Scalping trading strategies you can use

Scalping trading strategies

There are many methods to trading stocks online and stock scalping is just one of them. Unlike the common trading method, scalping is quite fast-paced and requires diligent effort. It isn’t something you want to get into without first understanding how it works. If you want to learn how to scalp trade, here are a few Scalping trading strategies you can incorporate.

What is a Scalping trading strategies?

By scalping, the aim is to trade stocks quickly with small margins of profit. It is the process of looking for small changes in prices and capitalizing on those to gain a profit. This requires a large number of trades to become profitable. The amount of trades a trader will have to go through in a day is the main reason why you need to be diligent in this strategy. One big loss will quickly negate any small wins you made for that day.

For this strategy to be successful, you need to make a large number of winning trades. This is quite the opposite of normal trading where you try to walk away with a few big wins. The main argument for this strategy is that traders are exposed to minimized risk. Random events that can cause stocks to drop massively won’t affect the scalping strategy. 

These trades typically occur within a few seconds to mere minutes, ideally inside of 5 minutes. You can scalp stocks either manually or automatically. Though the manual method may be more profitable in the long run, even if it does require a lot more work. You can use scalping signals crypto to be up-to-date on daily signals.

How does Scalping trading strategies differ from other strategies?

  1. The volume of trades is huge. Since they make very tiny profit margins, without a large number of trades, it won’t be profitable. Conversely, day traders are told to avoid over-trading due to large transaction costs.
  2. Winning stocks are sold just as fast as losing stocks. In day trading, traders try to hold on to their winning stocks for as long as possible. However, while scalping, stocks aren’t held for more than a few minutes.

Four methods – How to scalp stocks

  1. RSI (Relative Strength Index) Strategy

The RSI is able to forecast the direction an asset is going to take in the future. This index can be used to find entry and exit points while trading. If there is a future dip in the RSI below a certain point (under 40 but above 25), then that is the time to buy those stocks. If there is a rise in the RSI (when it reaches 70 and starts to decline towards 60), that is the time for a selling strategy. You can set the RSI chart to a 1-minute or 5-minute chart to make trading easier.

2. Stochastic Oscillator Strategy

To understand this strategy, you need to know what the stochastic oscillator is. This is used to show where the current price of the stock is relative to the price range over a short period of time. The oscillator will compare the current price to the range to determine when the price will rise or fall. Typically, a turning point occurs when the current price reaches one of the extremes of the previous price range.

3. Moving Average Strategy

This stock scalping method involves using multiple moving averages (MA) to determine the trend the stocks are going to take. This is usually done with two shorter MA and one long MA. You should first look at whether the long MA is rising or falling. Then you analyze the shortest MA and wait for it to cross above or below the other short MA. This will help you understand which direction the stocks are going to take and whether you should buy or sell.

4. Volume and Price Strategy

This scalping strategy revolves around studying price movements by analyzing historical data. It is based on the premise that any change in volume will be followed by a change in price. The idea is that when there is low volume, it will usually lead to higher volumes in the future. This indicates that there will be short-term changes in prices, making it a good time for scalping. This involves a lot of waiting. Your goal should be to buy before prices start going up, and sell once the price is high enough.

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