Steps to Remove Custom Dirt Bike Decals

Remove Custom Dirt Bike Decals

What makes your dirt bike unique and different from others? Decals!! Yes, to stand out in a crowd, manufacturers and designers work day and night to create your custom dirt bike graphics and give meaning to your dirt biking. Custom Dirt bike decals are designed and developed, keeping in mind your purpose to bike and the message you want to send to your followers. 

You can peel off and replace the decals if the decals become old or change it as the trends shift. Although removing a decal is not rocket science, and they are designed to be removed so that a new one can be placed. All you need is a little precision and patience to remove them, using the right tool and technique. Removing them correctly will allow you to apply the new one quickly and accurately.

So, before we jump onto how to remove it precisely, lets us tell you what not to do to injure the bike’s surface.

Do not try to peel off the custom stickers when they are cold as it messes up the whole process of removing it. Scraping them with a sharp object will leave scratches on the bike’s surface and its paint. So, stay tuned to learn the foolproof way.

The old decals and stickers become dry and brittle. Trying to remove them just like that is destined to disappoint you. Heating the surface is the critical step in peeling off the decal without creating any mess. Here the actions that will help you quickly pull out the sticker from the bike’s surface.

Step 1. Get the hairdryer and hold it from about an inch from the decal and switch on it. Move it along the area where the decal is placed for 30 seconds. Do not overheat the surface as it can ruin the paint of the bike.

Step 2. Once the sticker becomes warm, bring your credit card or something that does not have sharp edges. Try to remove the decal using it. You can try reheating the surface for another 30 sec if it doesn’t come out quickly.

Step 3. Get the grip of the sticker and start pulling it from one end. If it still doesn’t come out, keep the dryer on and try peeling it again.

Step 4. Now that the sticker is eradicated, it will leave the border marks or outlines of the glue on the bike’s surface. Use WD40 spray to remove the residue. Spray and wipe the area with a clean cloth. Do not use a glass cleaner or sprays that contain ammonia.

Step 5. Let the area dry out completely before putting up the new graphics.

That’s all it takes to remove it. It is not as difficult as you thought it to be. After removing the decay, check that the surface is dried before putting the new decal on it. Not cleaning and drying the body thoroughly will ruin the whole process of applying the original decal. And you would not be able to stick it properly.

Last tip: Remember, in most things, slow and steady wins the race. Do not try to force things and remove the Custom Dirt Bike decals in a hurry.

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