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With the availability of several brands, the best straightener brush is difficult to choose. Moreover, there are hundreds of models that belong to each brand. Therefore, finding the best straightener brush can be quite a challenge. Irrespective of your budget, the most important thing is that you must check each hair straightener brush review before choosing one that suits your hair the most. In this article, we will help you understand your straightener brush better and also tell you about the best brands in the market.

Most of you have a common question about how you can select the best hair straightening brush 2019. Now that is a difficult question to answer because each brand comes with a different set of specifications. For example, a mini hair straightener is an ideal one that you can carry in your bag while traveling. However, it will not be of much use if you have to manage curly, jazzy, and frizzy hair. Therefore, we repeatedly come down to the same conclusion. It is that your choice of a straightener brush will differ according to the type of hair you have and the purpose you are trying to resolve.

Further, we will get on with the best brands of hair straighteners available in the market. However, before we talk about that, would you like to know some facts about the evolution of a hair straightener? You will be able to gather some interesting information from the section below.

Evolution of a straightener brush over the years

In the segment below, we will take you on a time-machine from the 19th century to the present, 21st century.


In today’s fashion and beauty market, we depend entirely on the latest technology and procedures to achieve the look that we wish to get. You will be amazed to hear that a straightener brush or iron was available during the mid of the 19th century. However, the popularity happened not before the 1900s.

Cut to 1872, a woman named Erica Feldman is the one known to have used a curling iron or to be precise a heating rod. Although she did not use a proper straightener brush, she sure did use a technique that inspired the evolution of straighteners.

She used a heading rod made of iron to get curls on her hair. The best part of the story is that the technique was invented and used by the man himself- Marcel Grateau, who is given the credits for the discovery of the first hair iron machine.


Now we are entering the era that witnessed the popularizing of a hair straightener duly. In 1909, a man named Isaac K. Shero discovered a more upgraded technique of hair straightening. He suggested the use of double cloth iron on both sides of the hair to straighten it. For example, a section of the hair is taken and pressed between a cloth iron on each side. Then the metals are dragged down. Now, you can surely relate the technique with a modern flat iron straightener. However, the method was a big-time failure causing several injuries and burn.

Three years later, in 1912, another up-gradation took place, and the credit goes to Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield, a Scottish heiress. She was in her mid-30s at this time, and people were going crazy about the curly hair fashion. Amongst everyone, Lady Bell wanted to stand out from the crowd and so wished to sport poker-straight hair.

As a result, Lady Bell herself started researching the ideas of Grateau and Shero to come up with a plan finally. She tried to fix up around iron tong with the help of a comparatively bigger clamp. Now, slowly, the modern-day straightener started taking its shape. The difference is that at present, we no more use such indigenous and crude techniques. Now we know that such dangerous methods can easily damage our hair follicles.

The curly hair trend finally came to an end post-1980s, and people wanted straight and smooth hair back. The salons now came into action, and here starts the direction of marketing straightening tools and products such as a straightener brush or flat irons. The modern straightening iron meant metal plates were fit into plastic handles for a more professional and better experience.

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 Modern-day straightener

A straightener brush or hair straightening iron today costs between $10 to $500. The material used for the plates depends mainly on the model of the straightener and the specifications available. Nowadays, there are several replacements for the metal in forms of ceramic, titanium-coated, gold, and so on.

The most significant feature that most of the customers want in a new straightener brush or iron is a temperature-control option. With the help of this feature, you get additional protection for fragile hair. The two types of straighteners that are gaining more popularity are the cordless ones and the mini machines, especially for traveling. Apart from straight hair, there are high-tech, modern tools that can help you achieve wavy and curly locks too.

Findings and facts about the best hair straighteners

While analyzing the list of the best hair straightening brush 2019, we have come across a few fascinating facts.

  • The brand that was awarded the first position in the list of the best straighteners came as the most unexpected one. You must be guessing about one of those posh brands, but you are entirely wrong there. Each hair straightener brush review for this brand was useful, and it is one of the cheaper ones available online.
  • The three brands leading the charts are a perfect mixture of posh meets cheap. Of course, we are talking in terms of price. The brands MHD, HSI, and GHD belong to entirely separate price categories. However, they all have the same start rating and the best customer reviews too.
  • On analyzing, it was found that the brand MHD that tops the list holds a better market position in terms of customer satisfaction than its expensive counterparts. MHD straighteners come with all necessary features and specifications but at less than half the price of the other expensive brands.
  • The more surprising fact is that cheaper and lesser-known brands have taken over the entire top-50 chart in comparison with the well-known and more expensive brands. They are all producing good-quality products at an affordable price consistently.

Top brands for hair straighteners

Irrespective of the suggestions of the fashion and beauty industry, what makes a winner in customer satisfaction and consistently good reviews. Considering the size, features, plate material, temperature control, and more, several brands gave good competition to each other. So, before convincing yourself after reading promotions of a particular brand, it is better that you read our list here. In this list, you will get the most neutral hair straightener brush review of each brand. The reports in the following section are all mainly based on start ratings given by customers depending on their experience.


The most unexpected winner is here! MHD is a comparatively new brand that started a business in 2005. It outnumbered GHD with a 4.8 rating and the maximum number of reviews. The motto of MHD is to be contemporary, stylish, continuously upgraded, and in top-fashion. The MHD products use top-notch technology, advanced features and are user-friendly too.

A lot of salon professionals use their products while styling their clients. If you analyze the straighteners by MHD, they use tourmaline plates, that are high quality. Overall, the features justify their brand value, and they are on the top of their game now.

There is also a variety in their range of designs. They have mini to standard size plates that can satisfy customers having various purposes. For example, MHD sells straighteners that are thick, long, short, thin or the ones that are suitable for your travel kit. Therefore, when you check out the features and detailing, you will know that they are the most deserving winners in the present market.

Further, the makers have kept in mind all the necessary safety measures, such as temperature control and safe plating. It means there will be minimal damage to your hair follicles. The most premium straightener model available under MHD costs around $50-$60, which is again extremely reasonable. So, it is a win-win situation for customers where they get user-satisfaction as well as pocket friendliness.

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The name sounds similar to the winner, and so does the accolades. GHD has a bit more experience in the hairstyling industry in comparison with MHD. It started a business in 2001, and their USP is that you can style your hair in the maximum number of ways with the pure iron. However, the minus point was brought up when they revealed the price that was close to $100. No one at that point was ready to pay such a massive amount for a lesser-known, new brand.

Things started changing, and people started loving GHD equipment. The machines started flying out in no time. The company even reached a point when they were almost unable to deliver as per customer demands. Since then, GHD has featured on cover pages of the most prestigious fashion magazines to the shelves of celebrities such as Victoria Beckham. The price of GDH straighteners is indeed a little on the higher side. However, their quality is made to last longer than their counterparts.

Among all other pros of a GDH straightener, the most significant is the quality of temperature control in it. The function is so well-created that the tool is capable of reaching the perfect temperature almost in seconds. It has drawn in many accolades, including several star ratings and happy customer reviews. At present, GHD is one of the best hair straightener brands that is a favorite of professionals globally. The best part is that while analyzing, it became difficult to find out a single disadvantage of using GHD straighteners.

Remington Pro

Now, this one is a luxurious experience for sure. First of all, it is more significant than most of the other hair straightening irons that you will get online. Remington machines use 2” metal plates. Now, the advantage of such a technique is that you can successfully straighten more hair at once. It uses advanced silk ceramic features. Besides, the heating time is just 15-20 seconds, and the safety measures are looked after too.

In that case, the temperature control option works fabulous, and it comes with an auto-shut technology, which means the tool will switch off automatically after an hour. What is more, is that the price is extremely reasonable too!

Infiniti Conair Pro Rainbow

Since we are mainly covering the most economical brands here, this one is a crowd-favorite also. The most attractive feature of the Infiniti Conair is that it comes with rainbow plates made of titanium. They look beautiful.

It is built with a 455-degree ceramic heating feature. It means that you will get straight hair in a jiffy. There are as many as 30 different temperature control settings that you can choose depending on the volume, length, and texture of your hair.

Drybar Mini Straightener

You already know about the mini straighteners that suit your travel kit well. The mini-machine from Drybar is one of those varieties. First of all, the size of the plates is a huge advantage because you can quickly straighten even the shortest hair you have on your head. Also, it is effortless to carry it on the go. The USP of this brand is however that the straightener comes in aa pouch that doubles up as a heating pad too. So, you get to experience both while you travel.

Other brands

The list is long, and it is difficult to sum up, the names of all the best brands of straighteners. We have successfully listed a few, and further are the names of a few that we did not want to give a miss.

  • 3-in-1 Kristin ESS
  • Black Titanium Croc LED
  • Ceramic flat iron by One and Only.’
  • Slick Finish John Freida
  • Sephora Tame
  • Convertible Iron by Hai Classic

Final thoughts

The hair straightener brush and iron range available online are vast, and it is challenging to choose the best out of all. The list in this article may make your task a bit easier.

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