Summer Internship Style Inspiration

Now that the interview process is over and a summer internship has been secured, the next step in the preparation process involves surveying your wardrobe and buying pieces that match your new position and prospects. Combining the right pieces can create a formidable look for the workplace that makes a singular statement.     

Business casual attire is an expansive term and includes everything from jeans and a blouse to skirts and jackets, which makes selecting the right clothes for an internship all the more important. Working as an intern means striking the right balance to keep the office look classic, fresh, and altogether stylish. The following guidelines provide summer internship style inspiration to find the best professional outfits for the workplace.                                                                                              

Find the Perfect Blazer

Gone are the blazers of yesteryear that were designed for one purpose only and one distinct corporate look. Instead, times have dramatically changed in modern office attire and today’s blazer is a must-have centerpiece to any workplace wardrobe, offering a wider range of options available in a number of fabrics. Blazers offer a powerful corporate look that comes in many styles to suit any body type.

There is the option to choose between a single-breasted or double-breasted blazer to accentuate the silhouette or a fitted blazer for a more tailored approach. You can easily pair a well-structured blazer with a nice pair of khakis during the day or a cocktail dress in the evenings. Begin building a wardrobe first with neutral colors that offer more versatility as the collection grows.

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Always Bring Comfortable Flats

A comfortable pair of flats is essential for any workplace outfit and is an ideal shoe for a busy intern on the go. It’s always nice to have a pair of backup flats at the office or in the car and still maintain an office look. With such an expansive range of styles available, flats can look professional and poised in a power suit or with a pair of jeans on casual office days. 

Padded ballet slippers are another sensible and sophisticated option to wear to the office that is lightweight and designed for comfort. Another consideration to style with fitted trousers is classic loafers that offer a refined casual workplace look. Flats are not just a backup for high heel days but a great style option in their own right.  

Rock Professional Sunglasses

Owning a pair of professional prescription sunglasses is a great accessory when it’s required to walk outside between office buildings or attend an outdoor meeting. A durable, fashionable pair that can be worn daily is a stylish upgrade that wins on all fronts. Aviator glasses for the office that properly frame the face are a great complement to formal office attire and are worth consideration.

Make a boardroom statement in a pair of commanding professional sunglasses that make for a formidable style choice. Check out Tom Ford sunglasses and discover stunning collections of premium eyewear designed with precision and style in mind. Sunglasses can elevate an office look while protecting your eyes at the same time.

Wide-Leg Pants

Darting back and forth between offices and running errands makes wide-leg pants a comfortable, stylish choice for a summer internship. Featuring a high waist and flowy material, wide-leg pants present a more versatile option that accentuates the silhouette. Relaxed pants are a great alternative to traditionally tailored pants and can be just as versatile, chic, and professional. Choose fabrics made from a lightweight material and patterns that accentuate your frame and exude a bold, powerful vibe. 

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Stylish Work Bag

Interns are known for making the daily commute to work by foot, the bus, or the subway, which makes finding the perfect bag a necessity. A fully functional work bag should be large enough to carry all of the essentials yet designed well enough to match an outfit. Select from a traditional backpack that rests comfortably on both shoulders, an oversized messenger bag, or a sleek tote for all the various work equipment. Whether in meetings or on the go, interns require a bag created for the business world that is fully professional yet stylish enough to make a great first impression.  

Make an Impression

Starting a new job is an exciting time and one of your first steps into the professional world. The clothes you wear at the workplace speak to your character and ambition. Armed with these office looks, your summer internship style will jumpstart your career.

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