Seeking Sister Wife

Seeking Sister Wife


The world will cause its destruction. There are thousands of reasons that the world is successful in all sorts. The innovation can be presented as an example but “Seeking sister wife” will help you understand how the moral and ethical values of our society are getting lowered with every passing day. New things are being introduced that are thought to be forbidden and unethical in most societies.

Especially with the topics such as homosexuality and trans-genders, the sexual approaches of the youth of the society are trampled. In the past, people were taught to have a straight-oriented sexual life. This helped them enjoy a perfect life and make a partner they could stay loyal to. Also, it fulfilled all of either biological or sexual needs.

This is the only thing acceptable ethically in all sectors of life. But recently, after introducing homosexuality and subjects like transgenderism, the public has started playing with nature, and the results would be devastating.

Seeking Sister Wife

We have witnessed that the only thing that will create a nuisance in these modern times is the media sector. Media has become the trendsetter, and now several organizations tend to manipulate the minds of the general public with the help of the information relayed through different media channels. They are brainwashing the general public.

Seeking Sister Wife

Go for a debate

This is why it is of the utmost importance that the general public does not accept every news and exertainment such as the tv series in its entirety. In fact, they should debate on these topics and ensure that at the end of the day, they are standing with ethics and morals on their side, not against them.

The plot of the series

Seeking sister wife is a tv series that was aired on television revolving around polygamous families trying different sexual approaches. Even portraying such details on the screen is extremely terrible for the minds of the youth. If we talk about the show’s essence, then we will come to know that the story revolves around the Snowdens in Georgia. The families involved have different traditions and beliefs. Thus, they are subjected to the test of polygamy

Polygamy And Similar Other Details That Need The Attention Of The General Public

Polygamy is not a bad phenomenon at all. But it must be exercised within certain limits and boundaries. Many societies all over the globe allow their followers to indulge in polygamy, but there are certain restrictions too. Seeking sister wife is a tv show that spreads the right message but without any right guidelines. This might have a huge impact on the minds of the viewers.

Polygamy And Similar Other Details That Need The Attention Of The General Public

Polygamy is a factor only males should exercise

The public should be aware that polygamy is only allowed for males, not for females, in all societies. Since a man is considered the essence of society and a symbol of power. Therefore, only he can exercise his effect on more than one wife. But people should be aware of the detail that in no society keeping two or more relations of a woman at the same time is appreciated. These details are nullified.

Polygamy Is Not Shameful But Following Bad Guidelines Is

In Seeking sister wife if we talk about the Brineys family, we will come to know that they are still safe from the state prosecution. In Utah, bigamy or polygamy is forbidden. Then people started asking why the family is not prosecuted till now, so the reason that was provided was that the Brineys family was not officially married, and this is why they are not prosecuted. (

Polygamy should be declared in official records too

Those who want to exercise polygamy should make sure that they get officially married to the new partner of their life. This official marriage is the proof of polygamy, and there should be no shame. But if the state has banned this, you should not exercise it. Even if you want to do so, you should move to a place out of the state’s restrictions in question.

Developing a polygamous relationship without marriage is a crime

Developing a polygamous relationship without official marriage is something criminal because this will be characterized as cheating on your wife with your current partner, and that is not something forgivable. This is why it is important that the seeking sister wife series message should not be processed in its entirety. It should be delayed to understand the pros and cons.

Seeking Sister Wife

The details help us understand that the concept of the famous series revolves around the story of another tv series by the same creators named My Five Wives. But there is also a little detail that will surely be interesting for you. The origin of the families in each show is from the same church that is discussed repeatedly in all episodes.

Depicting sexual relation details online is not ethically right

First of all, depicting the details of sexual relations online is something extremely terrible. Such topics should not be discussed openly. They should remain in the curtain of secrecy between the partners and on the official pages of the state too. But if you cross these limits, then you are starting a war. So you better be prepared for it because there are certain moral and ethical obligations that you should exercise. If you don’t, you will not be performing your rightful duties, which is very wrong on your part.

Depicting sexual relation details online is not ethically right

Polygamous relation with spiritual partners is a moral disaster

Giving the idea of polygamy in which you can get more than one partner but do not exercise marriage will have a drastic effect on the moral grounds of society. Also, there are many individuals outside the show who are ensuring that the polygamy term can also be used for individuals that are homosexual and have more than one partner. This is surely absurd.


Seeking sister wife is a show that has initiated a topic that is not discussed before. But they should also analyze the boundaries and the applications of this phenomenon. They should properly define the term Polygamy to make sure that the public gets the true message in the show.

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