Techniques And Ways Through Which Male Can Improve Their Fertility

Male Can Improve Their Fertility

Fertility issues have been an emerging problem amongst couples. According to many studies, one out of six couples faces infertility issues. And of those six, one out of every three cases is due to infertility in the male partner.

Although infertility is not always treatable or curable in men, and in events where that happens to be the case, couples may seek options such as at-home insemination or intrauterine insemination utilizing donor sperm.

Nonetheless, there are a few techniques and ways to boost your chances of conceiving. And in this article, we’ve highlighted them down below. So please be sure to read on!

Ways And Techniques That You Can Apply To Improve Fertility

Male infertility simply means when a male partner is incapable of making his female partner pregnant. However, this infertility is primarily due to the quality of the sperm cells. 

Moreover, this infertility can also occur due to many other reasons:

  • Libido: In simple words, libido means sex drives. Sometimes due to a lack of sexual drives, infertility can take place.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: It is also known as impotence. Erectile dysfunction is especially when a man is incapable of developing an erection.
  • Sperm Count: The number of sperm cells depends on their concentration. 
  • Testosterone levels: The lower the levels of testosterone, the more chances of infertility within man increases.

In many cases, infertility can also be genetic and even due to the imbalance in lifestyle, diet, fitness, or diseases.

Here in this section, you’ll be the top ways through which you can improve your fertility. 

  1. Regular Exercise

Apart from maintaining a healthy diet, you must be healthy by body as well. 

Exercising regularly, helps boost your testosterone levels and, therefore, can help you improve your fertility. 

But one thing that you need to make sure is not to overdo it. There are times when people are way too eager to improve their fertility that they overdo with the exercises. 

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This can have a reverse effect on your body as there are chances that testosterone levels might decrease. 

So, in short, you need to be regular with the exercises but overdoing them. 

2. Intake Sufficient Vitamin C

I bet you must have heard that vitamin C improves your immune system. 

There is even evidence that taking vitamin C antioxidant supplements regularly improves your fertility. Even taking vitamin C supplements can also improve your semen quality. 

In several studies, it has been found that taking 1,000-mg of vitamin C twice a day for two consecutive months increases the sperm count by more than 100%. Not only that, but it also decreases the number of deformed sperm cells by 55%

Therefore, it’s a reality that if you have sufficient vitamin C in your diet, you can improve your fertility drastically. 

Yet, more studies are still being conducted to give more robust evidence.

3. Cut Down Stress And Minimize Depression

It’s pretty natural that when you are stressed and depressed, you simply won’t be able to shift to that “romantic mood.” 

Stress can be very much responsible for cutting down your sexual desires and hence affecting your fertility. 

Many researchers even found that stress can be responsible for lowering the levels of testosterone. They have further explained that as the hormone cortisol rises, the levels of testosterone decrease.

Therefore, scientists recommend practicing relaxing activities, such as hanging out with friends, taking a walk in the park, meditating, or even exercising. 

All of these activities can help you in staying relaxed. 

4. Light Therapy Treatment

Light therapy treatment has always been one of the best remedies to many conditions. Initially, this way of therapy was designed to help people with SAD, depression, and insomnia. 

But as the technology got advanced, researchers got to know this therapy can also be used for skincare, muscle mass gain, and help infertility. 

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It has been found that when you get exposed to this light, the levels of testosterone rise, and this is one of the prime reasons for the improvement of infertility. 

I’ll highly recommend you to go for Platinum Light Therapy, as they provide the authentic and most reliable products. Moreover, they are trusted and can indeed provide you with the best product regarding your case.

I have undergone this therapy for my depression and insomnia cases. And I have indeed seen drastic improvements. 

But one thing that you need to keep in mind is you have to be consistent with this therapy. Otherwise, there are fewer chances of improvement. 

5. Intake Enough Vitamin D

Vitamin D also plays a vital role in improving your fertility. 

In numerous studies, it has been found that men who were vitamin D-deficient had more chances of having lower testosterone levels. 

Although further research is being carried out on how vitamin D can be helpful, there were only positive results between Vitamin D and improvement in infertility.

6. Consume Maca Root

“Maca root is a complete package of benefits.”

Taking these supplements might improve libido, fertility, and sexual performance as well. 

Maca root originated from Peru, is well known for its ability to enhance fertility and sexual desires. 

In various studies, it has been found that taking 1.5 to 3 grams of dried maca root for a period of three months has drastically improved men’s sexual desire and libido.

Further research also showed that men with erectile dysfunction took 2.4 grams of dried maca root for 12 weeks. And they saw that the erectile function and sexual needs improved slightly. 

Moreover, scientists even added that consuming 1.75 grams of dried maca root for three months also increases the sperm count within men. 

In contrast, you can say maca root is one of the best natural remedies of all!!

I hope this article will help you know all the techniques and ways to improve your infertility!!




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