellent way to learn mental stability and heal your mind. Stress can always take a back seat when you get occupied in sports activities.

When kids engage in sports, the mind releases a happy hormone called– serotonin. This hormone is well known for its feeling of well-being and happiness.  Then why not help kids release the hormone more often?

  1. Why not Career?

We have known parents who encouraged their offsprings to play tennis or soccer as a young student, but as days pass and higher education dawns, sports are sent down the drain.

Yes, it is true that all players or athletes cannot be Usain Bolt. But without trying or giving your best short how can this fact be decided.

We urge parents to introduce sports also as a career option for kids. Considering the amount of fame, love and money sportsmen like Lionel Messi make, why will kids not want to step into their shoes?

What is stopping kids from playing real sports?

We are confident you have guessed it correctly, it is none other than mobile phones!

A mobile phone is not only a hindrance in our routine but a big reason for discouraging kids sports activities. Why?

Playing FIFA world cup in the comfort of your home, sipping ice tea and munching chips is far better than slogging in the ground on a sunny day. Isn’t it?

We recommend parents to use basic parental control apps like Bit Guardian Parental Control to prohibit kids from viewing screen the entire day.

Let parental control software worry about your kid’s screen time addiction while you get busy producing another David Beckham. Ready?

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