Realize The Maximum Potential Of SEO For Your Business With These Painful Truths

For some people, the term ‘search engine optimization’ can summon feelings of dread and anxiety. This is either because they have been previously burned in the past by an inequitable SEO company, or because they’ve spent tonnes of resources on trying to maximize their full potential online to no avail. And as frustrating as both scenarios must be, like it or not, in the right hands SEO can truly be transformative for a business.

If you aren’t quite convinced, stick around and give this article a read. We’re going to share some tips on how to realize the maximum potential of SEO for your business.

Forget everything you think you know about SEO

Unless you’re an industry-leading SEO expert with your finger on the pulse, there’s a good chance that much of your SEO knowledge is either partially correct, or largely obsolete.

The fact is, not only is there a lot of misinformation out there (not to mention dozens of myths and misconceptions), but it’s also an industry that is forever on the move – with frequent policy changes and algorithm updates from Google.

Far too many business owners make the mistake of believing that they have a fairly good grasp of SEO, and then proceed to handle all of their online marketing requirements in-house.

Of course, having an in-house digital marketing department is all well and good if you have a team of seasoned digital marketing experts with technical, strategic, and creative capabilities. However, if you’ve got one person on the job taking care of everything, you’ll be wasting your time.

Outsource your online marketing needs to the experts

If you truly want to realize your true potential online, you’ll need to delegate accordingly and outsource your needs to a reputable SEO firm. The best SEO expert in Texas will have all of the knowledge, expertise, and resources necessary to meet the ever-growing demand of top-tier search engine optimization.

We understand the desire to try and save money by handling SEO by yourself, however, the whole purpose of SEO is to make money.

Sure, knowing how to repost on TikTok or create a carousel on Facebook can be handy for when you want to create some social media posts of your own, but when it comes to the technical aspect of SEO and the deeper complexities of digital marketing strategy for your business, you are far better off calling in the cavalry.

Conduct extensive market and competitor research

72% of marketers can’t find their audience online – which is also why most in-house SEO efforts fall flat.

Before you can expect to maximize your SEO capabilities, you first need to thoroughly understand who exactly you are trying to connect with – including what kind of competition you are up against.

Do you have a rough idea as to what your competitors are spending on their organic and paid advertising? How much data do you have on their content creation (and indeed any of the major gaps in their online content offerings)?

Without a true and comprehensive picture of who and why, you’ll never be able to unlock your true potential online.

Don’t be precious. Perfect your website

Another common mistake that people make when it comes to marketing their website online is being too precious about their website design and / or the copy featured on it.

If an SEO expert comes to you and advises that your website design be improved and the copy re-written entirely – listen to them.

It doesn’t matter how much you love the content on your website (especially if you’ve written it yourself), if you aren’t converting website visitors into customers then something clearly needs to change.

Invest in finding a unique brand-voice and commit to publishing content consistently

Most brands online struggle to pick up business because they fail to stand out from their competitors. Repurposing your competitor’s successful blog posts and emulating their website copy on your own is not the way.

If you truly want to make your mark, build an audience of your own and dominate the online rankings, you’ll need to go about things differently. If the dream is converting as many website visitors as possible into loyal, paying customers, you must invest in the experts who can help you find a truly unique brand-voice and commit to publishing high-quality, ‘people-centric’ content consistently.


The painful truth is that most business owners have a bad relationship with SEO because they are not prepared to embrace drastic changes, go the extra mile, and commit to a long-term strategy.

Again, forget everything you think you know about SEO and start fresh. Don’t shop around for a cheap deal and instead let reputation be your currency. Once you find a reputable SEO company that has a proven track record of delivering successful campaigns to their clients, snatch them up and put your faith in their abilities to do what is right for your online presence.

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