Reasons Why There Is a Rise of Ecommerce in 2019

rise of ecommerce

Going by the core definition, ecommerce is the buying and selling of products done online. For most of the first world countries, it is a daily practice, which indirectly indicates the rise of ecommerce.

Almost anyone in the world living in one of the most remote cities can now have access to buying products all the way from their local retailer to a shop across the world. Living in a world without it seems almost impossible.

The rise of ecommerce in 2019

Have you ever thought what made ecommerce come into existence in the first place and how it touched our lives? Do you know why we can’t do without it today? Find out the reasons why ecommerce brands are an integral part of our lives and will remain so:

1. Shopping with comparison

One of the most common reasons why people fell for online shopping is getting to compare different products, their features, and their prices. With hundreds of thousands of options available online you have it all. From one search you make, you get product reviews, comparisons, and can look at it on a large scale.

Popular products have ratings and reviews so you get more accurate with the data that’s being collected from the customers. With quick deliveries from ecommerce giants like Amazon and eBay, you know its worth the wait rather than store shopping.

2. Wider variety to select from

When you go to a shop to buy a pair of shoes, the seller can only show you what he has got in his stock. But if you know your shoe size, you will get a million options to choose from, in the online market.

The best part is, you can Google the exact kind of shoes you have seen somewhere. It will give you relevant results and take you to the perfect match. The trends in the ecommerce industry is at large. You have a huge scope to get products from all over the world instead of buying what you get within a local area.

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3. More products, better prices

Imagine the online marketplace to be a giant warehouse with anything and everything stored waiting to be sold to you. You have a pool of products to choose from and prices to compare. For example, the same product you see on eBay for $100 is being sold by Amazon for $90. You would go for the cheaper one and also be glad that you got a discount. This is one of the reasons why there is a huge rise in ecommerce purchases over the years. People get better prices and that’s usually the most important aspect for them.

4. Product reviews and ratings

Giving it a bit more human touch, when you go shopping online, you will get many reviews from other shoppers. They describe how the product turned out to be. The rise of ecommerce growth in 2019 reflects the urge to maintain transparency and to improve business standards.

These reviews will be permanently shown under the reviews header on a product’s page. They have been graded in a star-based system and include a comment in the comment section. Only if you are an authorized buyer you can write comments to let others know about your views.

5. Sales and offers

One of the most prominent features of ecommerce portals is that they provide their customers with discounts and perks from time to time. Ecommerce giants are anyway in profit as they don’t need the retailing part. Thus, offering discounts isn’t a loss for them.

There are also specific events and occasions when they allow customers to get high discounts. It increases the traffic of the website and customers have a lot more options to search from. In short, offers are always a great marketing strategy that benefits both the buyer and the seller.

6. Selling exclusively

Various big online ecommerce giants sell a standard product and make sure that they are the only ones selling it to their customers. No retail store or any online competitor can sell the same product.

This forces the customer to visit the e-commerce website or download its app and get their desired item delivered at their doorsteps. There will be enough campaigns by the manufacturer to advertise about the product and where it is being sold.

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You just need to be aware of what’s going on, when is the product being launched, and the payment options. This is a smart way to bring in more customers and also sell exclusivity.

7. Easy returns

There are times when you buy something from the market but you cannot give it back. Many times, just to travel again to get a product changed makes you keep the product anyway. Ecommerce growth shows how easy return policies make a huge impact. People can rely more on their websites because they know if they don’t like it, they can always return.

8. Saving time

It goes without saying that the rise of ecommerce is majorly credited to the fact that it saves time. You not only stop going to supermarkets that are on another side of the city to buy grocery but can also sit at home and order a bag that is exclusively sold in another country.

It can be convenient for some people to go out into the market, feel the product, know its specifications before buying it. But if you aren’t willing to spend that much time, you can always get whatever you want by tapping the mouse. Moreover, with the interactive interface and a help desk open all the time, online shopping couldn’t get any more convenient.

Final thoughts

The rise of ecommerce is evitable but someone who wants to join the platform needs a lot of research and study. The history of ecommerce is still so raw and fresh that it could be said to have taken birth along with the ever-evolving virtual world.

Now, shopping has become more of a daily ritual than just leisure time spent online. Understanding customer psychology has played a major role in the extensive rise of ecommerce industry all over the world.

All in all, ecommerce also has flaws that need to be worked upon, but it has certainly been one of the most helpful advancements in modern culture. People can save time, save money, invest better, check reviews, and be sure of what they buy.

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