How to Borrow Items from Santa Clarita Library?

Santa Clarita Library

On July 1, 2011, Santa Clarita city officially inaugurated their public library, the Santa Clarita Library. It is a free library for the people of city and has three branches now – one in Newhall, Valencia, and Canyon Country. Every branch has a manager and educated staff to help you get the best library material.

The city had opened the library to offer knowledge to enthusiastic readers. They have a strategic plan for the welfare of the people in the city. They also allow volunteers to join and help builds communities. These communities have their own book club across the branches of the city library. Here, we will tell you all about the Santa Clarita library and how you can avail their services.

Santa Clarita Library – Strategic Plan

Nowadays, libraries are beyond large buildings and stacks of books. A good library helps people come close and build communities. Over the last few years, the Santa Clarita library has seen tremendous growth in using all the branches to spread awareness about the benefits of reading and being a part of the bookworm community.

Their strategic plan has not only increased the footfall in all the libraries but also increased the number of library cards issued. From patron visits to material circulation, from interesting programs to creative workshops, the Santa Clarita library has gone beyond the norms of a regular library. They have initiated programs like Homework Help, art programs, music workshops, author reading, and more.

With the coming years, the library is going to facilitate in more ways. They will offer trending technological usages, enrichment programs, and fulfill all the community needs. The library focuses on promoting literacy programs all through this century so that kids do better in school. The library expects the people of Santa Clarita city to understand the importance of education and support them in return.

Borrow from Santa Clarita library

In order to take books from the Santa Clarita library, you need to first have a library card. Anyone from California can register and avail this card for free. They can also use it in any of the three branches of the public library. The out-of-state residents will have to pay $3 for the card.

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You can sign up for the card online and give an ID proof to pick it up in person. You can also go to any of the branches and register in person. Also, you need a valid driver’s license or address proof or DMV ID. If you don’t have DMV ID or driver’s license, you need two other types of identification acknowledged by the government to establish your identity and another to prove the current address.

Parents have to sign for kids under 18 years of age if they take material from the library under them. You need to have the library card also to check the material you might need. However, you can go in for a one-time lookup all through the library without the card.

Santa Clarita Library follows the laws of California and maintains confidentiality on the record of library patrons. This means that without written permission from a cardholder, the library staff is not allowed to share personal information, identity proof, or any other detail. This is levied for spouse and parents alike. You need to ask the staff members about the permit of another person to have access to the record if you want to.

Loan and renewal updates

  • Reference material: cannot be circulated
  • Kids and adult books: 21 days with 3 renewals
  • Sound recordings: 21 days with 3 renewals
  • DVDs: 7 days with 3 renewals
  • Magazines: 7 days with 3 renewals

You can check out around 50 items in the library at once with one card. These include 10 audiovisuals, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, and more.

How to renew an item?

Online renewals are possible with the help of their catalog. You can also contact the library through email or phone. For renewing items in the catalog, you need to log into your account, click on your name tab, there will be column on the left handwritten ‘items out’. You then get an option to renew the item. If an item shows an outstanding hold, you will not be able to renew it.

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How to place a hold?

Placing a hold is possible with the help of the catalog. You can also call the library and a staff member will help you out. To place a hold on any of the items in the catalog, you need to search the catalog for books or other items of the library. Next, click the ‘Place Request’ if you haven’t previously logged in and the pop up will ask for the library card number and your PIN. Select a pickup library and click on Submit Request. The items will arrive within 2-5 business days if they are available in the library itself.

Fees schedule

If you have an outstanding book fees you can pay it online. The overdue fines are:

  • 30 cents per item and per day from the beginning of overdue period for adult material
  • 15 cents per item and per day from the beginning of overdue period for kid’s material
  • $10 maximum per item
  • $15 for items referred to collection agency

If the overdue period crosses $10 fine, it triggers a lost status. Replacement of lost item and fees are:

  • Replacement card $1
  • Out-of-state $3
  • ILL fee $3

The Santa Clarita Library community

Santa Clarita Public Library has a group called ‘The Friends’. It is an active community comprising the Santa Clarita Valley citizens who value the library and volunteer it. They help in advocative and fundraising matters and do other things for the welfare of the library.

The Friends group operate across all three book stores. They also invite people who want to be a part of the community and help in their own way. From making donations to supporting the library, there are many ways to contribute. Your gift will have a lasting legacy that will help the city grow and build stronger mindsets. But first, you must enroll and be a part of their community to see how it changes your life for the better.

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