Things Australians must know before visiting Europe

Europe is one of the most expensive continents to explore, but usually on top of everyone’s bucket list. From lush mountains to clear blue seas, from medieval architecture to the modern hustle-bustle, Europe has it all. Let’s not forget the variety of cuisines too!

Things Australian tourists must know on Europe tour

Here, we’d give you a guide to travel to Europe better so that you’re well prepared before getting in:

1. Flight costs

As an Australian tourist traveling to Europe, the first thing you’d look out for is cheap flights. From Sydney to places like Warsaw, Paris, Rome, Milan, Frankfurt or Barcelona the flight costs will be around $900. Flights to London or Copenhagen will be around $1,000 and more for places like Kiev and Venice.

2. You need a SIM card for every country

If you are traveling to more than one European country, one SIM card won’t work for you. You would need a new one in every country you travel to. You can depend on free Wi-Fi if you don’t plan to take a new SIM card. Make sure you figure out the free Wi-Fi zones around you.

3. Ways to save money

Europe, as we all know, is very pricey. However, you have two options to cut on costs. At first, live like a local by staying and eating at affordable places. Secondly, travel to cheaper places like Portugal, Berlin, and South of Spain if you want more to explore and less to pay. However, if visiting the Eiffel Tower or feeling the French connection is your main goal, you’ll have to spend more.

4. Everything is shut in the afternoon

If you take a stroll at mid-afternoon you’ll suddenly see every window shut and every door closed. People go for a siesta at this time and they get back to work after 4 pm. So push your shopping-spree for the evenings if you were planning to do that during the noon.

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5. Eat at selective places

The Michelin 5 star dining and local bistros would tick off your culinary desires, but there are many local eateries that offer you palatable dishes. Do a little research before getting into your gastronomic mood.

6. Italy is where you get your coffee

Most places in Europe won’t serve you coffee the way you are used to. Italy is probably the only place where the coffee can live up to your expectations.

7. Wine is water

European holidays are incomplete without having the best of wines in your life! They are not just cheap but they also come in extensive variety.

8. Smoke everywhere

Being an Australian you might believe that the world has stopped smoking. However, you will find most public places filled with fumes in Europe.

9. Locals eat late

You are probably a typical Australian who eats on time or probably before time. Most restaurants popular to tourists have two dinner timing, one at 7 pm for tourists and others at 9:30 pm for locals. However, to have a proper experience and to mingle with locals, you could try and eat late.

10. Friendly Atmosphere

Everybody you can think of – from young to old, have a tendency to ‘hang out’. You will always find the plazas and piazzas bustling with groups of people. Europeans always make time for their loved ones! You might also get lucky to talk to the locals here and give a better direction to your itinerary.

Best places to travel in Europe

If you’re planning to just get to one place in Europe, we have the finest options that you can add to your travel list:

1. Santorini – Greece

The lovely Greek Islands look like they are straight out of heaven. They are the perfect getaway for summertime and bring you to gorgeous whitewashed buildings. The best time to come here is between May and September, but you need early bookings to ensure you get the right stays and flight costs.

Santorini Island is a treat to the eyes and gives you the most picturesque backdrops ever. Come over to the red and black sandy beaches and the must-visit site of Akrotiri. To go about the island, you can hire a quad bike. You can extend your tour by reaching out to other islands like Mykonos, Crete, and Ios.

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2. Valencia – Spain

Spain is another place you could come over during the summers. Valencia is one of the best cities for a European summer holiday. The beautiful beaches will want you to just sit and relax as you munch on local tapas with wine.

The Old Town of Valencia takes you back to the medieval times and you explore lovely street art amidst historical buildings. You must explore places like the Cathedral, Torres de Quart, Miquelet bell tower, and any of the plazas. There are shops where you can buy vintage clothing and take them back as souvenirs!

3. Lagos – Portugal

The budget-friendly destination of Lagos is famed due to the rocky cliffs. This is an ideal place to go swimming or tour around the coast as you cruise on a ferry. Lagos is famous for its fresh seafood dishes that you can munch on all day. Lagos is also close to the capital city of Lisbon to give you the perfect urban exposure.

4. Budapest – Hungary

Cruise down the lovely Danube River to picnic by the musical fountain of Margaret Island. Grab the city views from St Stephen’s Cathedral or Buda Castle. Retrieve back a relaxing thermal spa and then party all night at any of the local bars. Budapest is one of the most happening places in Europe that gives you a blend of all that you can ask for.

5. Cassis – France

Another summer getaway that is way cheaper than Paris is Cassis in France. It gives you the perfect picturesque towns by the turquoise beach-waters. You can also visit places like the Avignon, Aix En Provence, and go to the hilltop of Les Baux de Provence. From the cobblestoned streets to the lavender fields, Cassis could be the perfect summer retreat for you.

Final thoughts

The truth is Europe is not far away! You simply need a day of traveling to come from one side of the world to the other. So, book your dates and get ready to experience some amazing food, people and places to see!

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