Reasons to Buy Marijuana at an Online Weed Dispensary in Canada

Weed Dispensary in Canada

Cannabis popularly known as marijuana or weed amongst other names is a plant that has varieties of uses. This plant has been in use for as early as 500BC in Asia for medicinal purposes. In America, it also dates back to the early colonists who grew it for rope and textile making. As the marijuana plant continued to spread from central Asia to Africa, Europe, and other countries, it was used for various purposes such as clothing and paper. 

Because of the many benefits of the marijuana plant and its ease of cultivation, it became widely known around the world. The marijuana plants grown at that time had a low content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for causing the “high” that you experience after ingesting. The THC levels in marijuana plants can now be altered depending on how the manufacturer plants and processes the plants.

The legalization of weed has been on the table of many countries even as we speak, and though some countries have approved the legal use of weed for recreational purposes, there are still other countries where it is illegal, so you have to be careful where you use weed. On October 17, 2018, Canada legalized the use of weed for recreational purposes. This means that if you find yourself in Canada you can now easily buy weed from physical vendors and you can also buy weed online at Kush Kings which is one of the many online Weed Dispensary in Canada in the country.

Online Dispensary

There are three ways to buy weed online , they are:

  1. Using an online recreational weed store:  in this case, you can only order provincially; this means that you can only order from an online store located in your province.
  2. Mail order medical marijuana: this is an authorized producer under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation ACMPR.
  3. Online dispensaries not authorized under ACMPR: they are called the GRAY market, they have been operating for over 15 years in Canada, they are also legit, but it is safer to order from online dispensaries authorized under ACMPR.
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Are you in Canada? Are you looking for a reliable online dispensary to get your cannabis? Look no further, this article will be providing you the top 3 online dispensaries available in Canada and their reviews.

Top 3 Marijuana Dispensary in Canada

  1. The Grow House: this is among the best dispensaries to buy weed online, they have all their plants sourced and grown in the best concentrate labs and grow houses in BC, Canada. Just like any other online vendor in Canada, you will be required to go through a registration process to have a verified in-store account.

The registration process is easy and in a short time gives you access to a variety of their products. Their products range from different selections of concentrates as well as flowers. These include hybrids of Indica or Sativa cross and flowers with high/low THC content. They also offer delicious and well-packaged cookies.

2. West Coast Cannabis:  This outfit is also a well-known dispensary that operates mail orders. They are in Vancouver and their products are among the lowest on the market in terms of cost. They have a great product selection backed by awesome customer service.

Their website is easy to navigate, and they also have amazing deals such as free shipping and other deals. This is one seller that many have found to be reliable.

3. Herb approach: Herb approach is also an online dispensary in British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the oldest in the marijuana business with more than 30 years of experience. They are very reliable when it comes to acquiring the best stocks, every one of the products on their menu comes from a high-quality brand of cannabis.

They also offer amazing deals and discounts on their products. On their website, you will also find all the marijuana brands they support which makes it easier and interesting anytime you search by brands.


Marijuana for Medicine

While in India a study around the 1830s, a doctor of Irish descent, discovered that extract from cannabis could help treat people afflicted with illnesses such as cholera as it helps with vomiting and general stomach pain. Years later, cannabis extracts are now available in pharmacies having been approved as a prescription for treating stomach-related problems and other illnesses.

It was later found that THC in marijuana contained its medicinal properties. It was also found to be responsible for the plant’s psychoactive effect on its users. It was also found to interact with the brain to reduce nausea and improve appetite. For this reason, pills such as Marinol and Syndros with THC content are prescribed for the treatment of nausea in cancer patients and the lack of appetite common with AIDs patients. If you need other tips on how to treat cancer, you can check here.

Marijuana for Recreation

After about 800AD, hashish, a type of cannabis that has been purified for pipe-smoking, became popular in some parts of the Asian continent as well as the Middle East. During this time there was a spread of the Islamic religion which prohibited the consumption of alcohol as well as other substances but not cannabis.

For the USA, cannabis only became quite popular as a recreational drug in the 1900s. It was introduced by immigrants from Mexico during the historic Mexican Revolution as a recreational practice. 


Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, there have been various vendors from where it can be acquired, both online and offline. There are still laws and regulations guiding the sales and use of cannabis and you might not be aware of them. Therefore, this article has provided you with the top three online vendors that can make your journey smooth without infringing on any law.

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