Is there any relevance between your age and ED?

relevance between your age and ED

The first thing that we need to comprehend what ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is. Well, it is nothing but a health issue that happens to a lot of men. Well, if a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, it will be hard for him to hold his erection during sexual intercourse. Keep reading to find how your age and ED have relevance.

Well, there are various reasons for which a man suffers from erectile dysfunction and age is one of the significant issues. There are a lot of studies that suggest age is a significant factor when it comes to erectile dysfunction. 

If you are young, your sexual functionality will be better

Well, it is quite a common fact that if you are young, your sexual life will be more satisfactory. A huge number of studies and observations stated that older men have higher chances of developing ED. Besides, compared to young men, the number of old men suffering from ED are more. 

The studies also state that most of the young men rated sexual functions as very good or good. However, on the other hand, only 10% of men who are older than 80 have conveyed the same thing regarding sexual functionality. And amongst young men, only 12% reported that they are suffering from issues. 

Now, let us check some facts that will help us to comprehend the relationship between age and erectile dysfunction. So, here are the facts that we are talking about. 

  • Almost 2% of men reported that they are suffering from ED before the age of 40.
  • Well, at least 4% of men are saying that they are suffering from erectile dysfunction when their age is between 40 to 49.
  • Now, 26% of men conveyed that they developed ED between the ages of 50 to 59. 
  • Finally, 40% of men who are between the age of 60 to 69, conveyed that they are going through the issue of erectile dysfunction. 

If you are living a healthy lifestyle, without any chronic disease, there is a negligible chance that you will suffer from ED. For example, if you are doing exercise for at least three hours a week, there is 30% less chance that you will suffer from erectile dysfunction. 

Besides, there are various habits that lead us to develop ED. If we can get rid of those habits, our chances of developing ED will decrease. Therefore, some of the habits that we should get rid of are:

  • Excessive watching of TV.
  • Gaining a lot of weight. To be precise, if someone is suffering from obesity, he will develop erectile dysfunction faster compared to other men. So, you have to stop eating junk food as soon as possible. 
  • Smoking is also one of the significant reasons for developing obesity. 

Also, there is hope

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Well, we know that age is a big factor when it comes to developing obesity. However, you don’t have to worry about anything as it is curable. Maybe, you are thinking that it is quite inevitable to treat this issue. But, trust us when we say that it is curable. And when it comes to treatment, age is just a number. 

There are various medicines that will help you to get rid of these issues. For instance, if you are suffering from ED, you can opt for the medicine named Kamagra. It will help you to enjoy your sexual life. Besides, it will play a significant role in treating your ED.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Now, we will discuss the treatment of ED. It will help you to understand the issue better. And for that reason, it will be easier for you to make the right decision. Therefore, here is everything about the treatment of ED. 


There are some tests that you have to go through if you want to diagnose this issue. 

  • Physical exam- Here, a careful examination of your testicles and penis will take place. Besides, they will also check the sensitivity of your nerves. 
  • Blood tests- Maybe, a sample of blood will be sent to the lab. They will check various things like diabetes, heart disease, and low testosterone levels. 
  • Urine tests- It is also a significant test. Just like the blood test, they will do it for checking the symptoms of diabetes and other issues. 
  • Ultrasound test- It will help the doctors to diagnose your low blood flow. 
  • Psychological exams- Psychological exams will also take place. Well, you have to understand that mental condition is one of the biggest reasons behind developing ED.


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There are various oral medications that will help you to get rid of ED. However, if you are planning to opt for medications it will be the best option for you to get in touch with your doctor. They will guide you the best. So, here is the list of some of the medicine that doctors may prescribe you. 

  • Sildenafil ( viagra )
  • Taladafil ( Cialis, Vidalista )
  • Avanafil ( Stendra )
  • Vardenafil ( Levitra, Staxyn )

All four medications that we have mentioned above enhance the effectiveness of nitric oxide. Now, nitric oxide is one of the important elements, which is responsible for relaxing the penis’s muscle. And that improves the blood flow. So, you can understand that it plays a significant role in penis erection during the time of sexual intercourse. 

Well, one thing you have to keep in mind that consuming these pills only is not going to give you an erection. To get the erection, the first thing that you have to do is to go for sexual stimulation. It will induce nitric oxide which will come out from your penile nerve. During that time, these medicines will play a significant role in amplifying the signal. And for that reason, you will be able to enjoy your sex life precisely. 

So, these are the things that you need to know about ED and how your age plays a significant role in it. We assure you that going through these points will help you to understand ED and its relationship with age, more precisely. 

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