The Rise Of Super Greens In The Health And Supplement Market

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 My husband and I have been a fitness and gym buddies for decades, we both played football 3 times a week, went to the gym on alternate days and I always used to see these people sitting at the juice bar with little shot glasses filled with what looked like blended grass. The following is a note on The Rise Of Super Greens In The Health And Supplement Market.

At least I think it had grass in it considering the patch of well-groomed grass that adorned the countertops, and then I saw a ‘barman’ simply use scissors to chop off a chunk from the top and add it to the blender where he was mixing, what could only be an organic smoothie.

While I was intrigued I never had the bravery to give one a try, until my recent years where I believe I have become ‘wiser’ with my ‘older’ (here’s hoping). 

We knew as we got older we would need to make dietary changes, some more than others, but we decided to look into more whole, organic ingredients and swap them for the chemical full additives that seem to have taken over package labels these days. And we haven’t looked back.

Green benefits.

The main objective for us making the change was that we were tired of reading ingredients tags and not knowing what the names of the ingredients were or even how to pronounce some of them, which concerned us as we had no idea what we were putting into our systems.

After reading and researching countless articles and the pros and cons about what we know today as ‘super foods,’ (read more in-depth about them here ) we cut out as many processed and mass-produced food products as possible. 

Turning back the hands of time essentially by looking after our bodies, physically as well as mentally, we have reaped the benefits and recommend it to all our friends and family members. 

What is green powder?

Is it a secret that the majority of people don’t eat nearly enough vegetables as they should, I think not, and thus why it is so important to spread the news about green super powders? 

People can make all sorts of excuses as to why they are not eating vegetables or leafy greens, from not having enough time, to getting home late or they simply don’t know how to get started in choosing the right ones. But with the convenience of a powder that you only need to add to water, there can be no more of that. And besides, you are only benefiting yourself and increasing your life longevity, it’s a win-win. 

When it comes to these super-concentrated ‘powder form’ vegetables and nutrients, the only difference between the one from the other is the variation of cruciferous plants inside. All on the list of necessary and reliable vitamins and minerals, the ingredients make up a combination of foods equivalent to a weeks’ worth of vegetarian dinners. 

While it may taste like your garden when you first start drinking it you soon get used to the taste and may come to enjoy it, if not, it is only a few sips that you could essentially gulp down just to be finished. Either way, making sure you are getting your greens is the main reason right? 

To learn more and see a different side to the story, take a moment to read this interesting article and arm yourself with an arsenal of knowledge that can only be to your advantage. 

The health benefits.

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So you have an interest, you are willing to give it a try, but knowing all there is about a new product is something I believe in and invest in when I want to begin a new adventure. Like with many new ventures, weighing up all the positives and negatives helps you decide if it is something for you, let’s take a look at some of the advantages that have been successfully tried and tested when speaking about green superfoods and powders.

  • Energy. We know if we eat a balanced meal and diet that we feel better, our body is taking the essential nutrients it needs and turning it into fuel which we need for our daily functioning. When athletes and fitness persons opt to alter their diets they lack certain minerals found in specific foods, thus these need to be replaced for a continuous energy source.
  • Versatility. The great feature, which is what initially appealed to us, was that we didn’t necessarily need to take the powder in smoothie form. 

As avid cooks, we began experimenting with our dosages and soon had a notebook-full of recipe ideas and options from flapjacks, to cookies and cupcakes, all the while getting the ‘health package’ that comes with the ingredient. It is easier and more efficiently absorbed by the body and you get the maximum potential out of the product.

Many people have tried the products, some loving it and others not, but the one comment they all have in common is that super greens can improve overall health, and thus this organic, all-natural ingredient is taking over the world and fitness mindsets as we know it.

  • Concentrated. This sealed the deal for us, we knew we would get a full, if not more, serving of vegetables without peeling, chopping, or slicing and it was convenient too. More bang for your buck as they like to say.


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A final word.

Feeling lethargic and waking up each day without energy is no way to cruise through life, it is meant to be enjoyed, lived to the fullest, and not wasted in pain and inflammation. Greens significantly reduce the triggers that cause muscle and joint stiffness and you’ll soon feel the difference after taking the powder for a few weeks.

If you are still hesitant, take a moment to read the back of the packaging, do you recognize the words, the ingredients? Are they pronounceable? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you know you are onto a good thing, what have you got to lose? 

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