Steps to create an impressive cornerstone content

cornerstone content

New people are coming in content marketing, and they have a new business or new website. These people have not yet tried to develop traffic and potential customers with their content marketing. These people are always in search of the biggest action to take for developing their brand with their content. So, the best piece of advice is to create cornerstone content. These are highly valuable and helps to attract traffic and leverage brand awareness. For creating robust cornerstone content, follow this article.

Choose the topic and right format:

Firstly, you will need to choose the correct topic for your cornerstone content. Look at the biggest problems of your target customers, and evaluate what kind of answers they demand. And know if you have the special knowledge, data, or insight that you can help your audience with to solve their problems.

Collect ideas from everyone involved in your business. You need to make cornerstone content that your audience finds relevant. Do some research and make sure that you bring something new to the table. Look for what people are commonly searching for.

Do keyword research:

After deciding the topic, you need to perform keyword research. Make sure that the keywords you choose have a healthy volume of search. It is because keyword volume indicates demand and interest if a massive number of people are searching for a particular thing in Google or other search engines.

It means that there is a big opportunity for you to capture that traffic and make the best first impression.

Content planning:

Before planning content, you need to decide that whether you are going to produce all the content in-house or you are going to outsource it. By hiring an SEO Agency and a good marketing team, you can pull out everything well. But, in case you have few people, it may become difficult to put invest the necessary effort and time.

Then, put some milestones in place for keeping the project forward. Just remember that your cornerstone content needs to be awesome. Then, you will have to earmark the estimated costs for your content. The cost depends on what type of content you are creating. Costs include freelancer fees, development costs, design costs, promotional budgets, and a lot more.

Content creation:

Finally, the time has come for you to get to work and make your content piece. Focus on the quality, and make sure it is accurate and truly helpful to the audience. Create it, and then take time to review it.

Your content must be visually appealing and also must be easy to navigate and use regardless of the device the visitors use.

The keywords you place must have a natural flow, and make sure that they define the content structure that you create. Try to solve problems through your content. Show people your values. Just keep the target audience in mind, and work to create something that those people are going to love and share.


It is time for you to think about SEO. So, work on creating an SEO-friendly website. Arrange the primary and secondary keywords in the correct place. Optimize the headline for SEO, and make it appealing and clickable. Optimize the images, use relevant keywords over there along with alt text, and make use of lightweight images so that it proves to be fast-loading.

Consider data visualizations and offer a great mobile experience. Optimize the content for social platforms as well.


You have put much effort into making this content. So, you will now need to promote it. It takes time for new content to rank in the SERPs.

You need to opt for email promotion and as well as social media promotions.


Your content is going to take time for accruing shares, links, and attention. And during this time, you need to monitor your performance.

Keep your content updated and if a new trend emerges, make sure to include it in your content. In short, refresh your content now and then.


Before you commence with creating cornerstone content for your people, you need to understand your goals and objects. Evaluate whether it is a long-time or a short-time goal. Act accordingly. Craft your strategy by keeping your audience on your mind. Prove the essential information for tour customers. Do something unique and creative that your competitors never did before.

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