Sneaker Ball

Sneaker Ball


It is not the individuals that can change the fate of the world. It is the communities that have a huge effect on the future of the world. Sneaker Ball is also a phenomenon that will help you understand how you can bring change by shunning individual ideologies and supporting the community to come out on top.

Especially if we talk about the developed world, we will know that the ideology of racism has plagued them in the past, and this ideology has not been shunned. We witness certain events every now and then that make us believe that these factors still exist, and the public is more aggravated than before.

It would be highly appropriate to support the schools of thought that are trying their best to extinguish this fire. Sneaker Ball is something that would let you know about community development.

Getting to know the Sneaker Ball

If you want to learn about Sneaker Ball 2020, you should have excellent research skills. The available details help us understand that it is actually an annual Black History Month event. In 2020 the Black Employee Network of Nike sponsored it.

The purpose of the Sneaker ball

Now you might be wondering what the purpose of this event is. So let us tell you that it is a thanksgiving celebration for the partners who have stood with the black community by supporting the Black Empowerment and helping bring social change throughout the year.

Why Nike was involved 

Now you might be wondering what did the world-famous brand Nike wanted to achieve with this event and why they were involved in the first place. So let us tell you that the broader picture of this event was to bring a creative and immersive environment regarding the event. The image was to bring together several vendors under a single roof in a well-orchestrated space that is filled with numerous attractions and entertainment options, including music, videos, shoe displays, and above all, the living garden of grass, ferns, mosses, and flowers.

The demands of Nike

If we look at the demands of Nike, then we will come to know that they wanted to get an interior designed in a shell of two different levels to ensure that the festivities are perfectly regulated. The lineup of the show management brings out the name of Premier Press. Also, photographic assets were provided to ensure no stone was left unturned. Nike provided Premier Press with photos and design ideas, and they did their best to bring that idea to reality.

The design of the Sneaker Ball

Now you might be wondering how Sneaker Ball was actually designed. So let us walk you through the details. As we have already discussed, the event was housed in a shell of two different levels, but this is not all.

Walls and PhotoTex 

The walls of the whole space were covered with photos and collages. The concrete texture and wood grain printed fabrics were used to cover the walls. To make sure that the walls of the event space are perfect, just like the demand, the PhotoTex was utilized. This is a temporary wall covering that can be put up extremely easily.

Removal of PhotoTex

Also, if we talk about the removal of the PhotoTex, then it is extremely simple. The adhesive backing provides stronger support, and even after the removal, you will find the walls to be unaffected. Since it is environmentally friendly, it does not contain any PVCs, which was the requirement of both Nike and the Premier Press.

The perfect disguise

One of the best things about the design was the disguising of the partition doors in the shape of concrete columns. Also, the major detail that should be kept in mind is the lush outdoor Urban environment. To make sure that the privacy of the event is not disturbed and to keep the outdoor interference at a minimum level, the windows were covered with semitransparent films

The outcomes of the event

The event was a complete success, and thanks to the designers, organizers, and sponsors, there were no details that were left unattended. Even the last-minute details were paid attention to. At the last moment, Nike discovered that the video project for one of their shoes was splashing the walls, which was highly unacceptable. Therefore the designers came up with the brilliant idea of covering the area with black vinyl, and the problem was solved instantly.

An overview of the event

The sneaker ball has shown the world what Nike stands for. The event was filled with VIPs from the black community, celebrities of different fields, volunteers, and Nike employees themselves. All of them came wearing their favorite Nike shoes, and the completely packed space along with the night-long party, this event was a complete success, and it would not be erased from the memories of the public anytime soon.

Why such events are important

Now you might be wondering why such events occur in the first place. So let us guide you regarding the bitter reality of this world where the only thing that sells is the one that is projected properly. Similarly, to ensure that a huge audience gets to understand your point of view, organizations and individuals tend to organize events so that they can relay their ideas in an effective and presentable way.

Taking the narrative on the worldwide scale

Similarly, if you are supporting a good cause like the Black Empowerment and social changes, then you should make sure that you take your narrative to the people of the world in a desirable way, and the response will surely shock you at the end of the day.

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Sneaker Ball, organized by Nike, was the perfect event to spread the message regarding black empowerment and social changes. Such events should be conducted regularly to bring about positive societal change.

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