Top 10 places to visit in Asia

Thinking about a long overdue vacation? Think of Asia! Asia has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. Whether you want to explore the scenic landscapes or bask in the cultural heritage and architecture, Asia boasts of a large number of places that are rapidly turning into tourist hubs. Without further ado, let’s check out the best travel destinations in Asia for your next vacation.

Best tourist’s destinations in Asia

Here, is the list of the best places you can choose to go when traveling to Asia:

1. Bali

Bali is one of the best island destinations in the world. It is situated in Indonesia and is home to a number of beautiful beaches. It is home to volcanic mountains, rice paddies as well as coral reefs.

From scenic landscapes like beaches and waterfalls to spiritual retreats and temples, you can’t have enough of this place. There are lots of adventure activities, especially water activities like kayaking, surfing, and beach parasailing.

The rich Balinese culture includes places of religious worship, yoga and meditation centers, and vacation resorts. Don’t forget to visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary and the Uluwatu Temple among many more.

2. Thailand

Thailand is a popular spot for youngsters as it is cheap, rave, and affordable. It is known for its beaches, Buddhist temples, nightlife and is also a famous shopping destination.

There are innumerable tourist attractions in Thailand. You can visit The Grand Palace, a royal residence and museum, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, ride on a TukTuk. You can then explore the Floating Markets and eat street food. Also, stay in luxury resorts and take part in adventure activities like scuba diving and snorkeling.

3. China

China is home to one of the most historic wonders of architecture – The Great Wall of China. There are plenty of architectural wonders and museums which makes it a good tourist attraction for the intellectuals. China is also home to scenic mountains and lush gorges which makes it a wonderland.

Beijing and Shanghai are the most popular tourist’s hubs in China. Make sure you visit the Forbidden City when you’re in Beijing. Some other must-visit places include Victoria Harbour, Terracotta Army, Mount Huang, Reed Flute Cave, Hanging Monastery and the Summer Palace.

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4. Vietnam

Vietnam has a strong historical and cultural influence which makes for an intriguing travel experience. Apart from the natural beaches and rice paddies, Vietnam is home to several war memorials, pagodas, and islands with lush vegetation.

The Cu Chi Tunnels are an underground network of tunnels where soldiers used to hide during the Vietnam War. Other popular places to visit include the Vietnam War Museum, the Marble Mountains, the Temple of Literature, Bac Ha Market, and the Imperial Citadel.

5. Japan

Japan is known for its beautiful mountain ranges, volcanic sites, the famous cherry blossoms, and several world-renowned shrines and museums. Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka are the most visited places.

The iconic Mount Fuji with its picturesque beauty is a must visit tourist spot. Hiroshima and Nagasaki Memorial Museums are also worth a visit. Japan offers an authentic culinary experience with some of the best restaurants to try Sushi. While the streets of Kyoto and Osaka give you a unique and fun shopping experience.

6. India

India is known as the land of cultural diversity. There are many historical architectural wonders as well as places of astounding natural beauty. TajMahal, Red Fort, Gateway of India, Golden Temple, and Hawa Mahal are some of the most well-known structures having historical significance.

Kashmir and Leh Ladakh are like paradise on earth with snow-capped mountains and deep valleys. While Jaipur and Udaipur in Rajasthan exhibit the traditional culture of the country at its best. India is known for its wide variety of food and delicacies as well, and you must visit this place once in your life.

7. Malaysia

Malaysia is proud lovely beaches, rainforests, temples, and caves. It is a mix of Malay, Chinese, and Indian culture. It is made up of islands, colonial towns, luxury resorts, and a modern capital – Kuala Lumpur.

The Petronas Twin Towers are a famous tourist spot. There are many spots dedicated to wildlife such as – the Orangutan Sanctuary, Taman Negara, Bako National Park, and Semenggoh Nature Reserve. Rafflesia, the world’s largest flower, can be found at Gunung Gading National Park. Beaches, caves, and temples are the other major attractions in Malaysia.

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8. South Korea

South Korea is a country in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. The place is famous for coastal fishing cities, Buddhist temples, hilly areas, and the tech-savvy capital of Seoul.

There are many ancient villages and islands with a historical background. Gyeongbokgung Palace is the most iconic building in South Korea. The Huwon Secret Garden is a huge, mysterious garden in one of the most well-known palaces in Seoul. Seoul is also famous for its night-life, shopping, and culture.

9. Singapore

Singapore is a hub of adventure and thrill-seeking. Whether you want to explore the art and culture, relish your taste buds, or seek out some retail therapy – Singapore is the place for you.

There are many attractions and shows in Singapore to keep you busy. Visit the luxurious Hotel Marina Bay Sands and stand at the observation deck. Also, visit Sentosa Island and enjoy the Aquarium and musical laser show. Make sure you take a full day tour of Universal Studios and meet your favorite characters. Lastly, enjoy shopping till midnight at famous malls and centers.

10. Taiwan

Taiwan is the largest economy that is not a part of the United Nations. Taipei is famous for 101 – a skyscraper with 106 floors, which is also the 7th largest skyscraper in Asia.

The National Palace Museum has around 700,000 cultural artifacts. There are 9 National Parks in Taiwan comprising of hiking trails, hot springs, and dormant volcanoes. Shi-men Ting and Shilin Night Market are popular shopping destinations in Taiwan.

There are several famous mountain peaks, mining areas, lakes, pagodas, and shrines scattered around in Taiwan. In an overall, these make Taiwan as worthy as any other place to visit on this list!

Final thoughts

Whether you are an adventure junkie or a nature lover, a foodie or a connoisseur of art and culture – Asia has got you covered. You have various options depending upon your travel desires and budget. Find the place which appeals to you the most to enjoy a fun and relaxing vacation!

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