Top 10 Destinations In India To Relief You Of Your Daily Stress

Top 10 Destinations In India To Relief You Of Your Daily Stress

Our daily work life has become too hectic for us to maintain the balance between regular office jobs and family life. In general, we find it difficult to cope up with the work pressure and stay at peace back at home in the evenings. This is not only affecting our general health but also affects our personal relations. In such a stressed situation what can be more relaxing than a perfect holiday for a week? In 2019 give yourself an opportunity to explore unseen India and get relief from daily stress.

The top 10 destinations for your bucket list in 2019:

India, with its divergent tourism aspects, has a lot to offer in 2019. For years unknown we are exploring the same old beaches, hills and heritage places of the country. Why not try something new in 2019? Explore unseen India and forget all your stress in the excitement of adventure in new destinations. The top 10 places to keep in your bucket list for 2019 are described in brief as below –

     1. Gokarna – We are all familiar with the beaches of Goa, but this year it is time to join the fun at Gokarna. Like Goa, Gokarna is a palm-lined serene and unexplored beach destination offered by Karnataka. What is so special about this place? For ages, Gokarna had been pilgrim destination because of Mahabaleshwar Temple. But now it has been noticed that the beach takes the shape of sacred Om, making it more special. Young tourists are slowly crowding the place and making it more happening with Silent discos and water sports activities.

     2. Orchha – We are accustomed to the Forts and pilgrim places in Madhya Pradesh but how many are aware of the untouched beauty of Orchha? Take a look at the town built by the Bundela Rajputs in 1500 era. The town itself has it all – the wildlife sanctuary having diverse wildlife like langurs, tigers, various species of deer, the famous Chhatris, The Chaturbhuj Temple, the great Fort of Orchha and finally the Fort of Rani Lakshmi Bai. Here you can observe the rare species of bald vultures.

     3. Hidden Himachal – To find peace, it is never sufficient to visit overcrowded hill stations like Manali and Shimla. It is time to explore more Himachal has to offer. Probably you can get the best out of Himachal if you visit the districts of Spiti and Lahaul. If you have a week’s holiday in hand then these districts offer the ideal amalgamation of natural beauty, birdlife and best experience of the road trip. You can start your journey from Manali and head up via Rohtang pass to Kaza, Kibber and Chandrataal Lake. Himachal lakes offer astounding beauty. The best example of frozen beauty can be a trek to Bhrigu Lake if you are open to hardcore trekking.

     4. Dehing Patkai – Highly unheard but truly magical, Dehing Patkai in Assam will offer you a view to mini-Amazon in India. People are highly aware of the National Parks like Kaziranga and Manas, but the rainforest of Dehing Patkai will offer you wildlife that is not much explored by people. This place can be visited from Tinsukia in northern Assam or Dig Boi. Here, hidden in the dense canopy, if your luck permits you can witness the magnificent panther and various hornbills and parakeets.

     5. Mawlynong – Well known to tourists as Asia’s cleanest village, Mawlynong has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in North Eastern India. The fame of Mawlynong doesn’t end with being the cleanest village. Situated at the border of India and Bangladesh, it offers an exclusive panoramic view of Bangladesh, tropical rainforest, natural root bridge, and much more natural beauty. In short, it can be an ideal gateway if you want to get away from the hustle bustle of city life and daily stress.

     6. Daringbadi – Famous as the Kashmir of Odissa, Daringbadi offers a secluded and serene gateway to people. This is a hill station in Odissa that is full of the natural beauty of hills, lakes, and waterfalls. Birdlife is also not lagging behind. The misty nature of pine forest out here is an ideal retreat for honeymooners.

     7. Sandakphu – If you wish to witness the Himalayas at its best then visit Sandakphu, the highest point of West Bengal. This is the point from which visitors can witness the three highest peaks of the range, Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and Kangchendzonga in one glance. This place is an ideal gateway if you want to find a place where there is no network on your mobile phones. So you can easily get rid of all your official stress.

     8. Belur Halebid – Not highly explored, but an ideal ground for all art lovers, Belur Halebid temples offer awestruck sculptures curved on black stone. This is located in Karnataka’s Hassan district. These structures of chisel work were constructed during the 12th century and the artist curved out the stories depicted in Puranas or the sacred texts of Hindus. You can visit this place as you travel from Mysore on way to Sravanavelagola.

     9. Bhimbetka Caves – If you are visiting Bhopal then a visit to Bhimbetka is a must. These caves exist since the Palaeolithic prehistoric ages. Explore the caves and get amazed as you witness the colors of the abstract pictures inside the caves. This is probably the spot that holds the earliest trait of human life in India.

     10. Bird Sanctuary of Nalsarovar – Gujarat tourism is famous for Gir Forest but one must pay a visit to Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary. This is situated only at a distance of 64 km from the city of Ahmedabad. This is the place where you can find colonies and rookeries of several species of migratory birds. In fact, if you want pink flamingos away from Africa, then this is the hub to locate their colonies. More 250 variation of bird species dependent of wetland is found out here. But if you want to explore this bird paradise then you stay in the nearby tented accommodations and take the earliest boat ride possible in the morning to get the best view.

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