The Perfect Ethical Matching Wedding Diamond Band for your Style

Wedding Diamond Band Style

Getting the right wedding ring can give you a stressful experience. You have to be keen on the cut quality, shape, and clarity if you go for diamond rings. Moreover, you’ll have to think about factors such as fluorescence, sizing, and others. By doing good research, you can get an exceptional ring that is the Perfect Ethical Matching Wedding Diamond Band for your Style that will make your fiancé treasure your relationship forever. Here is a complete guide of what to look for when choosing cheap matching wedding bands and rings.

Tips to follow when buying wedding bands and rings

1. Ring size

First, get the ring that fits your fingers. If you’ve bought her jewelry before, you can use the previous measurements to choose a wedding ring. However, the wedding is not a surprise, you can take her to the jeweler for the measurements. To measure the ring size at home, you can use the below options.

  • Use the ring sizer app available on your Smartphone and tablet if you’re ordering the ring online.
  • Wrap a floss or string at the base of the finger to measure the size.
  • Place a piece of hand jewelry you own on a chart and draw a circumference that matches the chosen jewelry.
  • Buy a ring-measurement tool that’s available both locally and online.

2. Narrow down your choices

Not sure whether you want a gold or diamond ring? For you to get a perfect wedding ring, narrow down your options. To avoid being overwhelmed when narrowing down your choices, follow these easy steps.

  • Have a clear picture of the kind of ring you want, whether you want a ready-made ring or a custom-made one.
  • The next step is to know your budget. Just narrow down to those rings that fit within your budget.
  • Choose a cut quality that suits your lifestyle because it will be part of your daily jewelry.

Most men don’t take their time when searching for a wedding ring. To avoid last-minute disappointments, you can start your ring search early. Visit different jewelry dealers and research prices, and have your partner try on rings that attract their eyes. If you want a custom-made diamond cocktail ring, make sure it is ready and perfect.

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3. Buy your ring and band together.

If you want to wear both your wedding alongside other jewelry, ensure the band is designed in a way that complements other rings. On the other hand, if you plan to wear your wedding ring alone, choose a more intricate band.

Here are the tips you can follow when picking a perfect wedding diamond band.

  • Since halo rings are attractive, you can use a round diamond band to make them appealing.
  • For a two or three-stone wedding ring, you can use a simple white band to incorporate the design.
  • If you plan to have a curved silhouette ring, choose a curved band to match the ring’s design.
  • For solitaire wedding rings, you can pair them with a glittering band to make them more colorful.
  • Get a cheap matching wedding band that matches the shapes of the diamond on your ring.
  • If you want something simple, avoid wearing bulky bands and instead get the sleek one to complement your ring.

4. Know the Quality

Check the quality of the ring before you purchase it. If you’re the type that doesn’t know how to differentiate original and fake diamond products, use these simple ways to check for the quality of diamond wedding rings.

  • Check the diamond cut. How a diamond is cut influences how it appears and sparkles. Best diamond rings are carved with clarity. If you see a diamond ring that’s a suitable color grade but isn’t attractive, it might be a fake diamond.
  • Check the color. Choose a wedding ring that is near-colorless between G-H. If your wedding appears to be pale yellow, avoid it.
  • The clarity of a diamond is determined by the number of inclusions within the diamond. Go for a ring with more minor inclusions because it shines better.
  • Get a wedding ring that balances with how a ring fits the finger and how it shines.

When buying a ring, ensure it has the manufacturer’s trademark, the mineral content, and a sponsor symbol.

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5. Know the cleaning guidelines.

It is easier to clean a standard wedding ring that contains no stones. You can wash it with a soft cloth. To remove a tarn:

  1. Use a solution of water, soap, and a little ammonia.
  2. Use a soft brush to rub the ring.
  3. After cleaning, wipe the ring dry using a soft dry cloth.

For a ring that contains stones such as diamonds, be careful to avoid altering its natural bling. Take it for professional cleaning if you don’t know how to clean it. To clean a diamond cocktail ring at home:

  • Soak the ring in a solution of dishwashing soap and hot water for 20-40 minutes.
  • Use a soft toothbrush to brush the stone.
  • Rinse the jewelry with warm running water.
  • Dry the ring using soft cotton material and later air dry it.

6. Choose your style and metal.

A wedding ring is the only jewelry that you’ll show your friends that you’re married. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a wedding diamond band for your style.

When choosing a ring, keep the following questions in mind;

  • What kind of metal do you need? Is it gold or diamond?
  • How elaborate do you want your ring to be?
  • What is your favorite color, and will it match with your wedding ring?
  • Does the ring match your social class?

7. Check how your diamond ring will appear under different lighting conditions

A diamond will appear different when exposed to different lighting conditions. When buying the ring, ensure you expose it to daylight, fluorescent light, candlelight, and spot lighting. When exposed to natural daylight, the light breaks the diamond into many silver pieces. Choose a wedding ring that sparkles when directly exposed to the sun. The Perfect Ethical Matching Wedding Diamond Band for your Style.

Choosing the right wedding ring is challenging and it is vital to find one that suits your partner’s preferences. Moreover, ensure you buy a certified wedding ring, and the details on the diamond ring should match with those on the certificate. If the ring is very expensive, you can insure it. Ideally, it is advisable to purchase a wedding diamond band and ring from reliable sources to avoid being scammed.


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