A bedroom is undoubtedly the most personal space in your home, and it is where you unwind after having an exhausting day and charge yourself for the next day. It is the room that affects your ability to be successful, wealthy, healthy, and, most importantly, happy. That’s why your bedroom should be comfortable, cozy, and feel luxurious since you spend most of your time there. 

We all admire bedrooms that we have seen in glossy pages of a magazine and deep down have a desire to upgrade our bedrooms similar to them. An average person spends one-third of a life sleeping, which is why it makes absolute sense to revamp your bedroom. A prevalent misconception is that adding luxury to the room requires extensive planning and arduous work. While it does require some preparation, but the process is exhilarating, and the outcome fills you up with enthusiasm. The question arises that how can one bring luxury to an existing master bedroom. With a few simple tips and techniques, you can certainly make your bedroom your paradise, and relish its serenity and enjoy its comfort.

The following are some of the ideas that will help you to upgrade your room elegantly and luxuriously:

1. Fancy Lighting

Lighting creates the mood of the room and can make or break the ambiance of the room. Your bedroom is a private space, and there is no reason to have harsh lights in there. Incorporate multiple sources of dim lighting. Bulbs around mirrors, motion sensor lights in the closet, and adding fancy table lamps with adjustable lightings are some options that will bring opulence in your room.  Different levels of light give you the control of illuminating various features of the room. Altering existing lighting is an easy way of adding richness to the bedroom.  

2. Furniture

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Investing in quality furniture is a smart move as it is durable and guarantees luxury. Furniture items and arrangement of it set the entire look of the room. Gold hues and monochrome tones furniture, closets with full-length mirrors, classic wooden desk, and ultra-soft sofas are few furniture items that help to make a place appear chic. Placement of pillows is an effortless way to upgrade your room without doing much. A bed is the most potent furniture item in the room. A high-quality mattress and comfortable bedding are two things on which luxurious hotels never compromise. Investing in the right quality mattress and bedding will not only give your room a luxurious touch but also improve your sleep quality and affect your personality positively.

3. Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is one of the luxurious electronic devices of this age.  With the increase in global temperature, summers are unbearable now, and having the ability to control the temperature of the room is indeed a blessing in disguise. For example, a wall-mounted air conditioner gives the master bedroom a sleek and classy feel. Installing an air conditioner that goes well with the overall theme of the room will upgrade your bedroom to a deluxe room.

4. Flooring

The floor impacts the whole room in a significant way. A stony floor gives the room a sophisticated touch, whereas wooden flooring provides a natural vibe and upscale rugs give the room a distinctive style that is both modern and classic.  

5. Accessories

Accessorizing a bedroom is a skill, and while doing so, you need to keep the rule, ‘less is more’ in mind. A crowded nightstand does not appeal to the eye, and it should have only essentials. Table lamps, pillows, and other pieces should fit naturally in your bedroom while exuding the charm of lavishness. Accessorize the room with art paintings or photographs of yourself to bring in your personality in a place. 

6. Window Treatments

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A luxurious bedroom has large windows to let in the fresh air and light. Window furnishings help in creating the overall atmosphere of the bedroom. Stylish drapes add an oomph factor, and the plantation shutter gives the bedroom an elegance. Blinds on windows are practical and make the bedroom appear sleek and stylish.

7. Sitting Area

Luxurious bedrooms always have a designated sitting area. The integration of small seating of high-end chairs and a table adds dimension to the room and gives you an elegant space to treat yourself with a cup of coffee. A two-seater settee fits nicely in the bedroom while adding to the aesthetic of the room. Ottomans are trendy and comfortable pieces of furniture, and a must-have pair of the ottoman will add to the elegance room.


When you invest in your bedroom, you invest in yourself. Everyone deserves luxury, and updating your bedroom with luxury is the best way to treat yourself. Taking a minimalistic approach will avoid clutter and spruce up the room. While you upgrade your room, organize it in a way that it appears more spacious than it is. Mirrors and neutral colored walls have amazing effects on the entire look and give an illusion of a larger space. You can select a theme and then refurbish the whole place accordingly. There are no right and wrong in revamping a room; it is your place, and you should decorate it as per your desire. Your bedroom is an extension of yourself. Bring in your style and incorporate it into accessories and wall paintings to give the room a personal touch. A bedroom should be a peaceful place where you can forget all your worries and sleep like a baby. 

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