Some of the popular android applications for trading in Bitcoin

android applications for trading in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the future of all currencies; it is established or invested in 2009 by an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto for fun purpose. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that is invented in the world. So people show their craze to buy it or play with it. Firstly, it’s a game that you have to solve a mathematical problem, and if you solve that, you will get one bitcoin. Most of the people who like it show their interest in playing that game. The demand for bitcoins increased day by day, so Satoshi created more bitcoins and had hidden them in mathematical problems. With time it becomes the most popular game and the way of earning. Here are listed the popular android applications for trading in Bitcoin:-

Today, Bitcoin is considered very common because every big company and some individuals have bitcoins. Companies and businesses accept bitcoin as the payment methods. Data shows that more than 4 million users have bitcoins in their accounts or bitcoin wallet. The choice of investing the right amount at the right time will surely give the user a proper return in the coming years.

The ones that invest at the starting period of Bitcoin are now the owner of billions. If you are the one that wants to invest their money or want to learn how bitcoin trading is done, then there are only two requirements the first is a smartphone that supports android, and the second is a good internet connection. At the starting stage, it seems to be difficult to handle the android application like crypto superstar and learn to trade. But with time, you will become perfect in it and earn as much as you want.

Some of the famous android apps available for bitcoin trading:

Bitcoin tracker

As the name suggests, the Bitcoin tracker is the tool to track the prices of bitcoins. Like when they come low and high so that a user can purchase or sell the bitcoin to get the profits from it. It’s the best android application available on the internet that will give the users a real-time price of the bitcoin. This app will tell you the price of the bitcoin in whatever currency you want to know.


Spare is the android application that converts the bitcoins directly in cash without any mediator like ATMs and banks. So if you are the one that loves to deal in bitcoins well as in cash, then you have to visit their official website to download it.

The reviews of this application are so good that people love it. This app provides you with the barcode by which you can scan it and get your cash in hand.

Coin base

It is the android supported application that is used for the bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet is a wallet in which all your bitcoins get stored, and when you proceed to any transaction, it will be deducted from the wallet automatically. The same work is of coin base; it will handle the biotins and tells you about the real-time values of the bitcoin so that you have a choice to make a decision.

Media chain

It’s the best application available for android artist users that are doing some art like singing, drawing. When these artists had a fan following then, they use the account of the media chain to collect the funds and their show money. So it’s good for the people to get the notification on their android mobiles that a show will happen in the coming days.

It will also help the [people tell them the prices will shoot in the nearest days of the show.


Bitbin is an application available for Indian users only, and it’s very easy to use that a child can also run this application. It provides the users with live prices of the bitcoins and their holdings in them. It will also suggest they to sale or purchase as per the market strategy. People only have to open an account on this app and link their bank details with it. There is no other information needed; all the transactions will be deducted and added automatically.


The above mentioned are the applications that are dealing in the trading of bitcoins. You have to study about all the apps and then make a decision of investing in the one. These android applications are trusted, so there is no tension of losing money. Invest in Bitcoins and earn as much as you can.

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