Ideal Features That Sexy Male Models Should Have

sexy male models

There are all kinds of men in this world, and by that, we mean both physically and emotionally. Most men don’t let you understand what goes within them because of their subtle outer exposure. Well, here we’d simply focus on some of the features that make men sexy male models. That said, this is much about the looks than anything more!

Women search for certain qualities in men that define their idea of a perfect man. These qualities are often marked as physical features first and then anything else. The first impression of a person is received through his or her appearance. If you can create an aura with your appearance then you are the man. If you want to know how to become a sexy male model, you got to check these features out.

Most Attractive Features of Sexy Male Models

As we are discussing the most attractive features in a man, we tend to incline towards male models. This is so because male models are definitely handsome before anything else! But what are the features that make women feel attracted to such men? Do you possess any of these features? Well, to know about the features, you need to follow ahead and get to know how to groom yourself better:

1. Thick Eyebrows

Men with thick eyebrows have a different charm on their faces. We are talking about thick eyebrows and not unibrow. If you have a unibrow then that might not be your biggest asset. Thick eyebrows add an extra point to the eyes of men. It makes them more expressive and magnetic. Women love men with thick eyebrows.

2. Stubble

It’s good to follow the rules but at times breaking them seems so much more fun. Quite similar to this, the idea of having well-groomed or designed stubble is a huge turn on for women. We all know that walking clean shaved is a sign of cleanliness and orderliness. On the other hand, walking into an event with stubble is like bringing on your own style to the event. It’s more like being unique in your own way. A lot of women find men with stubble quite attractive.

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3. High Cheekbones

Cheekbones look super sexy when you have them on high. It gives a rugged look to men and often attracts lots of women. If you don’t believe then pick your favorite Hollywood superstar and browse through their profile. Most Hollywood superstars have high cheekbones which make them look so attractive. It gives a chiseled shape to the face and that certainly is sexy. Women find men with chiseled faces extremely confident and strong.

4. Veins

No matter how hard you workout in the gym, if you don’t have a couple of veins popping out of your arms then you failed yourself. Veins being visible on the hands are a sign of strength and stamina. It shows how strong the man is and justifies the stamina of the man. Men with veins visible on their arms look extremely sexy. Further, if you roll up your sleeves to show the veins in your arms then there’s nothing sexier than this. It is considered a sign of masculinity.

5. Salt and Pepper Hair

This hairstyle became a trend in the recent past but now it is a feature of a sexy man. Men who have grey hair on their temple look amazingly sexy. Just as we know, the liquor tastes better when it’s quite old, this statement is valid for men as well. Men who belong to the mid-age 40 to 55 develop grey hairs which are known as the salt and pepper hairstyle. It looks so good on men that women can keep on staring at them. Keep in mind that if you are a 20 or 30-year-old guy, this hairstyle might ruin your charm.

6. Abs

You can have a good physique but if there is a belly hanging on your body, you just ruined your appearance. Men who have a toned stomach or abs, they can create a different level of charm among women. You must have noticed that almost all sexy male models have abs or a toned stomach. A sexy body is proof of self-love. It verifies that the man loves himself and cares for himself.

7. Hair trail on Stomach

Along with a toned stomach or abs, if you have a hair trial on your stomach then it’s the sexiest feature of your body. Women love it when a man has a trail of hair on the stomach. The trail of hair rolling down from the belly button to the waist and below seems very seductive to women.

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8. Shyness

A lot of men are extrovert instead of being introvert. That is completely fine, but if you are a little shy you can use that to your advantage when you’re trying to get intimate. That is more like the space where you’d allow the real you to come out!

Men who feel shy to express their emotions and feelings often turn out to be very generous and caring as well. This is why women lookout for this feature in their partners. It helps in creating a stronger bond with your partner and she would love to explore this feature in you.

9. Scent

Women can go crazy for the natural smell of a man if you actually smell good. If you don’t have a natural body odor or it isn’t good, you need to try different perfumes to suit your style. From subtle fruity tones to rugged woody tones, try it all for different occasions and lure in women with some serious seduction.

10. Glasses

Glasses are often considered as an embarrassment. Just like we used to feel embarrassed about using braces at school, glasses were also nightmares for students who had power. Have you ever thought that glasses can also count in as a sexy feature in men? Well, you need to choose the right frame that suits your personality and goes well with the face. It is like an extra detailing on a well carved sculpture.

11. A Cute Smile

Men who love to enjoy to the fullest and keeps a smile on their faces are considered to be mature and strong. It is like the icing on the cake for women. They love the company of men who have a charming smile.

If you have noticed, then you’ll see that sexy male models have a cute smile. It is an extra add on to their charm. Now that you have all the cues, it is time to groom yourself and become more attractive.

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