The Right Way to Use Some of Our Phone Emojis

Use Some of Our Phone Emojis

The most important aspect of people’s life is communication. Since we learned how to talk, we communicate with other people, especially our family. It is our method to tell other people about what we feel, what we think, what we want, and what we don’t want. It is also our way to have friends, bond with other people, and even improve a relationship. With the technologies that we have nowadays, people can connect with one another easily.

People are now using technology to connect with different people, and it’s possible with the help of mobile phones and various applications. In this generation, many people would add emojis to their messages. Emojis are great tools that people use when they connect with someone, helping them show more feelings when chatting or messaging with other people. With different kinds of emojis available today, mixed emotions can be inserted in your messages.

Using emojis is also a brilliant method when you send sincere messages to your family or friends because individuals can express their feelings without using any words. Because technology is evolving and many emojis are added from time to time, we will tackle some unfamiliar emojis and how to use them. It is also helpful that you know how to use them properly, and you need to understand their deep meaning. So here’s how to use some of our phone emojis properly.

Crown Emoji 👑

This emoji type appeared way back in 2010, and it is famous by the name of King emoji. Sometimes people might refer to it as a queen emoji. The crown emoji displays a crown with gold visual sided with pieces of jewelry, and it represents a royal position, which is the King. 

It could mean anything that you can relate to being at the top or best, and royalty. People can also use the crown emoji in conjunction with some words like “bee” or “Queen bee” in the rap culture.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji 🤣

The makers of this emoji introduced it in the year 2016, and people know it as a laughing face emoji. There might be times that users mention it as a laughing emoji. The rolling on the floor laughing emoji depicts an individual’s image that is down on the floor and bursting in laughter with tears falling from the eyes, which this emoji represents hilarity.

This emoji type generally means that there is something super funny that the person can’t contain the emotion or reaction. It can also a phrase like, “Your joke is so funny and I cannot stop my laughter!”.

Squinting Face with Tongue Emoji 😝

This emoji is an image of a person with the eyes closed tight, and the tongue sticks out. Squinting face with tongue emoji means that you are laughing and joking, especially at shocking or gross things.

Users commonly use this emoji with “LMFAO,” “LOL,” or any hilarious text, and people can also use it to express excitement or pumping feeling. This emoji is widely used with positive emotions.


Emojis are awesome and cool tools that people can insert in their messages. In some situations, it can help people create a secure link with other people, especially with their other half. With the use of emojis, you can awesomely flirt with your girlfriend or boyfriend if you add the right emojis to your messages. 

It is also an advantage because you directly deliver an emotional message to someone if there’s an emoji on it. And this is the reason why people should know the meaning of different emojis before using one.

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