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Secondary schools in London – education information

British school education is considered the standard of academic preparation. Studying in the best secondary schools in London schools is the first step towards admission to the world’s leading universities. British educational system is one of the most conservative in the world. This is partly due to its age – the appearance of the first secondary schools in the country and Oxford University dates back to the XII century. From that time to this day, discipline and a high level of teaching quality remain the main distinguishing features of the British educational system. However, this does not mean that it does not undergo any changes. On the contrary, the English education system not only keeps pace with the times, but also often outstrips it: the pursuit of excellence and reverence for traditions here perfectly coexists with the latest educational programs and practices.

International secondary schools in London – choice of educational programs

  • GCSE

This is a secondary school program, at the end of which the student passes the exam and receives a certificate – General Certificate of Secondary Education. The duration of studying is 2 years. The average age of students enrolled in this program is 14-16 years. The pivotal question of do GCSEs matter becomes evident in this context, as final exams include 6-8 subjects. The pivotal question of do GCSEs matter becomes evident in this context, as final exams include 6-8 subjects.

This is why many students frequently opt for the additional support of a GCSE tutor to assist them in their preparations. The results are evaluated by letter designations: A*- G. The higher the grades, the more prestigious the graduate will be able to continue his studies.


Accelerated GSCE program is specially designed for foreign students. The duration of studying is 1 year.

  • A-level

It is the next stage of studying after GSCE. This is a university entrance preparation program. The average age of schoolchildren is 16-17 years. The studying lasts 1.5 – 2 years. It ends with the passing of final exams, which are graded on a scale from A to E.

  • International Baccalaureate

University preparation program is an alternative to A-Levels. Upon graduation, a diploma of secondary education is issued, which, like A-Levels, allows the foreign students to enter universities around the world. Exam results are evaluated on a 45-point scale. If at A-Levels a student chooses 3-4 subjects to study, then at IB – 6 out of, respectively, 6 blocks: mathematics, art, natural sciences, man and society, foreign languages, the main language and literature.

TOP secondary schools in London

  • Holland Park School

A secondary school is designed for children aged 11-18 with mixed form of studying, located in the prestigious London borough of Kensington. Every year, the school accepts 240 children to study for Year 7 (receiving about 2,000 applications for admission). Admission to school is based on accommodation. 20 places are given to children who have shown aptitude for arts and design. Before admission, a banding test is passed — an exam to determine the level of academic development of the child and determine him in the appropriate class.

  • London Academy of Excellence

Sixth form college admits boys and girls on a selective basis and is located in the London Borough of Stratford. There are 460 children studying at the school. The school opened in 2012 in partnership with private schools — Brighton College, Caterham School, Eton College, City of London School, Forest School, Highgate School and University College School. 

  • St Olave’s and St Saviour’s Grammar School

A selective school is designed for boys aged 11-18 and girls aged 16-18, located in the town of Orpington near London. The school annually accepts 124 boys to study for Year 7. Admission is based on exams in logic, mathematics and English. The school accepts 110 children to study at the 6th form. Admission is based on GCSE exams and entrance exams conducted by the school.

Accommodation types in the best secondary schools in London

Some secondary schools in London do not have their own residences to live in. Many of them are full-time educational institutions, but they still accept foreign students for studying.

Accommodation can be arranged in the host family or in the residence of another school located in the neighborhood. If students live in a host family, they are usually provided with half-board meals and have lunch at school.

Schools tend to select families who live nearby, so that it is more convenient for the child to go to classes and back. Residences in neighboring schools are selected according to the same principle.

There are also many boarding schools in London that accept students from other countries not only for studying, but also for accommodation. They are often located at some distance from the bustling center, in the suburbs of the capital, and therefore have spacious green campuses.

Secondary schools in London fees for foreign students

The tuition fee at London school will mostly depend on the educational institution: a boarding school or a day school, its ranking, the total number of students, extracurricular program, chosen studying course, etc. On average, for one year of study at a secondary school in London, the cost of studying varies from  20,000 to 25,000 pounds. 

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