Tips To Mitigate Risk When Utilizing Pesticides Around Pets

Tips To Mitigate Risk When Utilizing Pesticides Around Pets

Pets and pests cannot go together. Most of the time, it is hard to go tough on pests because you have to consider your adorable pets. For instance, you avoid laying poisonous traps since it will not just affect the pests but there’s a big chance that you might hurt your pets as well. Having pets at home is like adding another member of the family. Aside from thinking about your children’s safety, you must also keep your fur babies away from harm. Most chemicals that are available in the market are usually not pet-friendly. Of course, you do not want your pets to end up in the veterinary clinic. To prevent this from happening, let us consider some ways on how to beat pesky pests while keeping our beloved pets out of danger.

Eradicate And Avoid Pests The Natural Way

Chemicals are toxic and usually expensive. Why buy when you can find what you need in your kitchen. A mixture of an equal amount of water and vinegar can make pests like ants away. You can put it in a spray bottle and just sprinkle it around the area where the ants are or probably would be walking. This will shoo away those ants without spending a lot and not worrying about your pets as well.

Making sure that cracks and gaps are sealed can prevent tiny pests from getting inside your house. Maintaining the cleanliness of your home plus grooming your fur babies regularly is important to stop ticks and fleas from bothering them

How To Keep Pets Protected While Controlling Pests

When the natural method is not sufficient, pest control products may be the next option. It is known to many that these products are strong and can be lethal to your pets, most especially to humans. Hence, safety precautions should always be exercised when handling them. Take note of these tips that you can follow.

1. Use Pest Control Devices Or Traps

Pest control devices are non-chemical such as glue boards, noise-makers, and bug zappers. Aside from making your home a safe place for family and pets, you also contribute to a safer world since there are no chemicals used. If ever this method fails, using chemicals can be your last resort.

2. Pay Attention To What Is Written In The Label

When using chemicals is inevitable, understanding and following directions written on the label is a must. By adhering to the instructions such as the amount to be used or how to use it properly, you can keep your precious pets out of danger.

2. Wear Protective Gears

Protective gear such as gloves, long-sleeved shirts, gas masks, and protective glasses are worn to shield your skin, eyes, and nose from being in contact with chemicals. Clean them thoroughly after use or throw them properly in the trash bin. Taking a bath is necessary to wash off any chemical remains in your body.

3. Keep Them Out Of Children’s Reach

Never put these chemicals in the kitchen where food and drinks are around. Store them inside the cabinets and make sure they are out of your children’s reach. Keep them tightly closed and once it is empty, dispose of them properly under the government’s rules and regulations on chemicals.

4. Seek Professional Help

Calling pest control professionals can reduce the risk of danger since they are well-trained in handling toxic chemicals. You can be sure they can address your pest problems in the safest and fastest way they can.

Surely, our pets are already part of the family. That is why we also want them to be safe and protected from pests and pesticides. The easiest way to do this is to call a professional exterminator who can do the job effectively for you. Pets would definitely feel that they are loved and will surely love you back.

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