Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Professional Paint Job

Do you want a charge? Want to brighten your home and create a different effect? Giving your home a lick of paint can refresh your walls and give your home a clean, fresh look. Paint is a cost-effective way to change the aesthetic of your home without breaking the bank. Just by changing your color palette you can completely transform your home and give it a stunning new look.

If you’ve hired private house painters to perform the interior painting of your home, there are a few things you should do in preparation, before they arrive, to protect your possessions during the painting process.


Clear the Walls

Before the professional painters can begin, all of the paintings, mirrors, and decorations need to be removed from your walls. You should also take down any blinds, shutters, or drapes so that the walls are not obstructed.


Put Away Precious Items

The painters will use drop cloths to protect your possessions from paint spills, but anything especially valuable, or delicate, should be put away beforehand. Removing items will reduce the chance of damage to your possessions.


Rearrange the Furniture

Removing furniture from rooms that are to be painted will give the painters more room to move and will make it easier for them to work. Items that are too large to move can be arranged in the middle of the room away from the walls. This also makes it easier to cover the furniture with drop cloths and prevent paint spillages.


 Clean the Walls

Before the interior walls can be painted they have to be properly cleared, this may be included in your contractor’s estimate. It may, however, be your responsibility to clean and prep your walls. Any dirt or dust on your walls will show through fresh paint. So it is essential to thoroughly clean the walls. ( This can be done quite simply with a broom or vacuum, followed by a wipe-down with water and detergent,


 Give the Professionals Space to Work

Whilst the painters are carrying out their job, you need to find somewhere for any children or pets to be, so they are out of the way. It’s a good idea to stay out of the house altogether. Paint fumes are hazardous so it is recommended to stay out of the newly painted rooms for a few days if possible.

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