Three Types of Port Lincoln Security Services

Three Types of Eyre Peninsula Security Services

Have you ever wondered about the importance of security? Businesses and residences are susceptible to various types of financial, social, and natural risks. It’s common for homes to be broken into and corporate buildings to be attacked by robbers.                                               Therefore, security services are often hired by commercial and residential clients. These services include security guards, alarm response systems, patrolling, personal protection, cash transit, staff escorting, ATM services, and others. There are numerous family-owned businesses, such as Eyre Peninsula Security, created to protect locals. Have a look at some of their services.

Security guards

These guards are hired to protect individuals or assets in the form of valuable goods and money. The role of such professionals is to prevent vandalism and theft with their presence and skills. Security guards have different specialties, which is why some of them work with electronic surveillance systems and others with police officers.

Moreover, these experts can be hired to protect buildings, warehouses, or residences. Nevertheless, their assistance is also required when high-profile individuals require protection while attending events with crowds of people. When acquiring the role of bodyguards, they usually wear no uniform to blend in better.

In addition, security companies like Eyre Peninsula offer the services of two types of guards, static and mobile. Static guards are mostly hired by organizations to prevent property damage and report suspicious activities. Their obligations include not only checking identification cards but also patrolling the property in given intervals and reporting potential incidents.

Mobile guards, on the other hand, protect assets and properties in larger areas, such as construction sites. For example, these professionals are hired to prevent the theft of tools and equipment from these sites after working hours.

Nevertheless, clients are supposed to remember the authority of security guards is limited, not identical to that of police officers. When guards catch a thief stealing from the property they’re protecting, they need to call the police to detain this person. Also, these professionals need permission to search the bag or body of suspicious individuals. Even if they are permitted to conduct a search, guards cannot confiscate any object, only call the police to do so.


Companies hire security guards for various reasons, thus assigning them a range of duties and responsibilities. For instance, they can be hired to restrict access to specific areas on the premises by making sure only the right individuals can enter the area. When acquiring such a duty, these guards usually rely on electronic systems for extra protection. Find out more about the training, qualifications, and duties of security guards.


Furthermore, companies need such professionals to inspect their interiors and exteriors. These responsibilities include random bag searches, observation of employees and physical assets, reporting safety hazards, etc.

Professional guards need to have the right skill set to work this job, such as having problem-solving, observation, and communication skills. Problem-solving is essential when dealing with a number of issues that occur on the job, whereas observation skills prevent these issues from turning into serious problems. It’s their job to be vigilant and observe any changes in the demeanor of employees.

Additionally, security guards should be equipped with communication skills in order to enforce the given policies. They need to communicate the instructions in a clear manner while using a non-threatening voice tone.


Another type of service provided by security companies is patrolling, hired by homeowners and companies that need to have their properties monitored. The purpose of patrols varies depending on the requirements of clients. For example, a patrol might be focused on checking for intruders, ensuring safety equipment functions properly, preventing theft, discovering fire and other emergencies, etc.

Patrol officers should have excellent knowledge of local geography in order to patrol areas easily. Before patrolling a property, security guards inform themselves about the location of alarm panels, electrical panels, water shut-off valves, telephone lines, and light switches. After having a conversation with clients, these professionals should create a list of all activities they need to perform during the patrol, as well as devise a map.

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The map is supposed to include all the rooms, stairways, doors, windows, and passageways in order for guards to create the main route. Besides the direct route, these professionals plan a few alternate routes in the event of emergencies. Also, they tend to vary the route and timing of the patrols to prevent them from becoming too predictable.

Alarm response

Another popular type of service offered by security companies, such as Eyre Peninsula, is alarm response. This service is used by both residential and commercial clients who wish to keep their properties safer and more secure. When clients are faced with an emergency, all they need to do is trigger the security alarm, which notifies guards about the emergency of the situation.

In such scenarios, the guard who is nearest to the location of the client is dispatched to mitigate the situation. These professionals are trained to respond calmly and professionally in unexpected situations like an intrusion, robberies, fires, electrical problems, etc. This service provides homeowners and business owners with a sense of safety, as guards arrive at the required location in a matter of minutes.

Alarm response services are available around the clock, meaning you can trigger the alarm at any time without fearing the professionals won’t arrive. Apartment residents are strongly advised to consider this service, as finding their way out of the building can be impossible in the event of a fire or another incident. Nevertheless, security professionals are trained in helping these residents exit the building.

Moreover, alarm response systems provide excellent protection when individuals are away from their homes. These systems are equipped with cameras and alarms, which monitor the activities taking place in your house/flat. Upon noticing any unusual activity, professionals will be alerted and be on their way to your home.

The bottom line

These services are a must for businesses and homeowners who wish to have their properties protected.

Hire their assistance!

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