The prints that will reign supreme this autumn 


Your clothes tell a tale of who you are. They display what you’re willing to put monetary value on, what matters to you, and how you choose to present yourself to the world and offer insight into your true personality. You can tell a lot about what type of person someone is just by looking at their closet. So, do they like bright and bold colors, or are they fans of neutrals? Do they opt for clean cuts or ruffles and pleats?

And while style is forever, and you must start a journey of self-discovery to find your own if you haven’t yet, you, without a doubt, still follow the trends. It’s not a good idea to copy things, as you’ll end up with a wardrobe of mismatched pieces that don’t go well with one another. But you can still draw inspiration from the latest fashion and find the things that work for you.

With that in mind, let’s look at the biggest and boldest trends for prints that’ll be all the rage through autumn and will get you through the upcoming winter as well.


Dior first popularized this classic print motif in the 1930s. And while that can mean that it might look a little dated almost a century on, that’s surprisingly not the case at all. Designers are on a constant search to give it a fresh new vibe, so if you’re not pleased with the classic, black-and-white iteration, there are plenty of other choices out there. You can try something in color-blocking shades like soft pink, green and orange.

This print looks chic on tailored pieces, such as miniskirts, suit jackets, or long coats. But you can also give it a bit of a fun edge by choosing something with a frayed hemline. And, of course, there are shoes and accessories in houndstooth as well if you don’t feel comfortable with a full outfit in the pattern and would instead like to outline it with smaller, discrete pieces.


Pinstripes are one of the most enduring trends in the world. First popularized in the 19th century among men working in banking, it became a unisex print roughly a century later, in the 80s and 90s, when it was worn by both male and female office workers. Nowadays, the pattern has evolved past its associations with the corporate workplace to bring fun and exciting pieces to runways.

While the classic pinstripe suit is still a classic, particularly if you choose pieces with a more oversized fit, you can also look at long coats with crisp collars, asymmetric dresses and skirts, as well as vests donning the pinstripe. Waistcoats and vests in this print are statement pieces that you should have in your wardrobe. To ensure they don’t look too formal, pair them with your favorite sneakers and a comfortable pair of jeans.


Many different types of prints come under the big umbrella of maximalism. Generally speaking, when it comes to maximalist patterns, you expect geometric shapes and bold colors that help you stand out from the crowd. Often, the colors clash, but there’s still a structured pattern in which the hues are arranged. And to be honest, what’s better than bold colors to take you out of that low-energy mood you tend to get in winter?

If you want to get something extra special, you can choose African print for your dresses, tops or skirts. If you want to take it a step further, you can design your patchwork pieces using African fabric in different colors. A dress is the most obvious choice, but since temperatures are bound to drop further, you can try making your own quilted coat. A printed jacket will get you through the cold snap in high spirits.


This polarizing trend is making a return this autumn, with brightly colored knits as the stars of the show. If you’re not generally used to wearing a lot of color, this is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. The best thing about these sweaters is that they work perfectly for the office but can also provide any outfit with that particular wow factor. You can also pair them with anything else in your wardrobe. While fuzzy winter sweaters look great paired with suit trousers or pencil skirts, they also work fine with leggings or slouchy, selvedge denim.

The best fabrics to choose from are wool blends, cashmere and mohair, as they’ll keep you warm through the cold months without feeling too heavy or stifling. Colorful knits don’t only add personality through the daring shades but also through the texturing they add to your whole outfit. They’re simply a staple that you shouldn’t miss from your cold-weather wardrobe.

Animal print 

Animal prints became popular in the 50s. They’ve been a polarizing trend throughout, with fashion critics considering them either classy or dowdy, depending on the style of the pieces it was added to. And while those that would like to see this print disappear forever in the ether of fashion history, it seems like animal print isn’t going anywhere. Not this fall/winter season, at least.

2022 saw a strong return to structured tailoring, and with an added animal print, particularly in leopard, the apparent favorite of fashion houses and designers this season, you can add some genuinely spectacular blazers and coats to your wardrobe that’ll last you for years if you’re willing to commit to the style. Another piece you can get in leopard print is the mesh top, an iconic clothing piece from the late 90s and early noughties. Paired with a high-waisted skirt or trousers, this piece is the best option if you’re not fully on board with the style and don’t want to invest in something big.

Fashion changes all the time, and trends appear and disappear much faster than they used to in the past. You don’t have to follow everything religiously and should instead try to incorporate everything you like into your style. While it seems like there’s not much room for creativity when it comes to dressing in cold weather, you can come up with some genuinely unique outfits if you’re willing to try them.


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