Secure Your Shipments in Times of Uncertainty

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Ensuring the safety and security of products is a necessary task for any type of business. This responsibility can prove to be quite daunting and strenuous especially when dealing with unknown elements. The freight industry is a good example of a sector that is constantly faced by this predicament. Businesses in this trade have to constantly provide goods that are of acceptable quality to their customers, within reasonable timelines, and at competitive prices. In order to pull this off, companies have to employ stringent measures in ensuring proper fastening of goods on transit and guaranteeing they reach the buyers safely. Here is how to secure your shipments in times of uncertainty.

Several companies have stepped in to facilitate the safety and security of Your Shipments. SecurT – security seals supplier is one such brand that has particularly made significant strides in the right direction. The firm offers a ton of solutions that can help any trader prepare for the unknown. You can visit the company’s website to check out its wide range of products.

Before delving into the ways in which you can secure your shipments, it’s important to understand why this is matter is of great significance.

Importance of securing shipments

Reduce freight damage

Products that are scheduled to be transported first need to be packaged. These individual packages are then stalked up in a cargo hold, truck, or shipping crate. Securing goods like this ensures that they don’t move around during transportation, thus reducing damages that would otherwise cost the company money.

To protect workers and handlers

When in transit, goods need to be secured in a manner that no one near them can be injured. Hence, they should be fastened in such a way that they won’t be at risk of falling or toppling over when stalked. In the event that the cargo falls, properly secured goods are far less likely to incur damages.

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Having seen how vital securing your shipment can be, one thing still needs to be resolved; what are the best ways to secure your shipment during times of uncertainty? Even though the mode of shipping plays a major role in determining how cargoes should be secured, there are some things that are common across the board. Here are a few methods that are sure to make a huge impact on the safety and security of your goods.


This is one of the most popular methods of securing cargo, mainly due to its ability to accommodate packages of different shapes and sizes. Moreover, the lashing straps can be fitted at multiple points on the walls of the aircraft, shipping containers, or trucks being used to transport the goods. There are three types of lashing namely chain lashing, web lashing, and fixed winches.


This is undoubtedly one of the most ingenious methods of securing cargo. Their design involves a 40-centimeter wide elastic band that is fitted with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive; making it perfect for use in freight containers and trucks. The TY-Gard can be used to secure loose cargo such as drums and Intermediate Bulk Containers. What’s more, installing a TY-Gard is quite simple and takes up very little time. They also work well even when subjected to extreme temperatures.

Blocking and Bracing

This method of securing Your Shipments shares some similarities with lashing. Blocking entails securing cargo in a manner that prevents it from moving laterally. This means that the cargo will be unable to move from side to side or forwards and backward. On the other hand, bracing involves fastening cargo so as to prevent it from moving vertically. Wooden beams, metal bars, and thick plastic bars are the most popular items utilized to secure Your Shipments using this method. It’s one of the most appropriate ways to secure goods for export. A common error made when blocking and bracing is failing to firmly attach the individual blocks to sea containers, causing them to move around. This can lead to catastrophic results such as damaging the goods inside the container or even destroying the carrier.

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Paper Dunnage Bags

They’re also known as inflatable bags or airbags. Paper Dunnage Bags are mostly used to stabilize cargo in sea containers, trucks, and closed railcars. They are mostly made of craft paper and polyethylene that are filled with air and sealed. Dunnage inflatable bags are fitted in the spaces left after fitting cargo into a container. Since the bags are filled with air, they can be squeezed into place when dealing with oddly shaped packages.

Close to 25 percent of all cargo damage is caused by the improper securing of goods. Hence, taking time to ensure that all Your Shipments are properly fastened can help a company avoid great losses.

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