Spiral conveyor belts: what you need to know about them

Spiral conveyor belts

Manufacturing businesses that require a lot of product packaging have several specific and essential things you can’t operate without. Other than manufacturing businesses, a conveyer system is used in multiple other businesses like mining, automotive, agricultural, packaging industries, and warehouse logistics. 

Different types of materials can be processed over a conveyor belt. The different types of products transported over a conveyor belt are cans, boxes, eatables, toiletries, furniture, oversized packages, powder, spare parts, and many other things that need to be transported from one place to another at a fast pace. 

What is a spiral conveyor: 

Spiral conveyors have two different names that are used in the industry. Worm conveyor or screw conveyor.

  • Spiral conveyors are rather large and have one motor that helps transport products from one place to another.
  • The main reason is that less energy is used when the motor is started once, and the process is never-ending until you stop the motor. If you restart the motor after one rotation, the process will start again, which means that the products delivered at the end of the day will be significantly less than the given target. 
  • The conveyor belts are placed according to the need and necessities of the business. Some businesses need to move their products downwards, while others need to move them upwards. 

Critical features of spiral conveyors:

There are some additional features to a spiral conveyor that are different than the standard features: 

  • Standard and special bearings 
  • Standard and special drives 
  • Plug-in systems 
  • Fully engineered and ready-to-use components 
  • Fabricated troughs 
  • Wear resistant troughs 
  • Ability to be divided into sections 

Advantages of spiral conveyors

  • Versatile: These conveyors are so versatile that they can be used in almost any industry. The technique with which they are made is also so unique and strong that they can carry the weight of almost anything that is put on them. Different versions can be used according to the temperature and the circumstances. 
  • High performance: The manufacturing industry has a lot of people, and all those who have invested in a spiral conveyor have been satisfied as these conveyors give the best result. They can also corporate at very high speeds, making it easy for factory workers to operate them. The load on them can be moved upwards and downwards with ease.
  • Easy to modify: The design of the spiral conveyors is made after putting a lot of effort and thought into it so that they can be modified according to the need of the hour. The components of the spiral can be modified any time you like. 
  • Touch of technology: Almost everything made these days has a touch of technology, and so is the case with these spiral conveyors. These designs are suitable for all the inventions that are going to take place in the future. So, business owners don’t need to worry if they will be a perfect fit in the future. 

Spiral conveyors are here to stay as they make their mark in manufacturing. Make sure you invest in one because these things will last a long time.

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