Tips on how to add a DIY accent wall in your home with removable wallpaper

accent wall with removable wallpaper

Walls are often treated as the most under-rated part of our rooms when in reality, walls can make a significant impact. Decorating the walls can change the entire décor of a room. If you still do not realize how it will happen, then close your eyes and imagine that the colors of your wall have changed. You might get an idea of what I am saying. Let’s see the tips on how to add a DIY accent wall to your home with removable wallpaper.

Undoubtedly walls are the most prominent part of our room. However, coloring and decorating all the walls in a room will be pretty overwhelming. Creating a single accent wall will be the best option; it will be like a great art article in a room. Instead of buying several decoration pieces for a room. It will be a wiser decision to simply decorate the wall. 

The best part about creating an accent wall is the ease. You do not need to do much about it. One can easily create an accent wall to any room at home without any assistance, thanks to the easy removable wallpaper.

What are removable wallpapers? 

For a layman, it can be a new thing because so far, the common wallpapers were the permanent wallpapers. Before we guide you about adding a DIY accent wall to your room, it is necessary to introduce the most important thing used in it. 

The removable wallpapers are a type of wall sticker. You can paste them easily on any of the walls and then remove them whenever you want; these are the lifesaver of many offices and restaurants. Where they always try to change the theme. The most exciting thing about these wallpapers is the availability of several themes; from the lovely marvel-themed wallpapers to the tropical themed wallpaper, you can get any theme you want. 

How to make the DIY accent wallpaper? 

Pasting the DIY wallpaper is super easy. You do not need to call any professional or waste money on that. Simply wait for a free day, collect all the tools you need, and start pasting the wallpaper. However, before that, you should consider a few things while choosing the wallpaper. As there are several peel and stick wallpapers covering various themes and designs, one should be quite conscious while choosing one. 

You should plan a room décor. As we are only considering this DIY method for a single wall, then you must think of the remaining room too. Accent walls are the ones that will not only look different in your room but will also reinforce the beauty of the remaining space. 

If, for example, you want a very bold look, then you should choose bright colors for the accent wall. If you wish to have a nude setting, then select a simple sequence pattern. Do not go for the odd themes and designs. 

Things you will need

Once you have selected the wallpapers, it is time to collect the required tools. You will need the following supplies to paste a peel and stick wallpaper. 

  • Smoothing tool.
  • Sponges. 
  • Measuring tape. 
  • Kitchen knife. 
  • Mild cleanser. 
  • A pencil. 
  • A scale. 

Prepare the walls 

As there will be some switchboards on the walls, so you should cover them first. You can use transparent tape to do that or cover them with plastic. Now clean the walls, because any thick thing on the wall will make it difficult to smooth the wallpaper. You can use a scrapping tool to clear the walls. 

Mark the wall 

Now you will measure the width and the length of the wall with the help of a scale and then measure the wallpaper. Then again, you will mark the wall according to the available measurements of the wallpaper. In some cases, you will get a wide sheet that you will cut; you can skip the last sub-step. 

Paste the 

Now stand on a stool so that you easily reach the top of the wall. Now remove the adhesive cover of the peel and stick wallpaper, do not strip the entire back cover; reveal only a section of it. Now paste the uncovered edge on the wall.

Gradually uncover the entire strip, and smooth it with a scale. Repeat it unless the entire wall is covered with the removable wallpaper. 

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