Seven Indicators That It’s Time To Switch Majors

Time To Switch Majors

College life is unpredictable. One moment you’re hyped up; the next, you’re sitting alone in the cafeteria wondering, “Did I make the right choice?” That’s alright because college is the birthplace of freak-outs – and getting the feeling that you’re studying the wrong thing might be one of them. Here are the Seven Indicators That It’s Time To Switch Majors

Choosing a major is directly proportional to choosing a way of living. So, it’s a pretty big life decision. While it may not define what you will end up doing after graduation, it sets the pace. Ideally, the major you pick should be something that you are passionate about, so you’ll have what it takes to finish school and get a job you love. 

It’s okay if you haven’t figured out your spark yet. Not everyone has it easy, and while different schools can leave you with an empty wallet, it’s worth it if it leads you to the right path. So if you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I switch my major?” Well, our list of signs will give you a heads-up on whether it’s time to make the switch.

1. You started a program that your parents chose.

Parents, undoubtedly, have high hopes and dreams for their kids, but sometimes they tend to throw their aspirations onto their children. Suppose you began your college career running after a degree program that your parents pushed on you. In that case, you might never be satisfied as you continue. It would be best if you chose a concentration on your terms because you will be the one to study it, not your parents. For instance, if you’re keen on studying science, humanities, or technology, a bachelors of liberal studies will do. Furthermore, many students who start a degree program based on their parents’ choice ultimately change their degrees. As a result, they become much more motivated and happy towards learning.

2. The classes are okay, but your grades are falling. 

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You don’t hate the classes, but you’re falling hard. No matter how much effort you put into studying, you can’t wrap your head around the material, and you end up bombing all the tests. Listen carefully; this is an elusive sign that this isn’t your calling. – and that’s okay. While it might be upsetting, you may even get flashbacks of those “getting in line” moments during admissions – not to mention the amount of money it took. It’s alright. The pain will go away once you’re done with the switcheroo. You’ll have proof that everything is going to go once you watch your report cards improve smoothly.

3. You’re not excited about your future at all.

For a while, you were riding on the “I’ll think about my future when the time comes” cruise. But the truth is, you’ve explored your options, and you hate all of them. You don’t even feel motivated to make some contacts to ensure you will have some leads after finishing school. There’s no telling when this revelation will happen, but when it does hit, you should never ignore it. Instead of searching for a career based on your major, why not find a major that will support your dream job?

4. You can’t list three things that Interested you about your current major

Your signature shoulder-shrug doesn’t count as a reason why you’re not absorbed in your major. Frankly, anything can be interesting, but you need some substance to support that so-called “appeal” of the major when it comes to college majors. If you can’t list a few reasons why your major excites you, then you either love boring yourself or should discover a major that you can click with instantly.

5. Your major highlights your weaknesses

What’s worse than studying a major that doesn’t highlight your high points– One that stresses your weaknesses! If you believe you don’t have any high points, number one, you are probably false. Number two, if there’s one thing you should do, you must avoid majors that put you on the spot of hopelessness. You won’t do good in your classes, and you will always be miserable. After failing a couple of classes, you’ll get the hunch that maybe this isn’t the best major for you. That is your chance to press pause on that!

6. Switching College for a different major 

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It is not the end-all-be-all regarding your major, and you’re going to struggle while making sure you fill all of your necessities since classes are tougher to grab. If you’re 200% sure of your focus, it may be better to switch colleges. But if you’re on the fence about it, and the program isn’t inspiring you to stay on track, you might be happier with a different path.

7. You have found a new passion

It happens. After all, the entire college experience relies on self-discovery. After high school, you are only just beginning to acknowledge who you are as an adult. If you have unleashed a new passion while you’re in college, you need to figure out if it is flexible with your plans. You can pick a different educational path and switch majors to pursue this passion. By keeping your mind open throughout your academic journey, you’ll be able to graduate with a degree that you are proud of and set sail on a satisfying career path.


If you have experienced any or all of these signs, you may need to make the switch. Remember, there’s no shame in altering your major. It happens every day with many students, so you aren’t the only one with second thoughts. Studying what you love is what matters the most, so don’t shy away from making a better life for yourself.


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