Tips for Studying for the Midterm

Studying Online during Pandemic

Midterms can be a stressful time where a bunch of tests in different disciplines are offered up to the student usually in the middle of the term.  Thus, the term midterm was born. In this piece, we will discuss some simple tips to help you study and ace that midterm. These tips may not be for everyone, but we can use it as a guide.

The best thing you can do is to create a study guide throughout the semester so that you can return to the information when you are ready to study.  Study guides are really crucial to passing that exam because it highlights the key topics and study materials for your study. It helps guide your studies.  The best study guides are the ones that are provided by your professor since it is what the professor is telling you is the material you should be taking a closer look at.  Make sure that you going through the most important concepts and material throughout the semester. A good method is a checklist to go through. You should study until you feel you have mastered everything and checked off everything in the checklist.

Asking the professor or TA for help is another way to study for your midterm.  TA or teacher assistants always have office hours and these hours are open to all students in the class.  These office hours are usually fuller closer to midterm time since this is the time that students are trying to get extra hints on the study materials for the midterm.  If there are concepts that you are still not sure of or have not mastered, these instructors can help you through this time. They can help you clarify any confusion that you may have and also give you hints on what could come up.  

Lastly, take care of yourself.  The biggest deterrent to students when it comes to midterm time is procrastination.  Students will always find something else to do instead of studying. Whether that be sleeping more, or watching TV, eating or even vaping your favorite juice from, there is always something else to do.  In times like this, you may find yourself pulling an all nighter.  Pulling all nighters is straining on the body as well as the mind. You are really stressed out and watch as the minutes and hours tick away until you have to take the test.  It is something that we have all gone through, but it is not something that we really need to do. Proper preparation is the best way to cure any all nighters. You basically spend the term going through your concepts and mastering them instead of trying to cram your brain all in one night.  If you have studied all term, you can spend the night before the midterm reviewing some concepts and making sure that you are on top of the information. Get a good nights sleep before the test and wake up refreshed and ready to ace that midterm. (   

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