TOP 3 Best Pool Deck Designs for 2022

Pool Deck Designs

A swimming pool in the backyard makes the whole area look pristine and refreshing. Sometimes you may not want to splash onto the water. There are times that you like to stroll and bathe under the gentle sun rays and chill by the poolside, making it important that you must design the decks around it with pleasing aesthetics.  Today’s piece introduces you to the latest pool deck designs. We gathered recommendations from the experts of pool deck companies and local professionals at stamped concrete Orlando. Experts have spoken, and the following trends are fitting for innovative homeowners with swimming facilities in their properties. 

You got three.

Latest Pool Deck Designs to Fall for this Year

First and foremost, when choosing and planning the designs to revamp the surrounding decks, you have to consider a few essential factors. These factors would include:

  • Type of material
  • Area size of the decks
  • The type of swimming pool (is it in-ground or above ground)
  • The existing material ( for you decide if you want to resurface it or repair it)
  • The time of year when you need to resurface of building the pool decks

In terms of design, you would see more textures, classic stamps, and a combination of the new trends and old ones this year.

1- Textured concrete pool decks

The most popular design that celebrates the texture of concrete surfaces is the brush-broom. 

As the name suggests, what you would see in this design is the conventional broom finish where expert installers literally use the broom to create delicate linear patterns on the surface. 

It creates a simple yet appealing design. It also makes the surface more slip-resistant. While the surface improves traction, the broom finish also adds moisture repel features by providing a rigid surface that traps water and does not let them spread on the surface. 

2- Classic stamped concrete

Do not expect stamped concrete pool decks to get out of style soon. Instead, expect that this design will only gain traction over the years. 

As expert concrete pol contractors always assure owners, the classic stamped overlays are timeless. Having that said, you may want to revert to the same old polished look on the pool decks. 

The reason why homeowners and even commercial pool owners do not get enough of the stamped decks is that they are efficient to use. 

They last a lifetime, existing still even if you hand down your properties to the next generation. 

The only thing you can do is update the stamps. You would even be surprised by how much innovation you can do with this classic application. Here are some of the ways you can do it:

  • Stamped concrete overlays with neutral staining
  • Stamped decks with aggregate borders
  • Stamped concrete decks with alternating textured concrete 
  • Custom stamps to match any backyard pool setting

3- Colored concrete 

When applying the rule of colors, you have to ensure your preferences. It would be pretty challenging to mix and match complicated tones, and the contrast that you may come up with may only create more chaos than charm. 

Here is some advice from the experts when applying colored concrete and straightening up your color perceptions:

  • Apply colors that match your backyard’s exterior setting
  • Color the outdoor concrete according to the theme of your properties
  • You can opt to contrast; remember to pair cool colors with warm colors, dark ones to lights one of the same tint
  • Or, what you can do is to keep it plain and seamless and simple, go for single color and use different shades of it


As an ordinary homeowner, you may get challenged following the above design tips. What would work best is to hire a professional in the field. A local concrete pool contractor will be easy to find in your area, especially if they have gained community respect. Do not hesitate to ask for quick advice and recommendations from experts to save you from drawing into more swimming pool problems in the future. 

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