5 Tips to Make Your Impending Moving Day as Convenient as Possible

The Best Moving Tips 

When moving day approaches, you’re constantly worried if you’re going to miss a step or forget something. You can feel yourself running out of time.

But you can worry a little bit less now. The following moving tips will help you to get organized with the tasks you still have left to do.

Simply follow the steps on this moving day checklist and you’ll be all set when the big day arrives. Read on to get started.

1. Hire Profesional Movers

We don’t recommend moving on your own, rather hire professional moving services.

They’ll get the job done better and faster. And they’re less likely to break your stuff than you are. If you’re planning a long distance move soon, you can get in touch with the best long distance movers Seattle.

2. Rent Storage Space

Next, you might want to rent self-storage unit if your destination building is the same size or smaller than your current building. This way, there’s no danger of running out of space if things don’t fit the new building as well. Moving day storage space is available for your residential move or for your business relocation.

3. Finish Packing Now

If you’ve hired professional movers for a full-service move, then you really don’t need to worry about this step. They’ll carefully pack up everything for you on the day of the move.

If you’re self-moving, finish packing as soon as possible. The reason is, if you’re anything like most amateur self-movers, the packing will take way longer than you think it will.

This will delay every other stage of your move from loading to unloading Eckert’s Moving. You may miss the moving day deadlines you’ve set for yourself.

Even if you’ve hired movers, but not for a full-service move, this means trouble. In this case, packing is still your responsibility.

If you’re still packing up on moving day, you’ll be in the way of the movers. And if you don’t pack fast enough, all your unpacked items will miss the moving truck.

4. Pack Your Travel Bag Now

Also, pack a travel bag for your first few days in your new home. This way, you’re prepared for when everything else is packed up. Pack it like it’s you’re luggage for a hotel stay (clothes, toiletries, etc.).

5. Pack “Prohibited” Items

Also, if you’ve hired movers, be sure to check which items they refuse to move. For liability, safety concerns, local laws, and other reasons, there are some items that professional movers can’t or won’t transport. Get a list of these prohibited items from your movers and pack these so you can move them on your own.

6. Don’t Be In the Way

Don’t spend moving day hovering around the movers. Stay clear and let them do their job. Also, arrange for kids and pets to be elsewhere on moving day.

7. Don’t Go Too Far, Though

That said, don’t leave the premises yourself. You need to remain present in case the movers need certain information from you.

8. Pack Correctly

Get instructions from your movers on how you should pack. They’ll tell you things like, “Don’t pack boxes too heavy,” and, “Stack dishes this way.”

And, whether they tell you or not, label your boxes.  List contents and the room they go in and whether they are fragile.

9. Tip Your Movers

They’ve earned it. Tip your movers for a job well done.

Make Moving Day Easier

Moving day doesn’t have to be a hassle. Well, okay, it does.

But you can make it easier. Follow the moving tips above to minimize the stress of your impending moving day.

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