Thomas Guest Son Of Jamie Curtis Came Out As Transgender

Thomas Guest Son Of Jamie Curtis Came Out As Transgender


Did you know that Thomas guest son of Jamie Curtis came out as transgender Surely not because some topics in the world are still considered prohibited in modern-day society. The transgender phenomenon is a similar talk where you can not openly speak. The views of the people on both sides who support or reject the idea are extremely harsh.

Therefore it is of the utmost importance that the point of view of both sides is listened to and dealt with accordingly. Otherwise, the world might experience a conflict on the base of views. There are some countries where transgenders are being accepted, and some parts of the world embrace this phenomenon. Being different is not being wrong at all. But one must always consider the ethical and moral values before taking any step.

Sometimes messing up with mother nature can have an extremely bad impact upon your life. If we take a look at the life of the person in question Thomas Guest, he is an actor and entrepreneur, and you will be surprised to know that he is a videogame editor. These are some unique characteristics of a person. Especially if we talk about his family, he was adopted by Jamie Lee Curtis in 1996. He became the second child of the family.

Ruby or Thomas Guest Son Of Jamie Curtis Came Out As Transgender!

Thomas guest was the name of the actor and son of Jamie Lee Curtis, who went under the knife for the transgender process. Thomas was born on March 15th, 1995, in Santa Monica, California. If we talk about his family, then he is the adopted son of the famous actress Jamie Lee Curtis and a singer and a songwriter, and a profound director Christopher Guest. The elder sister of Thomas Annie Guest is a dancer who her parents also adopted in 1986.

Ruby or Thomas Guest Son Of Jamie Curtis Came Out As Transgender!

This kind of change can change your life, and similar happened in the case of Jamie Lee Curtis because she experienced something magnificent after becoming the mother of the two adopted children. Thomas being a transgender, now goes by the name Ruby Guest. Ruby Guest attended the Mary Hardin Baylor University before she stepped into the gaming world and started a career for herself. Since the beginning of her career, Ruby became allergic to the camera world and appeared in front of it only a few times. But you could have spotted the complete family in several red-carpet events.

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Thus, if we look at the nature of the family, then we will come to know that the family supports its members through every thick and thin. This is precisely why we know that the “Transgender process” is not easy at all, and in fact, you can not go through it without firm support by your side. In fact, not just the process, the consequences must also be taken into account. For Ruby Guest, Jamie became that support. In an interview, she shared her views with the media representatives with the consent of Ruby.

What are the views of the famous actress regarding her daughter?

Jamie explained that she and her husband saw this wonder happening, and they saw their son change in their daughter. This does not only change life of Ruby. It also affected the life of Jamie and her husband greatly. She described her life as a constant metamorphosis and let the media representatives know how this process brought a change in her paradigm regarding gender change. Jamie is constantly supporting the decision of her son come, daughter Ruby, for the gender change, and she is declaring it on almost every platform.

What are the views of the famous actress regarding her daughter?

She also revealed a magnificent detail, and according to her, the second daughter and her fiancée will soon get married. This might happen in the next year. If we look at the detail, we will come to know that modern times are dealing with different factors, including homosexuality and transgenders. This has started a debate regarding our society’s ethical and moral standards. Also, a person must examine whether he or she is crossing the boundaries set by mother nature or not.

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If nature wanted you to be a girl, then why you were born a boy. Also, we must take a look at whether the whole process can be attained with a few stitches or operations. Surely not; this is a process that will have lifelong implications. You might not be able to live the drawbacks of such processes. Though you will be able to change physiologically, what about the rest of the functions. Because till today, messing up with mother nature has not done anything good for anyone.

Is gender change ethically right

There is a balance in the society where we have only two genders playing their role perfectly, just like nature wanted. Gender change is a subject where you declare war on nature. You say that your mind knows better than nature according to you. An attitude like this will have fatal consequences. Also, the process is not 100 percent accurate. Because you have to take periodic medications, and for the rest of your life, you will experience physiological problems. No one can offer you a hundred percent results after the gender change process.

Also, the balance of society will be disturbed. Can we let a man who changed his gender freely enter a female restroom, and can women accept him inside? Surely not. This process has long-lasting implications on our culture and daily life problems. Dealing with these problems only has a single solution either you have to ensure that there is a third gender introduced as transgenders with separate culture or put an end to it. Because you can not freely enter the circle of another gender by going under the knife.

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We all know that Thomas Guest son of Jamie Curtis came out as transgender. The actress is endorsing her son on every front, and she has a right to do it. But whether the whole process is morally and ethically right or wrong, we leave that question to be answered by our readers.

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