Preventing COVID-19: Tips for Seniors to Stay Healthy

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COVID-19 has been almost the only thing on the news in recent weeks. As this global pandemic seems to thrive, it’s more important now than ever to stay healthy and practice actions of wellness. It’s crucial for the entire world to practice cleanliness and social distancing in order to slow and hopefully stop the spread of this global pandemic. People of all ages all over the world need to make an effort to abide by the rules and guidelines that are being put in place in order to fight the COVID-19 virus.

The COVID-19 seems to be especially detrimental to seniors, with that being said, seniors all over the world need to take extra measures in order to stay healthy during this pandemic. Whether you or a loved one is a senior, it’s necessary to know and understand how to stay healthy during this trying time. 

Staying Healthy During a Global Pandemic

Many of these tips have been prevalent on the news and on social media; however, on the news and social media, the news anchors and authors often don’t go into detail; nor do they talk about how seniors specifically can practice these tips. This is an issue because seniors are the ones most at risk. 

Below are some in-detail tips that seniors can take into consideration in order to stay healthy during this unpredictable global pandemic.  

Self Quarantine

This is suggested for all ages throughout the world as the COVID-19 spreads, however, it’s especially important for seniors to practice self quarantining in order to avoid contracting this virus. Staying in one’s home for the next few weeks is one of the best ways to ensure that you or a loved one will not contract this virus. 

As this tip is talked about on the news and social media, seniors that either lives in a nursing home or use in-home services are left wondering what they should do. 

If you or a loved one live in a nursing home, it’s best to make sure that there are no visitors for the next few weeks. Visitors can bring in the COVID-19 virus without knowing that they even have it, as the incubation period is about 4 days. 

Additionally, if you or a loved one use an in-home nurse, it’s important you talk to your care provider to see what kind of precautions they are taking. For example, an in-home senior care company in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is still offering its services while making sure its staff is taking proper sanitation and social distancing precautions.

Clean, Clean, Clean

This seemingly obvious tip is simple and can be done as you or your loved one are self quarantining. In order to make your home a safe space, make sure to clean as much as you can. Clean every room with the appropriate cleaner. Clean door handles, change your sheets, and make sure to wash any clothes that you wore outside or around other people. Though it will get tedious, make sure to clean often, especially if you or your loved one was/ is sick.

In addition to cleaning your space and your belongings, make sure to also clean your hands and body just as much. 

Eat Healthy 

This is perhaps one of the most important things that one can do in order to stay healthy as the COVID-19 virus persists. Food is the best medicine, therefore, the healthier the diet of a person, the more likely that he or she will be to fight off illness; this is especially true for seniors. Some diet tips to follow as you or a loved one shop for groceries before self quarantining include:

  • Eat and drink antioxidant-rich things such as berries and green tea
  •  Make sure to eat enough vegetables
  • Try to avoid unnatural sugar 
  • Limit your wheat intake 
  • Keep your protein up by consuming organic meats and wild-caught fish

Following diet tips such as the ones listed above will boost your immune system, making it strong enough to fight off germs that could potentially cause harm such as COVID-19. 

Get the Right Amount of Sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep is just as important as physical and mental health. Without the right amount of sleep, the immune system is not as strong as it has the potential to be, and will not be able to fight off illness. Sleep also repairs any cells that were damaged during the day, allowing the body to prevent disease and susceptibility to viruses and infections.

Often people assume that adults do not need a lot of sleep, especially seniors. However, the reality is actually quite the opposite. Seniors bodies are often not as strong as younger adults, therefore their body needs the most time to repair cells and boost the immune system. Make sure that you or your loved one are getting at least 8 hours of sleep in order to best fight the COVID-19 virus.

Stay Active By Doing In-Home Exercises

It’s important for people of all ages to stay active and healthy throughout their lives. If a person is active in his or her younger years, they are more likely to be healthy as a senior. Likewise, seniors should continue to live an active life in order to stay healthy in their later years; a healthy lifestyle will lower their chance of contracting disease and illness, especially COVID-19. Some in-home exercises that seniors can practice as they self-quarantine are: 

  • Full body stretches
  • Resistance band walks
  • Light weight lifting 
  • Sit-ups
  • Treadmill (if applicable)
  • Bodyweight squats

Stay Up to Date with the Latest News

In addition to all of the in-home ways to stay healthy during a global pandemic, make sure to get accurate information and updates regarding COVID-19. Accurate information will allow you to take the appropriate precautions and measures when it comes to preventing this virus. Paying attention to updates and true information is the best way to stay healthy.

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