The Best Tech You Can Get For Your Kitchen

Best Tech For Kitchen

The Best Tech You Can Get For Your Kitchen. Once upon-a-time, technology in the home may have been limited to home entertainment. Of course, technology is involved in every aspect of life but people tend to see tech as tangible items like their smartphones, DVD players, gaming machines, and cameras.

Now though, technology is used everywhere in your home from virtual assistants such as Alexa to security cameras that recognize people who visit regularly. The kitchen is no stranger when it comes to new tech and designers are continually bringing out new ideas for this area of the home.

If you are someone who likes to spend a lot of time in the kitchen then you no doubt have your favorite gadgets and appliances but there may be a few below that you want to consider finding a place for. Here are some of the best:

  • AI-assisted washing machines
  • Smart trash cans
  • Instant Pots with WiFi
  • Connected kitchen scale
  • Ninja Foodi
  • Smart lighting
  • Programmable faucets
  • Touchscreen kitchen hub
  • Water purification
  • Automatic pan stirrer 

AI-assisted washing machine

When you look to upgrade any equipment there is a good chance you want to buy energy-efficient appliances as replacements, and an AI washing machine is a good choice. These machines will automatically weigh the load, identify the fabrics and select the correct washing mode and use the right amount of detergent and softener. 

Smart trash cans

Imagine a trash can that takes the rubbish outside for you. Well, ok, it can’t quite do that but this can have a built-in sensor that knows when the bin is full. It then seals up the garbage bag and leaves the lid open to alert you that it is time to empty it. 

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Instant Pot with WiFi

Instant Pots come in a range of sizes and with different features. They also have a range of attachments such as an air fryer lid and can sous-vide. The Instant Pot can make everything from boiled eggs to yogurt plus you can roast a whole chicken from frozen or make hearty stews. Not only can Instant Pots make a range of dishes but they cut down on cooking times by up to two-thirds which makes them the most energy-efficient way to cook according to many studies. The WiFi version connects to your smartphone and Alexa too to make cooking even simpler. 

Connected kitchen scale

This smart scale will connect to your tablet or smartphone and can access a library of recipes. This means you can customize recipes and change ingredients and portions and the software and scale will adapt everything for you. 

Ninja Foodi

This is another multi-cooker like an Instant Pot except it can also crisp food which the former has trouble with. However, the Ninja Foodi is considerably more expensive, heavier, and bulkier and the Instant Pot has an air fryer attachment to make up for its lack of crispness. You can see an in-depth comparison on Corrie Cooks between these two modern cooking appliances. 

Smart lighting

LED lights that use less power than normal bulbs, what’s not to like? Now add in the ability to change the ambiance via a swipe on your phone and you don’t just have money savings but complete control of the lighting in your kitchen. 

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Programmable faucets

The average family wastes 180 gallons of water a week and that is according to stats from the Environment Protection Agency. There are now smart taps that only let out a preset amount of water for the function chosen and others that can be pre-programmed. One very simple and low-tech solution is self-closing taps that stop flowing unless you are holding the handle. 

Touchscreen kitchen hub

You need to imagine a flat-screen sitting above your cooker much like a smart TV. This hub uses AI to monitor your cooking and change temperatures, it can make suggestions for ingredients and behind the screen is a microwave. Not only that but you could also stream your favorite shows while you are waiting for your roast chicken to finish. 

Water purification

Water filters aren’t new but modern ones now have much better filtration systems to give purer water but also have added features. Some have WiFi features that let you know when the filter needs changing and even if there is a leak meaning you will save water and money. 

Automatic pan stirrer

This might be seen as being lazy, however, some dishes call for constant stirring and that means you can’t give attention to other ingredients that need your attention. 


If you are planning a new kitchen then there are many steps to take including planning and choosing the right materials. If however, you are looking to upgrade one or two areas then some of these modern appliances can bring technology into the heart of your home. An induction cooker for safety and an Instant Pot for easy, great meals and energy savings are just two examples of modern kitchen tech at its best.


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