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Keeping your feet healthy is as important as keeping your body healthy. Buying a good shoe is a healthy investment. But how you are going to find a perfect fit?

Start with the shoes you have in your closet. Take a white paper and draw an outline (on white paper) of your feet. If your growth is normal then the outline will be more or less the same as the shoes.

If you have to choose what kind of shoes can harm your legs. Either it is the narrow mouth or the high heels. Your comfort is with your own hand.

A comfortable shoe is a dream of every person. Yet somehow don’t succeed in obtaining. Here in this article, there are some tips which can really help you in obtaining the perfect shoe you want.

Tips for finding a comfortable pump

  • Buying shoes with a comfortable pump is one of the trickiest things. Before buying this kind of shoe, always check the flexibility of the toes and the heels.

The sole need to be flexible enough that it can survive the roughness and at the same time it needs to be stiff at the arc so that it does not tear apart.

  • While choosing the pump based shoes you need to see that the pump is right under the sole in the middle. This is to make sure that your balance does not falter at the time of walking.
  • It’s best to look for false foot shoes. It is the regular size shoes having an extra long toe. This way you can save you toe being squashed.
  • Always buy a shoe which is a little bit lose while wearing. This can give you some ventilation inside your shoes.

Buying shoes with broad toe can really be relaxing. So always shop for a regular fit.

  • If you want to buy wedge shoes that’s good because it distributes your bodyweight all over your sole. But always make sure to walk carefully as it is more prone to roll your ankle over to sides.
  • Before buying any shoe always check that the soles are padded or not, especially at the ball region.
  • Always try to wear those kinds of shoes which have a ventilation system. Shoes made of leather, suede or fabric upper can be the prime choice as they breath reducing any chances of blistering.

Tips for finding comfortable flats

  • The best way to see whether the flat is sturdy or not, you just have to press the heel part until the inside is shown. If that happens then the sole is neither protective nor supportive.
  • You can even try this method. Just hole the shoe from both the end try to twist it. If there is too much happening then the sole is not supportive. It is advisable not to buy those kinds of shoes.
  • Even if you love flat, you buy shoes with the minimum heel at least. This will help you to reduce foot pain. If you have a high arch then wearing a flat can lead to foot pain. You won’t be able to know until you wear it for a longer period of time.
  • Having a great quality of soles is also one of the factors for buying perfect shoes. Soles are the one-way ticket to comfort-ness. If you have stiff sole you are bound to have foot pain.

Shoes with leather or rubber soles can be anyone’s choice. These soles provide shock-absorbing ability.

  • Buy shoes that have leather or suede insoles. As this provides breathable shoes. This can help you to reduce blistering.
  • If you are really fixated on wearing flats. Then you can try wearing your Shoes Uniquely. Try wearing flats with round toes. This can help you to reduce foot pain.
  • Safety is very important as many of the shoes are prone to get slipped easily.

To prevent being slipped, you can look for shoes that have a back that fits snugly and fits perfectly and hold the feet securely.

Tips for finding blister prove sandals

  • Buy shoes with solid balance work. If a shoe is perfectly made, it will be well balanced and if you keep it on the table, it will be perfectly balanced. Do not buy wobbly shoes. Loosle fit shoes are prone to injure your feet.
  • If you love wearing heels. Then try to find broad heels. Broad heels are much sturdier and the cushion it provides is great for shock absorption.
  • There are many people who wear shoes or sandals which do not have any back support. It is great to wear it as a fashion but it is uncomfortable. 

Having no back support increases stress on the ball region. When you are buying shoes always make sure to have a little something at the back to completely support your feet.

  • Always wear sandals with leather straps or suede straps. This can help you to reduce the chafing.
  • There are many scandals that have narrower toe space. It sure looks fancier that way. But when it comes down to comfort, then they are the least favorite. 

Broader toes in the sandal provide the comfort of a lifetime. It reduces feet pain, and blister.

  • Have you ever heard of platform shoes? If you love high heels then you need to have at least platform shoes.

The platform shoes give you an illusion of a higher heel without the feel of it.

  • If you like to wear decorative footwear, always double-check for the pointy edges. These p[ointy edges can be very dangerous when you wear them. So it is better to double-check before buying.


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Who does not want comfortable shoes? everybody wants to have perfect fit shoes. But only a few know how to choose perfect shoes for themselves.

This article is all about tips and tricks to find your own perfect shoe. I have tried highlighting all the possible problem which is faced by the people while buying new shoes.

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