Pros and Cons of Installing Air Conditioner Cover

Pros Cons Installing Air Conditioner

Pros and Cons of Installing Air Conditioner Cover. Do homeowners have confusion about whether to install an air conditioner cover or not? Some people believe that it is necessary to have a good covering on the air conditioner unit, i.e., the condenser unit placed outside of the home. But other people believe that it is not ideal for keeping the condenser unit covered as it may affect air cooling performance. To decide in this regard, here we will discuss a few pros and cons of having an air conditioner cover.

Pros of air conditioner cover

Most of the time, you may leave your condenser unit outdoors, being exposed to various environmental elements. Things like intensive heat from the sun, UV rays, dust particles in the air, rainwater, tree falling, bird poops, etc., can adversely affect your condenser unit. Exposure to all these types of harmful elements may cause rusting on the AC body and damage the internal wiring and other electrical and mechanical parts. For these reasons, the need for having a good cover on the air conditioner unit is justified, as it will protect this from all the environmental harms. A good cover will also protect the air conditioner from being home to mice and rodents. Apart from this, being exposed to the sun rays, the color of your air conditioner units may also fade soon.

Cons of air conditioner cover

Too tight fitting for too loose-fitting covers may be damaging to the air conditioners. If you do not remove the air conditioner cover from time to time and clean it, there are high chances for moisture build-up inside the cover, which may affect the air conditioner body. It may also cause rusting and also building up of mold and mildew on the surface. Little creatures may also make their nest inside the air conditioner cover if you do not take care of it properly. If the cover does not allow proper airflow beneath the cover, it may cause condensation over time and moisture buildup, which will cause rusting of the metal parts.

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Getting a good cover

For those who are planning to buy an AC cover, there are a few considerations to make to get the best quality products. 

  • Always make sure that you choose the right size of the cover.
  • Give a keen consideration to the material used to make the cover. It should be weatherproof and waterproof to ensure optimum protection.
  • There are both premium covers as well as cheap covers available at online and offline stores. Cheap covers may be of low quality, which may not last long. Premium covers may not be sometimes affordable based on your budget. So, you may have to find a fine balance between these to get a quality cover at a price matching your budget and without compromising on the features and functionality of the product.

You may spend some time doing thorough research to find out the best products and make a fair comparison of each to identify which one may be ideal for you.

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