Signs You Should Call Roofing Contractor

Your roofing is meant to keep your entire structure safe and dry. So when you see damaged or missing shingles or even patches of moss, your concern is understandable. But there’s no need for panic as you call for immediate help from your local roofing company. Find the root of the problem. This is when you should call for roofing contractors:

Know how old your roof is, so that when it reaches that age limit for its type, you can call a roofing contractor for an estimate. You can opt for a complete roof replacement or you may be able to save a little with an asphalt shingle roof overlay on the existing shingles.   

Exterior Damage Found

Perform periodic roof inspections, regardless of the age of your roof. Checking it every year or two will allow you to notice changes and find damage. Look for asphalt or wood shingles that are curling or buckling, missing, or warped. For metal roofing, slate, rubber, clay, or concrete tile, check for thin spots or cracks. Perhaps there are missing pieces, dents, or worn parts.  

Sagging Roof

A roof that has a sag or appears droopy is telling you that the decking beneath it (the support structure) has weakened from moisture. This calls for a roof replacement. If you are comfortable with walking up on your roof, notice how it feels. Is it spongy with some bounce? If so, call a roofing company right away.  

Is there Daylight?

Check your attic to see if there is daylight coming through your roofing boards. Finding light is a problem. This is a good opportunity to check for moisture up there too. If you notice water stains on the roof boards or the insulation, you likely have a leak in the roof.

Green Roofing

While finding vegetation on your roof may not signal a new roof installation is necessary, it should be cleaned away. Growth can damage the roofing material and invite other problems. You can either go up there with a ladder, a cleaning solution, and a hose, or you can call a roofing company to help take care of the cleaning. 

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