Things to do in Kansas City: A Complete Guide to the Heart of America!

Things to do in Kansas City

Do you want to experience modernization combined with traditional culture and art on your trip to America? If yes, then the Heart of America, a.k.a., Kansas City welcomes you with both doors wide open. That’s right! Kansas is one of the most widespread and modern cities in Missouri. Whether you are here to plan an itinerary for things to do in Kansas City or get basic details such as the history of this City, the following guide will help you. 

Are you thrilled to make your way into the City where the history of America makes itself evident? Let’s get started: 

Introduction to Kansas City

To begin with, as you may already acknowledge, Kansas City is situated in the Missouri state of the USA. Even though Kansas City, in itself, is a home for more than 500, 000 native Americans and immigrants, there are so many things to do in Kansas City that makes it a perfect location for tourists to spend their vacation. 

Things to do in Kansas City
Image credit: Kansas City Humboldt College

Surprisingly enough, this beautiful City is now the 23rd ranking city among the list of largest cities in the United States. In our view, this City is loved by so many Americans and immigrants because it has high-end historical value. From participation in the American Civil War in the 1800s to World War II in the mid-1900s – Kansas City has always been first in the line. 

From Cultural to Economy, Sports, Media, Education, and entertainment, there are so many things to do in Kansas City that you may just need to expand your vacation stay there.

Kansas City – Amazing Facts about the most popular City of Missouri

More often than not, when tourists search for a beautiful place to explore in America, they focus most on entertainment. But, do you know? Kansas City is not just entertaining. But, it grasps the attention of thousands of tourists throughout the year, thanks to its expansion in many fields. 

Want to know what those fields are? Check out some of the most amazing and unknown facts about Kansas City, the Heart of America. 

  • Do you know? Kansas City is the home of “Swope Park,” which is over 1800 acres. To the reader’s surprise, it is larger (almost 2 times in acres) than Central Park. According to the history of this park, it was once owned by Colonel Thomas H. Swope. For expansion and modernization of the City, Colonel Swope gave the land to the charity. 


  • Here is another surprise. If you love barbeque, then Kansas City is going to be your largest treat ever. According to history, Kansas City is the only City in the entire country with a record of over 100 barbeque restaurants. You heard it!


Things to do in Kansas City
Image credit: Texas Monthly
  • Do you know? Kansas City, apart from being acknowledged as “the Heart of America,” is also known as “The City of Fountains.” Why? Well! Kansas’s architects love fountains. The City comprises over 200 fountains. 


  • Last but not least, the City of Kansas has given birth to many legends. Want to know who they are? Well! Harry S. Trueman (the politician); Ernest Hemingway, Bob Berstein, and Russell Stover. 

Keeping all these amazing facts in mind, the Kansas City of Missouri is going to fill your vacation thrill with thousands of moments to capture. So, are you ready for your itinerary for things to do in Kansas City? Let’s get started: 

Top 8 Things to do in Kansas City: For Kids, Adults, Family, and Friends!

Ready to countdown the best things to do in Kansas City. Please note that all the places named below are shortlisted based on fun for the whole family, a pack of friends, kids on their school break, and everyone else. For any further queries, drop the (?) mark in the comment box. 

Get your chill pill, and let’s begin!

#1: Visit “The Crown Center” – Things to do in Kansas City (Ranking – 1st)

Since the beginning of streaming American TV Shows on Netflix, visitors and tourists have been fascinated by the idea of Downtown. Is it always the same as it appears on those shows? Well! Why not visit Kansas City’s downtown hotspot called “The Crown Center.” 

To begin with, The Crown Center is one of the best and largest places Downtown with an amazing outlook, infrastructure, interior, and don’t forget – a fountain! In simple words, it is an exclusive shopping mall. But that is not it. In this mall, there are so many things to do. 

Image credit: Visit KC – Things to do in Kansas City

For example, you can dine here (barbeque), shop for amazing Kansas’s clothing collection from multiple brands, fun units for kids, and so on. One of the best times to take a tour to Kansas City’s Crown Center is during Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve. During these occasions, the interior design and decoration of this place are unbelievable. 

#2: The Frontier Army Museum – things to do in Kansas City for Military fanatics!

When it comes to the City of Kansas, there is no other place in the world where people from all cultures, castes, religions, races, etc., can gather and have fun. Your beloved Kansas City shares people’s love for the US Army that protects their country 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. 

Thanking their precious and priceless service, Kansas City has a dedicated military museum called “The Frontier Army Museum.” 

According to the history of this museum, it commenced in 1938. Surprisingly enough, its first-ever Army collection included Fort Leaworth’s equipment, vehicles, and weapons from the 1800s. 

Things to do in Kansas City
Image credit: AARP, Bill Grant, Alamy Stock Photos

Today, the museum has extended so far that it has a complete collection of weapons, equipment, vehicles, military clothing, etc., that goes back to the American Civil War. 

Thus, the Frontier Army museum is a perfect hotspot for you and your kids. You can help them learn about the history of America, World Wars, Civil Wars, and people who played a special role in such historical events. 

Nowadays, this frontier Army Museum is also open for virtual tours if you could not make it to Kansas City during COVID-19. It is 100% free of cost. 

#3: Kauffman Memorial Garden

To begin with, Ewing Kauffman was one of the legendary salesmen of the United States. This beautiful garden in Kansas City is dedicated to Ewing Kauffman. 

According to history, in 1947, Kauffman joined the Lincoln Pharmaceuticals co. as a salesman. In such a depressing period of economy, Kauffman was agreed upon a 20% commission on his sales. What made this person legendary is the fact that, solely based on commission, in a year, Ewing Kauffman made so much money that he had outdone the president of the company itself. 

Image credit: Pinterest – Things to do in Kansas City

Hence, Kansas City’s Kauffman Memorial Garden is a memory dedicated to Ewing K. and Muriel K. Surprisingly, the garden is only spread in 2-Acres. Hence, it is pretty small. However, it has some of the most distinct architecture, including The Allee, Orangery, Green Garden, Secret Garden, and The Parterre Garden. 

In the event that you love nature retreats, the Kauffman garden welcomes numerous streams of colorful flowers, fresh air, and scent that you will never forget!

It also counts among the most amazing botanical gardens in the entire country. So, when we say this is a place to visit for free things to do in Kansas City, believe it!

#4: The Public Library of Kansas

Do you love to read? Are you a bookworm for fictional novels and USA classics? If yes, then Kansas City is once in a lifetime vocational opportunity for you to enjoy some time reading like a GOD. 

This beautiful library is situated in Kansas City’s Sugar Creek neighborhood, which is a posh neighborhood. Surprisingly enough, the library has upto 10 branches throughout the City. Thus, wherever you are staying, whether in a hotel or a friend’s place or with family, there is always a book-a-ride distance to this library. 

Image credit: Pinterest

Many tourists go inside this library as its outlook attracts the most. The outer architecture of this library books. It is like foreplay for every reading fanatic in the world. The interior design of the library has an aesthetic look. 

In the event you are on a solo trip, you will find many reading companions inside this library. Not only this, but it is also an inspiring location for kids, teenagers, and adults who desire to become a writer in the future. 

So, how about an inspiring trip? 

#5: Explore the “Cocktails” of Kansas City – best things to do in Kansas City for riches!

Wandering around town, what to do? Why not take an exploration trip to Kansas City, where culture speaks for itself. That’s right! Do you know? The cocktails of Kansas City are prominent for their distilleries. To the reader’s surprise, back from the 1800s to the 1900s, Kansas City had a widespread injection of corruption. Even though alcohol use was prohibited in the country, prominent distilleries in the City never closed down. 

Image credit: Pinterest

According to the history of alcohol use prohibition in the 1800s, J. Rieger & Co. remained open for more than 80 years. Surprisingly in 1919, the Government tore down the legacy of Reigers. However, its collection of over 100 different and tasteful alcoholic products, including champagne, beer, wine, etc., are still available in some parts of the City. 

Apart from this, you can also check out some welcoming distilleries. To name a few – Mean Mules, Lifted Spirits, Tom’s Town, and so on. 

#6: Capture the Beauty of Fountains in the City of Fountains!

As mentioned before, the City of Kansas is also aesthetically known as “The City of Fountains.” While you are in Kansas City, you cannot miss capturing some amazing pictures in front of beautifully largely built fountains posing like an angel. 

Do you know? Many people in Kansas City actually go on a hopping trip, viewing fountains to capture their glamorous architecture. The best time to explore fountains in Kansas is the evening or nighttime when these fountains lit up. It is like you are in New York City but better!

Things to do in Kansas City
Image credit: Pinterest

To name some of the most beautiful memorial fountains of Kansas – check out the Carl J. Dicapo Fountain, Firefighters Fountain, R.R. Osborne Fountain (Plaza), Diana Fountain, and The Crown Center fountain. 

Here’s a fun fact. Do you know? Some fountains are so big that they are visible from the top buildings of Kansas. 

#7: Worlds of FUN Theme Park – things to do in Kansas City for kids

Are you in Kansas City for thrill and entertainment? Well! Don’t forget to take your time out and visit the Worlds of Fun theme park. It is one of the largest(by acre) parks in the City, with numerous dangerous rides. From Mamba Ride to Detonators, you can dive into all the thrilling activities in this park. 

One of the best times to visit Worlds of Fun Theme Park in Kansas City is during the Halloween season. It is one of the well-known and trending events in the City where “Haunt house” welcomes you. 

Image credit: Pinterest – Things to do in Kansas City

You can socialize with hundreds of people there if you are going on a solo trip. Amid COVID-19, the theme park had closed. (xanax without insurance price) But it is now open again. So, visit soon before the opportunity runs out. 

#8: Go on a College/ University tour

Are you visiting Kansas with your kid who is going to college soon? If yes, then you shouldn’t miss this great opportunity and lookout for some of the most noteworthy universities in Kansas. As you may already know, the Kansas City Royals is the home team of Kansas. Do you know? According to history, 18 Hall of Famers in Baseball originally come from Kansas. 

So, you can check out or go on a short trip to Lawrence College, Emporio State University, Baker University, and Kansas Uni to create a shortlist beforehand. 

Image credit: Pinterest, The University of Kansas

On your last night in Kansas, at the end of your trip, don’t forget to check out the City’s lighting beauty from the top of the hotel’s terrace. It is a delight. 


So, are your bags ready for departure to the City of Fountains? Don’t forget to bookmark us and lookout for the next best things to do in Kansas City. For more information about Museums, Natural Retreats in Kansas, Public locations, etc. – bookmark us. We thank you humbly for having this journey with us. Good luck. 

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