Recycled Waterproof Backpacks; Whatever Next?

Recycled Waterproof Backpacks

The old cliché of living in a ‘throwaway’ society is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past which is great for our planet and its wildlife. Recycling isn’t a new concept by any way or means however, a large number of people still haven’t caught on, this is where manufacturers can really make a difference. Enter practical items made from recycled goods, some of which you’d never have thought possible like recycled waterproof backpacks;


Plastic is one of the biggest culprits, pretty much everybody uses some form or another of plastic in their daily lives, normally without a second thought however, it is a killer, of that there is no doubt. So why not use something that could cause damage for years to come in order to make something that you can use for another purpose, like a waterproof backpack, for years to come?


When taking a look at some of the offerings available on the Internet, it is hard to see how these lightweight waterproof urban backpacks are made from recycled ‘waste’. When thinking about waste plastic it conjures up a very different picture to awesome looking bags that have been carefully crafted to not only be environmentally friendly but, they look really cool too!


Having a waterproof bag is really useful especially if you are carrying around things like a laptop or other valuable items that might be damaged by water should the heavens decide to open whilst you are out and about. However, these bags look so cool that you could use them for any occasion, be it a commute to work or a weekend trip to the beach or anywhere else for that matter.


These bags have been designed specifically to be lightweight which is awesome news for you and your body. Anybody who uses a backpack for any extended period of time will know how uncomfortable they can be if they are too heavy. Not only do you have to carry around all of your gear but then to add a bag that could potentially weigh the same amount as your average laptop can start to become a bit of a burden.

Doing the right thing

When you purchase a backpack made from recycled goods, you are, in turn, doing your bit for the planet. Even if your own recycling habits at home aren’t entirely up to scratch, you can be sure that you are doing your bit by buying a product that has been made and designed to help you do just that. You never know, by getting involved in the ‘eco-friendly’ world, it might improve your own recycling habits too.

Keep your eyes peeled

Although recycled waterproof backpacks made from recycled materials are reasonably new, manufacturers are already looking at various other products that may be able to help you on a daily basis. There is already a hint of further products to come so, you could start with a backpack and then look to the future as you build up your collection. 

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