Things To Consider Before Planning A Garage Addition


It has become a common occurrence for homeowners to hire home addition contractors to perform house additions such as extensions, renovations and conversions. These home additions construction projects are a cost-effective way of gaining room additions and increasing the living area within the home. In addition to renovations within the home, external additions, like garage additions, have also become a popular trend.

Traditionally garages have been used to park and protect any vehicles belonging to the household. Over the years, however, garages have evolved as storage areas, workshops and even home gyms. If you are thinking of having a garage addition to your home, there are some things that need to be considered first.

Research Your Zoning Laws

Before any work is begun, you need to find out what the zoning laws in your area are and whether you are allowed to build a garage. Zoning laws give information like; where the garage can be constructed, what its maximum size can be and whether there are special regulations on building materials and drainage considerations.

An Attached or Detached Garage?

Depending on the function you wish your new garage to fulfill, you have the option of having it attached to the house or not. Having an attached garage is the less costly option and fine if you want to use the garage to store your cars. If, however, you’re thinking of using it as a workshop, further away from the house may be a better option.

Single or Double Car Garage?

Obviously, it is important to decide on the size of your future garage. You need to consider how many vehicles it is going to house and whether you are going to also use it for storage.

Factoring in the Driveway

If you already have a carport it is not necessary to construct a separate driveway. However, if not you need to consider having a driveway constructed, running from the garage to the street.

The Garage as an Extension to the House

If your garage is connected to the house it needs to look as if it is part of the house. Having the garage doors to the side and windows at the front will help the garage blend in with your home.

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